a/n: So, so, so sorry for the long wait

a/n: So, so, so sorry for the long wait! I couldn't find the notebook where the next chapter was – found it now!

Max's POV

"Up, to the cave!" Max shouted once we had left them in our dust. .About three or four miles away was our current camp, a cave high up on a rocky landing.

We shot up, not bothering to stay in formation, going about eighty miles an hour. We were there in minutes, coming to a skidding, rock throwing landing.

I threw my backpack down on the ground, sprawling out. The rest of the Flock soon entered, sinking down in various spots.

"Guys, you alright?" I said, returning to my leadership duties.

"I'm starving." Nudge said. I tossed her a chocolate bar and she grinned.

"Sprained my wrist." Gazzy said, and I gave him a sympathetic look. "Hit it on a tree."

"Talented, Gasser." I said, and he grinned goofily.


"Okay." She answered, crawling over to me. "I can't believe they had laser guns."

"I know, hun." I kissed her hair. "But we still beat 'em."

"I lost my hat." Iggy said bitterly, but I caught the under current of how upset he was.

"Aw, Ig, I'm sorry." I told him.

"Stupid Erasers." He muttered.

I walked over and crouched down, putting my hand on his shoulder. Iggy crossed his arms over his knees and hung his head.

"I'm sorry, Ig." I told him again. He scowled.

"I'll get you another hat." Nudge said, standing behind me."

"Its not about the stupid hat!"

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