He wouldn't look at her, he'd been here for nearly thirty minutes, and he refused to look at her. It may have been a little unsettling being surrounded by every Weasley, but he could at least smile in her direction. Rose would settle for just one.

Al and Hugo were talking quietly in the corner to him, no doubt trying to enlist his help in their latest scheme, James having already told them to shove off. He listened patiently, eyes widening at certain points, the ever dutiful and patient Teddy. Too polite to tell them to leave him alone, too smart to get involved in whatever they were plotting. Rose didn't miss the relief on his face as her grandmother announced that dinner was ready, a rueful smile on his lips as he excused himself from their clutches.

He sat down opposite her at the table, still steadfastly ignoring her. His food suddenly the most interesting thing, that and filling in Uncle Harry on the happenings at the Ministry. She wouldn't mind being able to focus like that on something, she wanted to keep her eyes on him, to see if he would look her way. That would bring attention, and then the dreaded question, just why was she staring at Teddy Lupin?

When her father expressed his displeasure at the absence of the mustard from the table, Rose quickly offered to get it from the pantry. She slipped into the dark space quickly, spotting the jar on the shelf, she pulled it down. Rose stood in the darkness for a moment, hearing the conversation continue around the table. Then she saw him duck into the small room in front of her, a grin in place.

"I was just looking... For this," he smiled, reaching past her and grabbing a jar from the shelf, his lips brushing hers as he moved. The quickest of movements, shielded by his arm as it reached out. "It's not a meal without it."

Rose returned his smile, "Not at all, the more the better."