A/ N: This story is going to be a series of 10 drabbles. They are not connected in any way, but they will all be a fluff-fest! I hope everyone has a sweet tooth! I will update once every week until it is completed, with a special suprise for all RxI lovers at the end of the tenth one! Please enjoy! The title is in katakana japanese and means, "Pink and Blue"...


"Hey Shirogane?"

"Hey Shirogane?" Ichigo asked with a touch of innocence at the edge of her girlish voice.

"What?" Ryou replied in an indolent tone.

"Why did you paint the café pink?"

Ryou seemed a bit stumbled at her random question; it had actually caught him off guard— he didn't know why it was pink. Ryou went back in forth in his mind trying to think of an answer to her child-like question. Ichigo stared over at him with her magenta eyes, waiting for an answer. He looked back at her with his blue eyes.

"What does it matter, Strawberry?" Ryou simply replied and walked away. Ichigo blinked as she watched him walk away…


"Hey Shirogane?" Ichigo asked as she stepped up to Ryou who sat comfortably in the chair of his room.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked with annoyance in his voice.

"I have a question, nya." She stated.

"Okay." Ryou looked at her before she spoke.

"Why is most of the icing used here pink?" She asked with the tip of her first finger at her nose.

"Because you're in my room. Now go away…" he stated firmly…


"Hey Shirogane," Ichigo called while Ryou stared out the window of the café.

"Hmm?" he turned his face and looked at Ichigo standing before him.

"Why is pink considered a girly color?" she asked with wonder.

Ryou seemed a little annoyed.

"Because you're annoying… now go clean tables, and be useful for once…" he stated and left her without another word…


"Hey Shirogane?" Ichigo asked, walking up to Ryou who was standing outside a few feet from the café doors.

"What do you want now?" he asked as his eyes pierced her innocence.

"Why is the sky blue?" she tilted her head at him.

"Because you're pink…" he simply replied…

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