Disclaimer- sorry but I don't own Naruto or any of the other characters

Disclaimer- sorry but I don't own Naruto or any of the other characters!!

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The Co-ed Classes

Chapter 3: The Confrontation

It was about 11:24 A.M. Sakura remained out cold on her bed until her pillow began to vibrate.


Her hand searched under her pillow for the source of the vibrating while she stretched her legs out. Once she caught hold of the cell phone, she removed it from pillow and yawned.


"Good morning sleepy head. It's Hinata."

"Oh hey, what's up?"

"Don't tell me you f-forgot about the plans today."

Sakura's eyes widened as she jerked up from her bed.

"Damn it, I almost did. Well I have about half an hour, I'll be over as soon as I can!" And with that, she closed the phone and threw it onto the bed.

Ahh I'm so stupid!! How could I have possibly forgotten!

The other night, she had made plans with her closest female friends to go shopping (for a nice outfit for Saturday's get-together) and than to crash the night at Hinata Hyuuga's house. That way, they could all get ready and arrive at the resort together.

Sakura ran over to the mirror and noticed the major case of bed-hed she had.

Geez, I think I can spare a little time for a shower.

After Sakura got out of the shower, she dashed into her room and towards her closet. Time was working against her so she randomly chose a long skirt and a band-tee from her closet.

Ehh, good enough!

At about 12:05, Sakura pulled up in front of the Hyuugas' manor. Hinata's family was very wealthy and needed to make extensions and additions to their once miniscule house in order to fit nearly the whole family inside. The Hyuugas were quite old-fashioned and enjoyed a more traditional way of living by having most of the family together. As the nervous teen approached the door Mr. Hyuuga opened it and grinned.

"It's a good thing you're here. The girls are upstairs in Hinata's room, and by the sound of it, they're getting restless."

Before entering, she cheerfully smiled and respectfully bowed at Hinata's father, but as soon as she walked past him, she sprinted up the stairs nearly knocking down Hinata's younger sister.

"Oi, I'm sorry Hanabi! You know how they get when I'm late."

She continued down the hallway that led to Hinata's room, and with each step she took, the sound of shrill laughter grew louder. At last she opened the door to the room and was greeted by a barrage of pillows.

"Nice job showing up late Forehead."

"Yea, the guys already left!"

After tossing one of the many pillows around her onto the floor she rubbed the back of her neck and sighed.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I had a rough night's sleep."

"Forehead, you know we're only kidding!"

Hinata was in the corner of the room laughing while Tenten and Ino sat on the bed clutching tightly to more pillows.

"Even though th-the boys left, N-N-Naruto …uh he said that we should meet up with them at three."

When Hinata suggested the idea of shopping and a sleepover to her father, he thought it would be the perfect chance for his daughter and nephew to spend more time together and insisted that Neji join her. Neji, on the other hand, wasn't too keen on the idea of shopping with his cousin and all her feminine friends. After much bickering, Mr. Hyuuga granted permission to Neji, to allow his friends to do the same as Hinata.

"Then again Sakura, when I said we're kidding, I spoke for myself. Tenten might actually be ticked. You did prevent her from getting a ride from her beloved Neji-kun."

Tenten's face turned bright pink as she launched a pillow at Ino's head.

"Don't say that so loud! He's not my beloved, he's my neighbor. So what if we've been friends for ever. So what if my face turns a little bit red when I'm around him. It means nothing!"

Sakura folded her arms, leaned against the door, and slyly grinned at the brunette on the bed. So many times she'd witnessed that girl write the names 'Neji & Tenten' in little hearts. Whether it had been on her math notebook or simply a napkin, it was obvious to Sakura that Tenten was bit by the love-bug. Ever since she turned into a pre-teen, she would stutter and fall week in the knees with just the slightest glance at Neji.

"Oh don't even give me that. Last week at work, when he came into the store, you couldn't take your eyes off him. And when he told you he'd call later you nearly passed out!"

"Nuh-uh! Nooo! I just happened to like the shirt he was wearing and my knees gave out from standing all day! Besides… I'm sure he only see's me as his tomboy friend."

"I-I don't think so…I think it would be great if you dated my cousin!"

While Hinata got up and hugged Tenten, Ino smirked and rolled her eyes.

"Tenten, I didn't know you had a thing for all the Hyuugas."

The girls burst out in laughter while Sakura placed her overnight bag next to Hinata's bed. Hinata was a shy, yet attractive girl who didn't exactly see herself as being so. She normally dressed in cloths that didn't do her mature body enough justice, and rarely wore make-up. The girls constantly tried to change her style but Hinata was content with her 'look' just the way it was. She had pearly white eyes and long pin-straight hair that resembled the color of a raven. And, as for her cousin Neji, he merely proved that good looks run in the family. He was tall with coffee colored hair and well chiseled features. He also shared the same pure, ivory shaded eyes as Hinata.

As the girls settled down, Ino impatiently clicked her well manicured nails against the wall.

"Okay girls, if we're all here than let's move out! It's time for us to go shopping!"

The mall was packed with older teens that day. Every senior must have gotten the same idea to frantically search for a new outfit before the 'get-together'. Sakura was first to notice this. She actually found it quite amusing and placed a delicate hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"He he he…We might not even have to go to the resort tomorrow! It looks like both all the boys and girls from our graduating class are here today!"

A familiar tune erupted from Sakura's pocket. It was an alert from her phone letting her know that she received a new text. After opening the red cell, she read the message aloud to the girls.

"It's from Naruto, he says, 'Don't forget, we'll meet you pretty thangs in the food court at three. Oh and Saka, I have a surprise for you!'."

Her hand cupped under her cheek and chin as she sighed and shook her head.

Ahhh! I can't believe he said 'thangs'. How lame can you get Naruto? Note to self, lecture Naruto about never ever using his so called 'playa' slang again!

"Oi Naruto you can be such a huge dork at times!"

"Sorry to break it to you forehead, but he's always a dork. I don't know how you live with the title of being his best friend?"

"Well someone's got to de-dorkify him."

Ino and Sakura giggled while Hinata's face turned dark crimson. Ino managed to stop giggling long enough to announce to the other three, "Alright, lets get going…You heard the dweeb, we're limited on time!"

Ino led them all to a store that had plenty of sales, fancy apparel, (and surprisingly) very few customers. She was convinced that with all her time spent in the mall, she developed a sixth sense that guided her to the best stores.

This is just what I needed. A stress-free day of nothing but fun. And at three, I'll get a chance to see my guy friends. Come to think of it, I always see Naruto, Shika, and Kiba. Neji is the only one I haven't seen in a while. I don't think it's necessary for the girls and me to meet up with them. Hmm…if we do blow them off Naruto will never stop whining about his 'surprise'………Yea, we'd all be better off just going.

All the way on the other half of the mall…

Uchiha Sasuke and his friends wandered aimlessly around the mall. They were all originally searching for a descent looking thing to wear for the next day, but each one of them had their own excuse as to giving up.

"It's way too troublesome."

"I need something more rugged. Maybe a tear or two…and it's got to match Akamaru."

"I'm sure nobody would notice if I wore the shirt with the ramen stain on it!"

"It doesn't matter what I wear, the same things will happen to me with or without a new shirt."

"Hn…If I find something, than whatever."

Since shopping was no longer an option, they now had nothing better to do except glance at the fancy displays of each store. While doing so, the perky blonde boy wouldn't pipe down about some extravagant 'surprise' at three. Sasuke was beginning to develop a headache from the hyper boy's constant chattering.

All I know, is that if this surprise winds up being some new nude model poster, porn video, or anything that has to do with ramen, you're gonna be in loads of pain Naruto…

"Hey…Neji, what would it take to shut him up? I'm willing to do anything."

The tall boy grinned knowing what he was about to say would bring Naruto much displeasure.

"Your best bet is getting my cousin over here! He's always quieter around her. Just wait, when we see the girls later, you'll notice."

Upon hearing this, Naruto's cheeks grew five hews darker.

"Shut up Neji, I…I bet Kiba likes her more!"

Kiba shoved Naruto (who was walking in front of him) and messed his hair in a brotherly way.

"No way, we're only good friends. She's not much my type anyway. I'm more into hot, curvaceous, blondes."

"You mean like Dope here?"

Sasuke's lips formed into a cunningly handsome smirk while Neji and Shikamaru laughed. Kiba growled as Naruto folded his arms and grunted.

"Knock it off you guys; I'm not a woman I-." But he was cut off mid-sentence by Shikamaru who sneered and stated, "Yea, if you were, you wouldn't be hot or curvaceous!"

The boys continued to jeer and laugh until Kiba held up his hand to silence them.

"Alright, alright enough. You all know I meant Ino."

At the mention of this name, Sasuke quirked a brow and turned to Kiba.

"Remind me, who exactly is Ino again? Is she the girl with the panda buns? Oh, uh no that's Ten-uh Ten…something like that right?"

It was difficult for Sasuke to remember all these girls' names, but if they were friends of Neji, Shika, Kiba, or even Naruto, than he knew that sooner or later he'd have to learn them.

"Yea close, her name is Tenten. I keep forgetting that you've never met our crazy girls yet. Soon enough, you'll be able to see them all today. As for whom Ino is, her beauty will emanate far more than the rest of them."

Each of the other boys (excluding Sasuke or Kiba) let out a sarcastic cough.

"Teme, Ino is a conceited, spoiled, princess, who can occasionally be nice to us, but mainly cares for her female friends, and good looking guys."

Neji and Shika nodded their heads in agreement. Shika sighed and stated, "Ino is like a sister to me, but there's just no denying it she's very bitchy, and having to put up with her for as long as I have, is such a drag."

"Oh come on, that's not a fare thing to say! She's only like that to us because we've known her for that long." Akamaru (who had been tied on a leash to Kiba's wrist) barked in agreement with his master. "That a' boy Akamaru."

"You decide for yourself later at the food court. Just let me warn you, Tenten is off limits to Neji. Kiba, as you've just found out, has it bad for Ino, and Shika…well his girl isn't here today, but for future references Temari is his own private property."

All three said boys were blushing and sending deathly glares at Naruto. Sasuke noticed this and decided to have a little fun. He glanced over to Naruto and placed that dashing smug look back on his face.

"Hn…So I guess that means Hinata's mine. You never said she was unavailable. Neji, you mind?"

The glare from Neji's face vanished as his lips twisted up into the same smug grin.

"Of course not, she's all yours. In fact I'd be happy to set you two up…hell, I'll even give you my blessings if you wan-."

"Back off Teme, Hinata wouldn't be interested in a sarcastic bastard like you!"

Sasuke was very pleased with the reaction he got. If Naruto's head was slightly more square-shaped, than he could have easily passed as a brick. All the boys howled with laughed as they witnessed Naruto getting a taste of his own medicine.

Time seemed to fly by for both groups of friends. It was already three o' clock when the girls started to travel to the food court. Tenten and Sakura walked at a faster pace than the others. Tenten slightly hunched, and leaned towards the rosette haired girl before whispering, "So Sakura, are you ready for Naruto's 'surprise'?"

"Eh, hardly. In fact, I pretty much forgot about it."

"Do you think Neji-kun maybe has a surprise for me too?"

Sakura tilted her head back and laughed. It was sweet and innocent sounding, and caused Tenten to giggle for a bit too.

When the four teens arrived in the food court, Sakura looked around for Naruto or any of the other males he was accompanied with.

"I don't see them any where. Humph…it's just so crowded"

"Why don't you call N-Naruto?" Hinata shyly stated.

"Yea, I'll call him now." But as Sakura reached for her pocket, Ino's hand grabbed her wrist and she called out, "There they are, over there!"

When they made their way over to the table, four un-opened bento and four empty chairs awaited them. As Sakura sat, she noticed only Neji, Shika, and Kiba were there.

"Uh, where's Naruto?"

Before they had a chance to answer, Sakura felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. Bright sapphire eyes met hers, causing Sakura's lips to curve into a sincere grin.

"Hey Saka, looking for me? He he he…more importantly though, are you ready to meet him?"

"Meet who?"

"Well, he was supposed to be out here by now, but he's still in the washroom."

"Wait, who is he?"

"Well the surprise is that I invited our new neighbor, and my good friend Uchiha Sasuke to come with us today!"

At the mention of the name Sasuke, both Hinata and Tenten perked up.

"N-Neji, isn't Sasuke the boy you've recently and constantly been having over?"

"Yea Neji, I'm pretty sure I've met him before when you invited the both of us over back when we were little. Doesn't he have black hair?"

Neji nodded his head in agreement to both of the girls' statements.

"Yes, we all knew Sasuke even before he moved closer. He's been in nearly all of our classes throughout the years."

"Nice to know you all talk about me when I'm not here."

When Sakura heard the deep, lustrous, familiar voice from directly behind her, a piercing cold chill traveled down her spine. She felt numb and clutched to the table with all her might.

No…No it couldn't possibly be him. The chances are so low, too low in-fact. But, the voice, the black hair. It fits in so well. No I must be imagining things.

"Saka, this is the guy, our new neighbor Sasuke!"

As if facing death its-self, she inhaled a deep breath, and stood up from her chair. She did not want to turn and face him. Just the thought of having that horribly rude boy as her neighbor made her cringe and feel sick-to-her-stomach. There was nothing she could do, she had to turn around and hope her fear would not be confirmed. It felt as if her heart was caught in her throat as the rosette haired teen slowly turned to see him. A sudden rage filled her as the handsome young man (who stood before her) shot a nasty glare in her direction. They sat their for a moment, each trying to stare the other down, when they suddenly cried out in unison,

"YOU! I can't believe this. My day was ruined because of you yesterday. ME?! I didn't do anything! It was your entire fault!"

Naruto scratched the back of his neck and looked just as dumbstruck and perplexed as his piers at the table. Before they could start yelling again, Naruto quickly asked, "Uhhhh…Wait, you guys know each other?"

"Yea, she's the crazy record store girl who charged me for some crappy C.D.!"

"Well I only did it to get even with you for taking my sushi platter and being a jerk about it!"

"What are you talking about? I didn't take anything from you!"

Sakura hastily tied up her hair, grabbed Kiba's hat off his head and slid it onto her own.

"Now do I look familiar?"

The anger shown in Sasuke's face seemed to vanish and was replaced with an immensely smug look. His lips curved into a dangerous smirk and his eyes hardened before saying, "Hn, well it's not my fault you look like a man."


"Oh god Teme, now you've done it! You got Saka way mad!"

"Blame genetics for your bad looks not me. Oh and I expect 10.50 back along with the correct C.D."

"No, you deserve it. If you want your precious C.D. so badly I suggest you go to some other store, because if you come back to ask for it, I'll gladly shove it up your ass Uchiha!"

The feeling of victory overwhelmed her as she wickedly grinned and motioned for her friends to follow her out of the food court. As she passed by him, she gave a cute, mocking little wink, and it appeared that Sasuke was fuming again. He just stood there, thinking of things to say back, but none came to mind. He couldn't let her have the last word. As stubborn as Sakura was, Sasuke was twice as much, and he would clash with her until he won.

….But than, it all occurred so quickly, that no one could have prevented it from happening.

Sasuke dashed through the crowded food court until he caught up with her. He was about to open his mouth to protest when his foot caught on the bottom of Sakura's skirt.


The loud tearing sound echoed throughout the mall and all eyes were suddenly glued to the two teens. It took Sasuke a moment to process what he just did because he was too busy staring at the black lacey panties of the emerald eyed girl. Sakura tried to pull her shirt down to cover up her undergarments, but it was too late. The whole food court had witnessed her skirt slide down to her ankles. Above all the laughter, obnoxious guys in the crowd whistled and hollered at her. It was hard to tell whether Sakura's face was redder or Sasuke's. Tenten pushed through the crowd and wrapped her sweat shirt around Sakura's waist. The other girls rushed to Sakura's aid as soon as they broke through the crowd. Hinata hugged Sakura as Ino began to work on damage control.

"Alright, there's nothing more to see here. The lot of you better clear out now!!"

Tears and rage welled up in the beautiful apple green eyes as they found the one responsible for her embarrassment.

"Sakura, I didn't…It was… I'm really-."

Sakura didn't want to hear his 'apology' at all so she smashed her heel onto his foot. As the girls escorted her to the nearest clothing store, (to get some new pants) Sakura shouted over her back, "Get bent you inconsiderate jerk!"

The girls took her straight to the dressing room while Ino picked out and paid for a nice new pair of jeans. Once she was newly clothed and finished crying, they all decided it was time to leave. They set off in Sakura's car towards Hinata's home.


"Yes Ino?"

"How 'bout we sleep over at my place tonight. I don't want you to have to see that jerk again tonight."

Sakura meekly nodded her head attempted to smile.

"Oh, is it alright with you Hinata?"

"Of course it is. You've g-gone through enough today."

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Sasuke realized he was the last one awake. All the other boys were out cold. He lied there and blankly stared at the ceiling, the events from that day replaying over and over again in his mind. It wasn't entirely his fault…was it? It was definitely an accident; there wasn't a doubt about that. Even he knew that was a terrible thing to do to someone. Especially to a girl, and especially in a public place. The more he thought about it the guiltier he felt.

I don't know why I'm so stuck on this. I shouldn't care. It was karma and she had it coming to her. It wasn't intentional so I shouldn't feel bad.

But as much as he tried to convince himself that, he knew the truth. He felt bad, he wanted to apologize. He did act rudely to her first. She had every right to want to get even. It just never crossed his mind that a girl would have enough nerve to challenge him back. She was just as feisty as he. Not to mention she was not all that bad looking, and her legs…those black panties…maybe she's single….

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