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Another Kind of Dawn

I sat in the passenger seat of Edward's Volvo, idly staring at the ring nestled around my fourth finger. I pretending to feign interest in its beauty, and to be fair, it was beautiful. Unfortunately my mind was elsewhere, but at the same time nowhere. All I could do is concentrate on thinking about nothing. I traced my right index finger along the band and stared intently on the web of delicate diamonds. Outside the world was passing by slowly, and it made me smile. Next to me was Edward, driving at he would call a dreadful pace—the speed limit. He was giving me time to calm my nerves. When I finally let my left hand fall, he swiftly picked it up and gave my hand a tender, cold kiss. I felt all the anxieties wash out of me.

"Are you ready, my love?" Edward asked me, in a sweet velvet voice, and in this moment there wasn't a trace of fear in my body. I wasn't afraid of Charlie's response, and with Edward by my side I knew I could handle it. I answered him honestly, telling him that I wasn't afraid of what Charlie might say, because he was going to be with me.

Edward kissed my hand once more and looked at me, flashing his brilliant crooked smile. My heart couldn't help but skip a beat. "I'll always be with you," Edward promised.

"Forever?" I asked teasingly.

"For eternity" He swore, never taking his eyes off me. I was going to chastise him for not watching the road, but I knew that he'd laugh at me, and also I knew that even if by some freak accident we did crash, and I did die, I would be the happiest person in heaven.

He continued to drive for a minute before he spoke again. This time his tone was serious and it startled me. Ever since we got back to his house, and I told him that I wanted to tell Charlie of our engagement he's been up on a cloud, positively untouchable. "Bella," he started, stern, "I need you to promise—no," he fumbled. Very rarely did he stumble over his words. I was partially alarmed, but even more curious. I let him continue without interruption; I was practicing for Charlie's lecture and fit that I knew was impending. It took him another second to regain his thoughts, which was extraordinarily long for Edward.

"Bella," he restated, "I would like to speak to your father alone," he finally stated. It wasn't really a question, but nor was it a demand. It was a longing desire, and I could see it in his eyes. I knew was he was trying to tell me. I felt abashed that I had not seen this coming.

"You want to ask Charles permission?" I asked, slightly concerned, "what if he says no?" It started to make my heart race, and I was positive that Edward could hear it. He could. He chuckled to himself, and gave my hand a possessive squeeze.

"It's not really the answer that matters, Bella," he answered, reassuringly. "I am going to marry you with or without your father's blessing. I just need to do this. It's tradition, and I have to let him know that I am going to love and take care of you more than any other person could ever. But either way love, you are not getting out of this wedding. You agreed, and by mid August you will be my wife," he finished, turning the car off. I look out the window to see the same, old familiar house. I didn't realize we were at my father's house already.

Unbuckling the seat strap I turned to the right. Edward already had the door open and his hand out. I internally commented on his lightning quick reflexes, glad that he was unable to read my mind. I placed my hand in his and not so gracefully glided out the Volvo. He supported my body and we walked towards the front door. The light from the living room was on, and I could see the flickers of the television through the curtain. It was a typical evening.

With Edward's palm in my palm, and his fingers laced through mine, I had nothing but courage when I traipsed up the steps and opened the front door.

"Hey Dad," I called out to him front inside the door. He was where I thought he'd be, in his recliner stationed directly in front of the TV. It sounded like a football game was on, but honestly I had no idea. He mumbled a hello from a mouthful of popcorn. The bowl in front of him was full, and the game was in full swing. I figured I'd wait until some sort of intermission before bothering him with something so trivial. His only daughter announcing her engagement and impending marriage to a century old vampire, nothing to be concerned about. The idea made me giggle slightly. I sat down at the kitchen table, and Edward followed. He stood behind me, running his fingers through my hair, placing them finally against my neck. His mere touch sent electricity all the way to my toes.

When I looked up to see Edward however, he was not completely calm. Well, he was always calm, but there was a stir behind his eyes. I twisted around to look up at him intensely, "Edward?" I implored. He looked back at me, and I thought I felt him push the stir behind his eyes back so I couldn't see. When I stared at his golden eyes, I only saw love.

"Yes, love?" He asked, tracing his fingers along my jaw. Instead of answering back with words, I lifted my hand and felt my fingers along his arm, as far as I could reach and back again. He bent down and kissed me on the cheek, jaw line, and then finally the crook of my neck. There he stayed for an intense and brilliant moment.

"Evening," said a dark, overly familiar voice. I looked over startled, to see my father with an empty bowl in his hand. I almost chuckled to think of the popcorn that was probably now crammed into the crevices of the recliner just so he could find an excuse to come to the kitchen. I kept the giggle stifled however and settled for smiling at him. He didn't move from a very stationary position. His eyes glowered at Edward and me. Edward slowly raised his body back up, keeping his hand of my shoulder for comfort.

"Good evening Charlie," Edward answered happily, "how's the game?" he asked casually.

"Fatal," Charlie responded, his fingers gripping the bowl so hard his knuckles started to go white. I knew that Charlie was trying to give Edward and I a subtle hint. Edward knew even more than I, but he merely laughed.

"I know, the Packers aren't doing very well this season. They lost the last game 50-15, didn't they?" He continued the conversation lightly, "by the sounds of it, they aren't going to pull this one through either, why put yourself through the torture," he stated, now motioning to the chair. Oh no. He was going to start the conversation. I reminded myself that I was indeed ready to tell Charlie, followed by the reminder that I wasn't even going to him at all. Edward was, and he wanted to.

Charlie sighed and sat down on the chair opposite of Edward and me. My eyes were so intent on my father that I didn't realize that Edward had sat down in between both of us. At first, I thought Edward was going to break the silence. I had decided that I wasn't going to ruin his traditions by blowing up at my father, and so far I had been keeping very good at doing that. Charlie looked at us both sternly, but at the same time curiously, "what shenanigans have you two been getting into?" Charlie attempted to ask lightly, but I could tell that he was troubled. The entire atmosphere was starting to feel tense.

"Nothing dangerous," Edward replied casually, but I could tell that his mind was reeling. He looked intently on Charlie, "Actually Sir," Edward continued, "We—well—I, have come to talk to you." He said finally. Even though he could gauge every response by the thoughts of my father, I could tell that he was nervous, and it made me somewhat elated to know that he wasn't steel, as close as he may be.

"No." Charlie said. He didn't even wait for the question. Although Edward may be the mind reader, there was no doubt Charlie didn't know what we were doing here, tonight. I looked at Edward, who was still continuing to look directly into the eyes of my father. It made me extremely proud of my brave—fiancée? There was a part of me that was still very much uncomfortable with that word. At the moment, I didn't even want to think about the other nasty four-letter word.

Edward looked imploringly upon my father, ready to speak up again, but my father got there first. "Answer me these questions first," my father stated. This was something I didn't expect. Edward simply nodded, not taking his eyes off Charlie. "Why did you leave that September?" He demanded. I knew that he was going to bring up September, I just never expected my father to give Edward a chance. I also wanted to know what Edward would say. I knew the raw truth was out of the question, and the sugar coated version would leave to many questions.

"My father took the position in LA, I had no choice but to go back then." He stated, taking an unnecessary breath, and continued, "I'm sure you're now wondering why I never called, wrote or had any contact with Bella after. It was the worst mistake of my existence. I thought Bella would hurt yes, but I never imagined her to become so broken. At the time, I thought a clean break would allow her to continue her life without me, without guilt. I was foolish, but I will never forget. I will never make that mistake again." He promised Charlie, and in return Charlie almost nodded. I could almost feel like he trusted everything Edward told him.

At first I thought Edward was done being interrogated, and then I remember my father putting a "s" at the end of his last comment.

"What's her favourite colour?" he asked.

"Today, it's undoubtedly topaz. In about four days, it will be jet black." He answered confidently. My father raised an eyebrow to me, and I nodded with a smile.

"Last book she read?" Charlie continued.

"Wuthering Heights"

"Favourite number?"

"13" he answered quickly.

"Favourite animal?"

"Canines" Edward retorted loosely.

"Favourite sexual position?" My father asked, trying to rope Edward into something. Thinking that asking him random questions quickly, would confuse Edward, and give Charlie some power back. I wanted to scream and bury my head in shame. My cheeks went bright red and I became immediately flustered. I was incredibly glad it wasn't me in interrogation.

"I wouldn't know" Edward responded honestly, and with complete conviction. "I would never dream of touching Bella inappropriately. Not until I—" Edward was abruptly cut off by my father.

"Bella, Edward," he said to us both, sternly. "This isn't the 1920's. If you two are racing to get married so you can have…sex," he started to ramble, "it's irresponsible. I would rather think that you two are being 'safe' then to tie yourselves together like this." He looked directly at me, "I don't want to see you twenty years old, married with a baby. I want you to have your youth. Enjoy being young. What's the rush kids? Go to school, finish college and start your career. After, if you still love each other, I will fully support you. I just can't. Not now."

This time it was my time. I got up and looked at Edward for a moment. His eyes cautioned me not to do anything rash, but I didn't need any advice or coaxing. I was completely calm. I started to move towards my father, he looked apprehensive. I remember my father telling me that I was incredibly non-whiney for a teenager, but the truth was, now I wasn't really a teenager. I was an adult, and it was time for me to make my own, adult choices.

When I was finally face to face with father I just stared at him for a moment. He was older than he used to be, somewhat worn. I noticed flecks of grey in his hair, and well as the hairline starting to fade a little more back into his forehead. I knew I could get mad or frustrated at my father, because I knew there wasn't much time left for us to be a father and a daughter to each other. I needed him to know a few things before I left him.

"Dad," I said, taking his hand into mine and holding it tightly. "I need you to know that I love you so very much. There isn't a moment of regret for me spending the past two years here. I wish I had gotten to know you sooner, but I am thankful that I got to know you while I was still young enough for your influence to have an effect on me." I almost wanted to bite back tears, but I knew I had to stay strong. I wanted everything to be coherent. "I need you to know that you have helped me become a strong, brave and loyal woman, and I know that I'll take your guidance and love with me wherever I go." My hands started to shake, and I knew I was starting to crack. I felt Edward's cold palm on my lower back, trying to cool my body down. It did help a little.

Instead of continuing to talk to my father, I just put my arms around him. I felt his warm arms fold around my frame and squeeze me with an unusual amount of ferocity. He knew he was letting his daughter go, and his body and mind was fighting it with every ounce. "I'm going to marry Edward Cullen, dad" I said finally, "not because I want to… have sex with him, and not because I'm young and foolish. I love him, and I want to be in his life forever. I'm going to be. Promise me you'll think about it. Being there, that is." I looked at my father and his eyes locked with mine. He looked broken and disheveled.

"I don't know if I can," he answered finally, honestly. I merely nodded. My hand still gripped his, but I refused to shed a tear. I needed him to know I was strong and loving, but determined.

"I understand Dad. You have two months to think about, but it would mean the entire world to me, if you were by my side on my wedding day. I'm only going to have one, I promise you." I said, softly letting go of his hand. He still looked at me.

"Only two months?" he said, somewhat startled. I merely nodded.

"Before school starts, so we can continue our life together—and focus on school without a wedding to think about. Just think about it Dad. That's all I'm asking." I said finally, dropping my eye lock with Charlie and moving back into my seat across the table. Edward took my hand, and gave me a look of approval. It made me glow inside. We all sat in silence for a bit, but I wasn't trying to fight the tension. I wanted to make sure that every last memory Charlie had of me was that of an impeccably brought up young woman. It wasn't for my sake, but I was sure that I was going to appreciate it later.

"I'm going to bed Bella," Charlie said, getting up and moving slowly passed me. He seemed older right now, older than he's ever been. He patted my head once, and said softly, "perhaps Renée." I didn't have an idea what he meant by that. I knew that Edward did, and we'd have a lot to talk about later, but for now I was content to sit in silence.

After Charlie closed the door to his room I crawled into Edward's lap and buried my face in his shirt. Part of me wanted to cry, and I knew he would be there the entire time, holding me. The other part of me was so proud. I felt brave and mature. I felt like an adult ready to actually become a wife to a husband, instead of a teenage girl with her boyfriend. Edward leaned his head into me and smelled my hair, his arms still tightly wound around my body, bracing and protecting me. "You were perfect, my love" he whispered.

We stayed like that for a while, and Edward never complained of being uncomfortable. I still didn't let the tears come, not while we were in the kitchen, and not where my father could hear. "Do you have to leave soon?" I asked. He normally left for a bit, and came back after Charlie was in a deep sleep. I didn't want my father to think that we were going to ignore his house rules about curfew, just because we were getting married. I knew we weren't married yet.

Edward smiled at me, "he's fast asleep" he answered. "He certainly was exhausted, and you look it as well." I merely nodded. There was no point in lying. It wasn't a long conversation, but it certainly was tiring. Every time I looked into my father's eyes, I felt like I was saying goodbye. I wanted to cry, and fall asleep in Edward's cold, icy body.

I barely noticed when he stood up, cradling me in his arms, and walked swiftly up the stairs. I was laid out across my bed before I knew I was in my room. Sleep was already starting to consume me, but I fought it with tenacity. I could faintly make out Edward by my dresser, taking out a set of silky blue pajamas. He brought them back to me.

"When did you get these?" he asked, eyebrow raised. They camisole and pants were the exact shade of blue that Edward loved.

"Alice bought them for me a while ago. I guess I forgot about them" I said casually, slightly incoherently. Sleep was definitely setting in, but I knew Edward was right to get me to change. I never slept well when my thick daytime clothes gave me less contact with Edward. I liked feeling as much of him as possible. I grabbed the pajamas and sat up. Edward excused himself to go to my desk, picking up a book and examined it loosely. He was purposely turned away from me. I gave him an audible giggle.

I changed as quickly as possible, so I could get back into his perfect, cold arms. When he turned around and saw my night set, his eyes lit up. He was beside me in a heartbeat, which was good because mine momentarily stopped. "You are the most beautiful creature in this world." He whispered, kissing all along my collarbone and up to my ear. The he stopped, and nestled his face and nose into the crook of my neck, breathing me in. The smell of his breath and the sheer closeness of him staggered my breathing.

"Can we get married now?" I asked shamelessly, and Edward gave a low chuckle.

"Now, now my stunning fiancée" I repressed a shudder and continued to stare at him, "it was your idea to let Alice do the wedding. We could have very well already gone and came back from Vegas. Now you just have to deal with the consequences" he stated a low velvety voice. "Now sleep, my love. Tomorrow is another big day." He moved down beside me to cradle me in his arms. I fit perfectly nestled, wrapped under his chiseled frame, but I was still frustrated. I laughed to myself how sometimes I wish this marriage couldn't come fast enough.

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