Chapter 1: Reopening the Portal

Author's Note: Well I wasn't going to do this but a good friend of mine really wanted me to do a sequel to my phenomenally popular 'Beyond the Shadow of the Moon'. Well here it is! Hope I don't regret this.

King Bloodnor spent more than ten years searching for a way to open the portal to the world of his consort. He was obsessed to the point that even his less than observant and brutal neighbor, King Warkil, began to question his sanity. The lion went beyond his kingdom to search old spell books, question wizards, witches, and other magical creatures in his quest to find a way to rekindle the spell.

Finally, in some ancient ruins inhabited by a group of old mages, he found what he wanted. Triumphant, a light of near madness glittering in his eyes, he made sure he understood the spell thoroughly and could perform it himself. He no longer trusted anyone else to do it.

Now that he had the spell, he carefully planned how he was going to obtain his consort. This spell would not allow him to retrieve Feral. He would have to go through the portal and grab his consort himself.

He placed a protective spell on his kingdom to keep it safe while he was gone. Because of the extreme time difference, he needed to find his consort and return through the portal in one day. To insure success, he gathered an army, one hundred of his strongest and smartest warriors, to go with him.

To make his plan work, he conjured the portal. Due to certain conditions that had to be met, he couldn't enter the portal yet but he could use it as a window into that other dimension. So he began to study the world he intended to invade. His generals were a bit leery when they observed all the strange machines including ones that flew but the King felt confident that their magic would be stronger than anything this world had to offer in defense.

After insuring his plans were complete and giving orders that they would enter the portal in three days, the night of the full moon on Aristal, he retreated for some much needed rest and tension relief.

He stalked out of his throne room and up the stairs to the harem. He was tense and excited. So much time had passed but he had not gotten over his intense desire for Feral. No other had made him feel the way the warrior Kat had.

Bursting through the beads of the entryway for the harem common room, his cloak swirling like a flag behind him, he searched the startled and wary creatures. Finally, his eyes lighted on his favorite pair and he signaled them to attend him.

Glory, the rabbit, and Sheen, the wolf, quickly got up and hurried after the King who was headed for the bath. They were nervous. The King was always chancy to deal with ever since the one known as Feral had failed to return.

Sometimes he would take his fury and frustration out on the ones who had been nasty to the Kat. Other times, he would wear out the willing of his harem until they couldn't move. His brutal treatment of the traitors had left them beaten and cowed with no spirit but obedience behind. The rest did their very best to please the King if only to keep themselves from being the next to be abused during his frequent tirades. The only break they ever got was when the King was off searching for the spell to open the portal.

Out of all the members of the harem, Glory and Sheen had manage to retain the King's favor and were treated well most of the time. Only once or twice did he become rather brutal with them, his frustration and need not completely assuaged by their skillful paws and mouths.

Tonight he was in a good mood. In a few days, he would finally have his consort in his grasp. He flicked his clothes away and stepped into the pool. Glory and Sheen quickly disposed of their clothes and went to his side. Using a calming herb-laced body soap, they began to wash his fur and wings.

Bloodnor sighed and relaxed. His eyes were closed and his mind recalled the feel of his consort's body against his own and how it felt to be buried within that body.

Sheen could see the King was lost in his memories again so he gently massaged the lion's shoulders and back as the King leaned over a comfortable ledge with his upper body. Glory rubbed down the powerful arms and ducked under the water to massage the massive legs.

When they had his fur and wings cleaned, they applied more soap to their paws and began to caress him more intimately. Glory soaped the broad chest, tweaking the nipples as she did so. Sheen stroked the King's thighs then grasped his huge ballsack and squeezed and rolled it in his palm gently. His other paw reached between the legs and stroked the already swelling cock.

Taking a deep breath, Sheen went under the water and began sucking on the King's pole. Glory did her part by sucking on each nipple. Bloodnor growled his pleasure keeping his eyes closed. They knew he didn't see them, only the consort ever crossed his mind during sex. In very little time, Sheen had Bloodnor's cock hard and ready.

He quickly moved away and switched places with Glory who went under the ledge that was just above the water, gripped the edge on either side and held herself while she allowed herself to be impaled by the King. Sheen went behind his King and caressed and pressed a finger into the furless pucker to stroke the prostrate gland.

Bloodnor groaned and began to move his hips urgently, thrusting hard and rapidly into Glory's hot channel. Sheen's stroking was intensifying the sensations he was experiencing. In his mind he was pounding into his consort. After many long minutes, he finally exploded. He sighed and relaxed. Glory and Sheen moved to the King's side to wait for his next request. Despite their best efforts it only eased his need a little but days from now it would be his consort he would be holding and fucking once more. Giving his pair of favorites a pat of appreciation on their heads, he climbed out of the pool. They hurriedly climbed out as well and began drying the lion off. He yawned and shook himself, moving away from them and making his way to his quarters for a soothing drink, late night snack, and some last minute business with Gutaire.

Three days later...

Night had fallen some hours ago and Galanon's twin moons were just rising when Bloodnor prepared to cast the spell. He had dropped it within the castle when it was no longer needed there. Now with his army, mounted on repnorses and arrayed behind him, he spoke the words again and reopened the portal on the plain outside the gates of his castle.

It took only moments to speak the words of the spell but minutes for it to settle and open. Through the gradually clearing view, Bloodnor saw the forested area his portal had been before and that world's moon casting its silvery light over everything.

With a tight grin of triumph, Bloodnor raised his sword to the sky, and roared, "To victory!" His troops roared back and galloped after their leader as he forced his mount to enter the portal.

It took them ten minutes to clear the portal and gather once more behind their King. Baring his fangs, the lion leader raised his head and used his magic to find his consort. That was when he discovered something they hadn't known. Their magic was much weaker here. Frowning in annoyance, he found he could not connect with his target.

Since his consort was a military leader here, all Bloodnor had to do was draw the Kat to him. He signaled his troops to hide themselves among the trees and stay silent then he drew his generals aside to speak with them.

"Our magic is weaker here!" He told them without preamble. There were quick looks of consternation but the King ignored them and continued, "Since I cannot detect my consort we will simply draw him here which is a better option than wandering this huge city looking for him. One sun's rise and fall is all we have to take him and return through the portal. We will cause a commotion he can't ignore and take him when he comes to investigate." Bloodnor said, laying out his plans for what to do.

His generals nodded gravely then split up to take their squadron of troops and make their way to other parts of the park to create the diversion the King desired.

In a high rise condo not far from Enforcer Headquarters, a handheld radio began to tone then a voice called out repeatedly, unfortunately, it was located in the living room. The dispatcher ceased his attempts and soon a phone was stridently demanding attention near a sleeping dark head.

Groaning in annoyance and exhaustion, the Chief Enforcer of Megakat City fumbled blindly for the phone.

"Feral! It better be damned important!" He growled groggily.

"Sir, Dispatch here! Sorry but there is a report of multiple disturbances in Megakat Park. When officers were sent to check it out they said a glowing ring of light was in the park and there were strangely garbed creatures riding weird looking reptiles of some kind and they were attacking Katizens just outside several exits from the park." He quickly relayed.

Feral went cold. Horror woke him up completely. "Send a jet squadron and have them stand by but not get close. Have all patrols pull back immediately. I'll be there as soon as I can." He barked then hung up. His heart was beating hard and he gripped the phone in a death grip.

"Oh God! He's come to take me back!" Feral breathed fearfully. For a moment he was paralyzed then he took a shuddering breath and threw the bedding off him violently and stalked to his dresser and searched for something. Moments later he found the communicator.

A groggy voice answered, "Crud! Feral, you know what time it is?"

"He's here to take me back!" Feral blurted out, fright making his voice tremble.

"Huh? Ulysses what are you talking about, you're voice is shaking! Who's here?" T-Bone demanded, suddenly alarmed.

"Bloodnor! He's here with an army in Megakat Park!" Feral hissed almost moaning in fear.

"What?" T-Bone exploded in disbelief.

"I just received a report of a glowing portal and an army of strange creatures attacking Katizens around the park. Who else could it be? He's here to take me back." Feral told his mate again, frightened and angry.

"Okay, okay...take it easy. Where are you?" T-Bone said trying to think how they were going to handle creatures that could wield magic.

"I'm at home but I've got to get going. I need to get someone here to watch Callista..." He started to say worriedly but his mate cut him off.

"Hold it! Don't go to the park. Like you said, he's here for you. Going there will be exactly what he wants you to do. It's a diversion. As for Callista...take her to Enforcer Headquarters. She's still not well...right?" He asked anxiously.

"No! I've been up most of the night with her." Feral said in concern.

"Then leave her in the medical wing. They'll keep an eye on her for us. I'll meet you there and don't use magic. It may attract him to you. Hurry Ulysses!" T-Bone said urgently closing the connection between them.

Feral stared at the communicator for a moment then laid it down and quickly got dressed. He shoved the communicator into his pocket and hurried to his daughter's room. He hated to move her. She had come down with something from the daycare and she'd been fretful for hours. He had only gotten her to sleep a couple of hours ago.

Sighing angrily, he packed her baby bag with necessary things and her favorite toy then tenderly lifted her from her crib and wrapped her in a warm blanket. She grumbled a little but didn't awaken. He quickly pulled the bag over his shoulder and left his apartment.

Reaching his hummer, he gently placed her into her car seat then got into the driver's seat and hurried through non-existent traffic for headquarters.

When he arrived, his Sergeant was waiting by the curb. He had obviously been waiting for him. He politely reached in and took the baby bag from his superior as Feral unstrapped his daughter. They made their way up the stairs and into the controlled chaos of his headquarters on alert. Heading for the elevator, he hit the button for the medical wing.

Frowning in concern, the Sergeant asked cautiously, "Is something wrong with the little one, sir?"

"It's nothing more than a cold, but she's been very fretful tonight and while I'm gone, I thought she should be watched here." Feral said distractedly.

When the doors opened he hurried toward the nursing desk.

"I need you to take care of Callista for me. She's not feeling well and I have to take care of a major emergency." Feral said hurriedly as he handed his daughter over to the nursing supervisor and told her what he'd given his daughter for her cold and when.

"Don't worry, sir. We'll take good care of her. Just make sure you come back safely." The nurse said gently.

"Thank you." He halted a moment longer then leaned down and nuzzled his daughter briefly before turning swiftly and heading for the elevator once more. He punched the button for the flight line. He told the Sergeant that his mate was arriving and they needed to plan how to deal with Bloodnor.

The Sergeant nodded gravely as he followed his Commander. They walked out across the flight prep area for the landing pad. As he began to look up at the night sky, the Turbokat flashed into view and made a perfect landing some feet from them.