"Post-Show Chat Bonus" by Tris

A/N--First: Yes I realize Markus gave the sedative in the other version. It's a parallel universe or something. Second, if you do not like sweat, don't read this. Third, the cameraman guy in this story is from New York or somewhere near there. I don't know why. Ask him. ;D

Yeah, so this is just some fluffers picking up right after Val finished her big speech. Now TCGeek is right in saying that Dr. Leo (I hate his last name's guts, sry,) was foaming at the mouth. I tried to figure out why this might be, but all I turned up was choking and I don't think that was it. So—and anyone who wants shoot a correction—I'm going to just say it was EXTREME fatigue. Maybe irresponsible use of the HT has other side effects we weren't aware of…? So yes let me make it crystal: this is a bonus, not really needed to get the first part. This might not have really happened, but you know what? I DON'T CARE! I wanted to write it so I DID. Enjoy, and thank so you much for the reviews so far. MoonCat, you probably don't know how happy I was to get a review from you! You're always so deep and thoughtful and just awesome! And Juicy, now that I got this up, guess where I'm going? Yeah that's right, time to chill with teh Nekos!!

"Great speech, Val," Markus chuckled, slapping Val on the back. "You showed them!"

"I hope I didn't overdo it," Val said sheepishly. "But I felt I had to get that off my chest, for all of us. Hey…" she broke off. "Where's Bello?"

"Yeah, you're right," Markus said, scanning the studio. "He was in bad shape. Maybe they took him to the E.R.….excuse me!" he accosted a cameraman. "Have you seen Dr. Bello?"

"Yeah, dey took him in that room dere," the man jerked a thumb in the direction of an ajar door before returning his attention to his sandwich.

"What? They didn't give him any medical attention?" Markus' voice rose in anger. He grabbed an armful of supplies and the other two followed suit.

"I guess we're not finished yet," Elena murmured as the trio headed to the room. Markus pushed the door open tentatively. They found Leo sprawled on the floor, on a pile of old blankets. He was breathing erratically, foam dripping down his chin, sweat drenching his ginger hair and distorted face.

"This is unbelievable!" Markus raged. "The main attraction of a medical themed show, tossed aside like a bag of trash when there is sophisticated equip—"

"We have to focus, Markus," Val said, dropping to her knees beside the piles of blankets. "Elena, help me assess his condition!"

They went over him quickly and thoroughly. "Extreme fatigue," Elena decided. "We know this is from overuse of the Healing Touch, but I have never treated…" the nurse hesitated before turning to her superiors. "I suggest mild sedation."

"Why…couldn't I use…Healing…" Leo groaned in frustration and agony, twisting on the floor.

"Markus? Your opinion?" Val questioned. She lay a comforting hand on Leo's arm while studying Markus' expression.

"Yeah, I agree. Let's knock him out for now."

Elena drew a syringeful of sedative while Markus rolled up his white sleeve. Val soaked a cotton ball in alcohol and wiped down the skin before the nurse pierced it with the needle and depressed the plunger slowly and evenly.

"What are you…doing…" Leo mumbled, swatting weakly at them.

"We're giving you a sedative, Dr. Bello; you're extremely worn out. We'll be here when you wake up."

"But…" his eyes closed, and he went limp.

"I feel so sorry for him," Elena whispered.

Val wrestled him out of his white coat. "Elena, can you get some wet paper towels and another blanket? Thanks."

"What's your plan, Val?" Markus squatted down as Val pulled the limp doctor into her lap.

"I want to get him cleaned up and comfortable. He's absolutely drenched in sweat…"

"I'm back," Elena said, coming into the room with full arms.

"Great! Okay guys, we need to mop up the sweat and clean his face." Val grabbed a wet paper towel and began tenderly wiping at the foam and saliva running off his jaw. "Markus, get his arms…Elena, can you do his neck?" Soon they had him all cleaned off and wrapped in a light blanket.

Val settled him back onto the blanket pile. "I think his breathing rate is going back down to normal…what do you guys think? Should we call an ambulance just in case?"

"No, he's looking a lot better already. But let's keep an eye on him, at least until he wakes up." Markus sat beside her, and Elena sat a little farther down, resting her hand on Leo's knee. The time passed, and gradually the showbiz doctor began breathing normally and had ceased perspiring. He stirred slightly.

"Elena, when do you think the sedative will wear off?" Val asked.


"Unnnnnngh…" Leo mumbled, blinking his eyes open. "Who…what…the patient!" He struggled to sit up.

"She's safe, she's alive," Markus calmed him down. "Please relax."

"What happened to her? Where is she?" The doctor insisted.

"Our surgical team finished the operation. She's still under the anesthetic, but she'll be fine. She's in a recovery room on the other side of the building."

"You saved her?" Leo's blue-gray eyes were wide. "Thank you. I can never repay you…I thought I had killed her…the patients mean everything to me. If I had been responsible for her death…"

"It wasn't your fault. She was infected with Stigma, which you've never gotten a chance to see," Val explained.


"Yeah. We have a little experience with it so we pulled through." Markus grinned. "…barely."

"Then I must study this disease…I never want this disaster repeated on my show!"

Markus, Val and Elena all stared sadly at each other.

"What?" Leo asked perceptively.

"We…uh…have something to tell you. But in a minute, Leo. Just rest for now, all right?" Val touched his shoulder gently and tried to smile.

"Hmmmm." The friendly light in Leo's eyes was rapidly replaced by a bright and burning suspicion…

And it all ended there...for him…for his passion.

Man, now I wanna write more about Leo and David! (I think Guy is probably a stage name so that's what I call him, David. Am I weird? Hm. Whatev.)