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Billy's POV

Jacob was sitting next to me extremely anxious. We were outside that stupid bloodsucker's office. I asked what was bothering him, but he was never going to answer me.

He sat there nervously. To tell the truth, I was also nervous. We tried our best to stay out of the vampires' way, but I had a feeling this was important. This had to be about Bella turning into a vampire, because what else could Jacob be involved with right?

Just then three vampires rounded the corner, Carlisle, the pixie looking one, and her 'husband'. The atmosphere was suddenly calm. I knew the younger blonde was doing that to my feelings.

The doctor looked at me with a calm expression, but the looks on both the 'children's' faces were alarming.

They both looked at my son with disgust.

Outrageous disgust, I mean is looks could kill…

Carlisle came up to me in my wheelchair. "Would you please accompany me and my son to my office? Alice, could you please could you please sit with Jacob?"

Alice nodded.

"I thought you wanted to meet with me and my son?" I didn't want Jacob to sit with this bloodsucker alone. His tolerance was not that good.

"I would like to talk with just you first if that's alright?" Carlisle asked patiently.

I looked towards my son, who was looking at the floor almost as if he was ashamed.

"Sure." I wheeled in before him. I wheeled up the mahogany desk and he closed the door behind his 'son'.

I knew Jasper was only there to keep the atmosphere calm, though calm for what?

Carlisle was behind his desk across from me. Jasper stood next to the door, out of the way.

"I'm afraid I have some terrible new for you." Carlisle said glumly.

I immediately interceded. "Is it Bella?"

"Yes…and Jacob."

Alice's POV

I was looking, well, more like glaring, at Jacob. He wasn't looking at me, though. He was looking was looking at he floor.

I was waiting for him to raise his glare to me. I wish I could see his future to even know if he was going to quit looking at the floor. But, of course, I couldn't see his future, not at all. And now I couldn't see mine. I hate being blinded this way, but now there was nothing I could do.

I heard Carlisle from his office, but I blocked him out. He deserved some privacy. I just kept glaring at Jacob, but he never looked up.

How I hated him! I knew that if he said one thing I did not like I would kill him right there. I love Bella. I mean, she's my sister, my sister who was hurt by the boy sitting across from me. If you can call him a boy. He was a monster. The real kind of monster. Not the kind Edward thinks we are. The kind that intentionally hurts people.

I could kill him, but that wouldn't be enough payment.

Billy's POV

"I'm sorry to say that your son raped Bella."

Raped Bella?

Jacob wouldn't do such a thing? Would he? I mean Jacob, my son. My only son. He was good. But then again he has been acting weird lately. Too Weird.

"Are you sure? I mean, you could be lying to get u ticked off enough to start a fight." I felt an unfamiliar wave of calm come over me. I hated it, coming from on eof them, but I couldn't be mad. How pathetic.

"I'm sorry but that is what Bella says. I know Bella. She is a terrible liar. Very terrible. She wasn't lying. Though I would like to question your son." How was this blood sucker always so calm?!

I started off in space. I guess he could be telling the truth. I guess he could be telling the truth. "I mean everyone knows how she felt about Bella. He used to mention her several times a day

Now? Nothing. I didn't even notice now.

"Can I see Bella?" I asked. I needed to know the truth.

"She will wake up in about two hours." Carlisle said. He continued once he saw my confusion. "We had to sedate her. She got a little out of hand."

Impressive, Bella actually put up a fight against a bunch of vampire's. I underestimated that girl.

I swallowed, a little too loud. I felt another wave of calm wash over me. "Can I see my son?"

I hated being this calm in a situation like this, but liked it for involuntary reasons.

I heard the door close. I knew my son was in the room, but I couldn't look at him.

"Take a seat." Carlisle offered, his usual calm voice a little rough.

I didn't hear a noise, but I knew that he was sitting only to feet away from me. I didn't want to look at him. I didn't even know if I could.

Carlisle began. "We have an unusual situation here. I usually don't demand this, but Jacob, I need you to remain very calm. Jasper will help."

Jacob didn't say anything. I didn't look at him. If I did I might know the truth. Did I want to know the truth?


"I will have to ask you a few questions." Again calm washed over me. "Bella says that she has been raped. Did you rape her?"

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