Title: Secrets
By: mandy-jg
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Rose Weasley/Teddy Lupin
Summary: It all started innocently enough, as it always does.
A/N: A new favourite pairing, despite finding none to read. :( Using the Mum's The Word prompt for rarepairshorts. 900 words.


It all started innocently enough, as it always does. But innocent didn't really seem the right word when your almost as good as cousin had her hands on your tits.

She had come bounding into his room as she always did, having two brothers had clearly taught her nothing about closed doors and the brilliance of knocking.

"Hey Teddy, do you have your... Text books, here. What the hell are you doing?"

He had his back to her, but the mirror in front of him gave everything away.

Rose shut the door behind her, "Are they...? Bloody hell Ted! They're..."

"Yes I know!" He snapped, shaking his head as they disappeared. "What do you want?"

"I needed your old Charms text," she said quietly. "Do you do that often?"

"No, and no they aren't here."

"Why not?" She asked somewhat breathlessly, stepping closer to him.

"I keep them at Nan's," he said watching her approach warily.

"No, I meant the breasts. How can you not? Aren't you fascinated with them? Ma caught Hugo with one of Al's old magazines last week, and he's been blushing ever since."

"Embarrassing," he smiled, grabbing his shirt from the floor, and starting to pull it on.

"Wait," she whispered, her hand reaching up and stopping him.


"I want to see them, properly, please?"

"You aren't, Rose you and that idiot Hufflepuff..."

"Yes, I like wizards," she grinned, pulling the shirt from his hands. "It's just... Girls are more modest, how can I measure myself against them if I never see them. I just want to see how I compare."

"But these aren't anyones, I just do it occasionally..."

"Why? Do you get off with them?" Rose winked at him as she threw the shirt over her shoulder.

"NO! They just, when I see a girl, I wonder, and I think of her, and I grow replicas."

She laughed loudly, "Bloody hell Ted, that's kind of weird."

"Right, well you can shut the door when you go," he snapped, pointing at it.

"Okay," Rose said quickly, "I'm sorry, really. Please, I won't laugh, and I won't tell a single person, ever."

"I don't know Rose," Teddy sighed, pushing the acid green hair out of his eyes. Avoiding her face, she had got that look in her eyes, the one that never failed to get anyone to do whatever she wanted. "Fine. But you have to promise me that you will never tell your father, ever. I will deny it to my dying breath."

She grinned widely, nodding rapidly, "I promise." Her eyes fastened on his chest, which he altered to the pair of breasts again. "Oh my," she breathed, stepping closer. "They're perfect, who's are they?"

"No-ones, this time. Just a mix," he said quietly, hardly believing he was talking about this with her. Rose's face became the one he knew, one of complete concentration, with that gleam in her eye, rather devious. He was always wary of that one.

"Ted... Can I touch them?"

His breath caught in his throat, he stuttered lightly, "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Please? I just want to know what they feel like," Rose whispered, a soft smile on her lips. "Please?"

Bloody hell, it's really no wonder Rose Weasley has everyone wrapped around her little finger. With one word, and that tiny little smile, any one would do anything for her. Teddy closed his eyes as he nodded, feeling her step closer, and the soft brush of her hand against his abdomen as it came up to touch the bottom of the globes on his chest. He held in the gasp as she lightly ghosted her fingers across the skin, hardly touching at all as she moved them. Goose bumps breaking out across his back, the hairs on his neck standing up.

"They're so firm, but so soft," she smiled, pressing more firmly.

Teddy failed to hold in the breath as her finger brushed the hard nipple, "Oh bloody hell."

"Did you like that?" Rose breathed, brushing it more firmly.

"Rose," he muttered, as he felt a flash of desire as she did.

"You did," she sighed, stepping closer. "Did you feel it?"


"How did it feel?" Rose whispered, bringing her other hand up and copying her actions.

"Like an electric shock, down to... You know," he groaned.

"Down to where?"

"Rose, stop," he said firmly, wrenching her hands away and stepping back.

"Ted, what?" She followed him, "Did I do something wrong?"

"Bloody hell, this is all fucking wrong! You have to go," Teddy snapped.

Rose flinched, stopping, "Fine."

The door slammed loudly as she stormed from the room, the glare in her eyes faintly masking the hurt. "Fuck," he cursed loudly, "Of all the bloody stupid things to do," he grumbled. "Letting her grope you, you bloody idiot." His chest back to normal as he pulled on his shirt, the tightness in his groin still present. Reminding him just how much he had enjoyed her gentle touch.

"Bloody hell."