Author's Notes: I know a ridiculous amount of time has passed since the original story was written. I sort of fell out of fanfiction for a bit but I've missed it.. As a result, I've been out of the Teen Titans loop for awhile now. I apologize for any incorrect information that doesn't fit into the current storyline. Should you see any discrepancies, please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll update it as soon as I can!

Honey Honey

Potential Breakup Song


Raven was in a foul mood.

She stood in the kitchen, holding a cup of tea, glowering darkly at it. In her irritation, she had made it far too weak. She briefly considered launching the small cup at the wall, pretending it was Robin's head. It would offer no relief from this festering frustration but it would be immensely satisfying.

"Hey, Raven."

She glanced up, meeting Cyborg's gaze as he leaned across the counter. He and Beast Boy were currently the only other Titans on speaking terms with her. It had been one week since The Event – she classified it as such because she wasn't entirely sure what else to call it – and Robin had not spoken to her or met her eye, despite his assurance that they would discuss the matter. Raven could hardly blame Starfire for wanting to avoid her but for Robin to avoid her as well … there was an ache in her heart as she reflected on her leader's behavior. She knew the emotion well.


"So, uh, how's it going?" Cyborg asked, rubbing the back of his neck and Raven was forced to rein in her thoughts. For an answer, she shrugged and gently set the cup down beside the sink.

"Talked to Robin lately?"

She jerked, unable to contain her surprise at the question. Her hand hit the cup and promptly sent it over the edge. It hit the ground with a light thud and shattered.

Cyborg stared at it, looking as though he had been expecting that reaction.

"That was my favorite one," Raven observed quietly. A lump had formed in her throat that had nothing to do with the newly broken cup.

"I'm going to assume you haven't spoken with Starfire either," Cyborg said dryly. Raven frowned, pausing in mid-kneel as she bent to retrieve the pieces of her cup.

"No," she affirmed softly.

"Well, you should. She's your friend, Raven. You should have told her about you and Robin," Cyborg lectured. He drew in a deep breath, about to launch into a long winded tirade Raven had no patience for.

"There was nothing to tell her," Raven interrupted furiously, beginning to collect the scattered broken glass. "There's no 'me and Robin.'"

Cyborg blinked several times, taken aback by this admission. Distantly, they heard the faint shattering of a window.

"You really hurt her, you know," he said gently, after a long pause.

The flood of rage and hurt and sorrow Raven had so desperately wanted to keep contained in her the corners of her heart finally burst forth; she flung the bits of cup back onto the floor.

"Oh, she got hurt did she? Well, I'm sorry, all right? It wasn't exactly as though I went in there planning for … that to happen!" she snapped. Her voice was high-pitched, desperate and she inwardly cringed at the childish whine in her tone. Upstairs, several more windows exploded.

"Just … get things worked out between the three of you," Cyborg said, raising his hands in surrender. "Beast Boy and I can't keep doing all the work around here – we need you guys."

Raven shut her eyes, leaning against the kitchen cabinets until Cyborg's heavy footfalls faded around the corner.

The past week had been hell.

This week wasn't looking any better.

Fortunately, in the week following The Event, there had only been a single, effortless bank robbery. Starfire had listlessly remained behind; her powers were weakened by the turmoil inside her. So the other four had departed, while Starfire sat on the couch, staring at nothing. The battle should have been much simpler than it was but both Raven and Robin were distracted by each other. Four days after The Event and the two feet that separated them as they waited for the teenaged robbers to appear was as close they had come to each other. Each struggled to avoid the other's eye while simultaneously watching when the other wasn't looking. The whole thing was pathetic, in Cyborg's opinion, as he had most assuredly been about to tell Raven before she'd interrupted him.

When she opened her eyes, as the first of the alarms went off, there was Starfire. The alien princess, for the first time, in the time Raven had known her, was gazing serenely at Raven, her expression carefully blank. Starfire always wore her heart on her sleeve; it was never a difficult task to be able to determine what she was feeling. Sorrow welled inside Raven and she struggled to repress the emotion.

"We are waiting for you to be able to depart," Starfire informed her.

"Starfire –''

"I do not wish to discuss this matter with you," Starfire said sharply, wringing her hands together, managing to appear both furious and regretful. "Ever."

She spun around very quickly, her long hair fanning brilliantly around her. Raven scowled.

Oh, just peachy.

This week was off to a great start.