Omake : Japanese term meaning "bonus" or "extra"

Yamato eyed the closed door of the prop closet with gathering worry. One of his clones, integrated with a wooden post on stage, had caught all the action and the violent way Sakura had dragged Naruto away. His real self slipped through the crowd in his civilian disguise to follow them but now wondered what was taking so long.

Not that the kid didn't deserve a lecture for nearly blowing their cover, but he wouldn't be any good to the mission if Sakura beat him to a bloody pulp. Then again, it was awfully quiet for a beating to be going on...

At that moment the door to the prop closet opened, and Sakura stepped through. She blinked for a moment, as if dazed, and kept bringing her fingers to her mouth. Her makeup seemed smudged, particularly around her mouth. Then she seemed to shake herself, straightened her costume, which looked rumpled for some reason, and hurried away. A few minutes later Naruto emerged, looking as if he'd been hit with an exploding tag, but a huge grin stretched from one side of his painted face to the other. Without noticing Yamato at the end, he too hurried off. His makeup had been smudged as well.

Yamato considered what he'd just seen and turned his earpiece to a different frequency.


"Tenzou - what's up? Did the mission go bad?"

"No. Everything's still on target. I just thought I should let you know that you owe me fifty bucks."