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Epilogue –


It was the first day of her life. That was what she thought. Her life, her future, her destiny, lay before her feet. In reality, it was the first day of school. She was heading off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She turned and kissed her parents goodbye. She told them that she would get on the train by herself. She was always independent, even back then.

She was prepared; at least, she was as prepared as a twelve-year-old girl who grew up in a non-Magical family, could be. She had already read "Hogwarts a History" that summer. Her parents and she bought all her books, and she had already read most of them. They were given instructions of how to do everything, and what to expect, so by all accounts, she was prepared. She was also afraid and nervous.

She knew from the literature from the school that 'Muggle borns' like her were rare. She also had a feeling she would be made to feel different, but that would be nothing new. She had felt different her whole life. She was always smarter than her classmates were, had more of a social conscience, and had been more mature. She had few friends, so she felt she was leaving nothing behind. Her biggest hope was that she would be accepted, and that she would make friends that would last her a lifetime.

She crossed onto the platform, and she felt she had been transported back to another century. Everyone was dressed weird. Everyone was saying strange things. She now wished she had her parents cross over with her. She pushed her trolley to the train. She saw people loading their trunks in the last two cars, so she followed suite. A nice man with red hair lifted her trunk and smiled at her. That was nice.

She kept out her book, and she had already changed into her robes at home. She did not know that most of the children were still dressed in their everyday clothing. Most people must change on the train. She would have to remember that for next year. She climbed into the train, and started down the narrow passageway. She found an empty car and sat down. She looked out the window. All she wanted was to make a friend, and learn. That was all she wanted.

Draco Malfoy arrived late. His father and mother walked with him to the train. His trunk and belongings had already been delivered. He noticed how most of the adults looked at his father. He wanted to believe they were looking at him because of respect, but he feared it might be something else. His mother kissed his cheek, which embarrassed him. She promised to send him weekly care packages. His father shook his hand. "Remember, you are a Malfoy, and that makes you special. You are above all of these others, because you are a pureblood. Do not associate with those below you. You have a reputation to maintain. Make me proud, son."

Draco walked along the narrow passageway. Most of the cars were already occupied. He looked in one car and saw a girl, all by herself, with bushy brown hair, reading "Hogwarts a History". She looked up at him and said, "Hello, my name is Hermione Granger."

He was going to say that he thought that was a funny name, but his name was funny too, so he would not say anything. He said, "My name is Draco Malfoy." He thought that might impress her. Apparently, it did not. She just smiled and said hello again and went back to her book.

He hung in the doorway and said, "Are you pureblood or half-blood?" He figured he would cut to the chase. No sense wasting his time if she was half-blood.

"Oh, neither actually," she said, "I am a Muggle-born."

Draco curled his upper lip in disgust. "You mean you are a Mudblood."

Hermione frowned. She had not heard that word before, but it did not seem nice. She decided to ignore the boy, so she went back to reading. He sat down opposite her and said, "You don't know what that means do you?"

She looked back up at him.

Draco sat opposite her and said, "It means you are inferior to me, in everyway, shape and form. You will never be good enough. You do not deserve your magic. I am smarter than you are, I am better with magic. You will never really belong in this world. You might as well accept it now." The boy did not say all of this with anger or even especially malicious, but Hermione could tell he meant what he said. Moreover, what he said hurt her feelings beyond mere words. She was hurt more than she had ever remembered being hurt.

She could not help it; a tear fell down her cheek. The boy stood back up, and frowned. He did not mean to make the girl cry. He just wanted her to know how things were. She had a right to know. His father had told him this, so it was the truth, and it was not wrong to tell people the truth, was it?

He walked back out the door and closed it, to find another compartment to sit. She made a vow right then, and right there, that someday she would end pureblood prejudice, even if she had to pass a law to do so.

Later that day, at the sorting, the curly haired girl was sorted into Gryffindor. His father said that Slytherins hated Gryffindors, because it was a matter of pride and the state of things. He almost felt sorry for the little girl. She would have had it easier, being a Mudblood, if she had been put in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

A few days later, they were in their first charms class. The Mudblood could already do the correct incantation, and the teacher awarded her house 20 points. Draco had noticed that she seemed to excel him in every class they had so far. He did not understand. He should be better than her, just because of his birth. It was his birthright.

A month went by. He would notice the girl by herself, a lot. She did not seem to have any real friends. Mostly, she read in the library, or studied. She always walked down the hall with her head held high, so apparently, she was not ashamed of who or what she was.

She answered all the questions in class correctly. The only teacher that did not drool over her was Snape. Malfoy liked that fact. It would put her in her place.

He found himself thinking about her a lot. He really wished she were not a Mudblood. Maybe someday, someone smart could change things. If he ever became Minister of Magic, maybe he would change things. Maybe she could help. He would like that.

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