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Iggy's 15th b-day. Still runaways. Never saved world.

"OMG! Ig, you've just got to come over here!" Nudge said, bouncing up and down. I could actually feel her bouncing next to me.

We were at an amusement park, much to Max's protesting. But hey, for her birthday, she got to go to a resturtraunt. For Fang's birthday, we went to a James Bond movie – yes, I went too. I have working ears. And peeps to describe things. Although the other moviegoers might not have been to pleased with the chatter… but Angel took care of that. Freaky.

So, for my fifteenth birthday, we went to the amusement park.

And Nudge was dragging me somewhere.

She was trying to distract me, I knew.

Day hadn't started off so well – first ride we went to, the attendant had stopped me. It had been this awesome spinny roller coaster thing – I really wanted to go on it. But she'd told me in a trying to be nice but really don't give way that if I couldn't see and anticipate turns, I would snap my neck.

Gasman had started to tell her that he would kindly snap hers, but Max had kicked him in the shins. Ow.

I'd told them to go on – they'd all wanted to go on it just was much as I did. I know, I'm such a softie, right? So generous and selfless. Wrong. It was killing me inside. Dude, it's my birthday. But I'd let them go.

Nudge had almost gone with them, but she saw the look on my face and stayed. She had said that she wanted to get me something for my birthday. Sweet, right? If only she'd meant it – she was just doing it to be nice. But still. Free stuff, and plus, I got cotton candy, the blue kind. Awesome. Kind of almost but not really made up for the suck-fest that my day was turning out to be.

"Ig, this baseball hat is perfect for you!" She exclaimed.

"Hmm… you've got ten seconds to describe it, Nudge."

"Sorry! It's tan with blocky black words that say "I survived the" and then there's this picture of a bomb and lit fuse."

A huge grin lit my face. The Bomb was a ride here – our next stop, too. Whether or not I rode it, I was so getting this hat.

"It's so you, Ig. We're getting it."

"How much is it?"

"Not telling! I'm paying for it – it's your birthday, after all. Just imagine the lo… reaction of the Flock when they see this!" I knew she'd been about to say look on their faces, but I let it slide. I wanted to hat.

She paid for it and I stuck it on my head. I couldn't wait for Gazzy to see it.

We waited on a bench by the ride, which didn't seem so important right now.

I had an awesome hat. Gasman had thought it was perfect. Angel said it was "so me". Max had cracked up and told me not to get any idea – that she didn't want to see how true that sentence on the hat would hold. Fang took a picture of the hat for the blog.

And to top it off, it was my birthday!

Only Erasers could kill my mood.

Damn, they really do show up at the worst of times, don't they?

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