Here is another story that has been in the front of my mind for weeks that I just HAD to get out even though my first one really needs to be updated.

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Hello, my name is Isabella Swan and this is my story of how I found love.

It has been so long since I have seen Edward, my one true love. He was taken from me almost 600 years ago when he was kidnapped by a clan crazy vampires in 1413.

I have tried to look for him but I just can't find him even after being changed into a vampire also.

"C'mon Bella, it's almost time for school honey." Mike called. I smiled, Mike was part of my coven and I loved almost as much as I love Edward.

I got off my couch and turned off my Slipknot CD I had been blaring and walked over to my closet.

I pulled a plaid tripp skirt, with minimal amount of chains, cough10 cough, off the hanger and got my purple fishnets out of my drawer and set them on a chair.

Then I walked into the shirt section and grabbed a skin tight Slipknot tank off the shelf and added it to the chair. I got dressed then put on some eyeliner and my fingerless gloves along with my million jelly bracelets.

I grabbed my rings and put on my necklace with hundreds of Monster pop tops on it. When all that was done I put on my combat boots, grabbed my tattered old bag and my trench coat and walked out the door.

I walked down the stairs and saw Mike feverishly kissing Jacob, who was pushed against the door. Jacob was Mike's boyfriend/husband, and both were the closest things I had to brothers and I loved them even if they are the gayest beings you will ever meet.

"Whoa Mikey slow down, my shirt isn't from Wal-Mart or someplace icky like that." Jacob whined. Wow, Mikey? Never heard that one before.

"Mike you silly little hypocrite, you tell Bella to hurry up and yet here you are making out with Jake." Our "mother" laughed.

Our "mother" was a 5'9 red haired, golden eyed, super-model build, face of an angel woman named Jacquelyn and she was changed when she was 26 in 1209 somewhere in Ireland after being attacked when her Tuatha was preparing for Gam.

"Sorry mommy." Mike pouted, oh geez, he looked so sad, makes you want to hug him.

"It's ok my darling golden retriever." she cooed. We had given him that nickname because he has hair the same color and texture and qualities as a golden retriever.

Mike is 6'1 and of medium build and is very good looking but is strictly gay and wouldn't give a girl a second glance unless it was to look at what she was wearing. Jacob was the same way only he had raven black hair and was more muscular than Mike. Both of them were changed when they were 18 or 19 in 1367 in Germany.

Mike and Jake don't have gifts but more of enhanced traits. Mike is extremely kind and happy and Jacob had his love trait enhanced so he can like almost anyone he meets.

The best part of having two gay brothers, is they have AMAZING fashion sense.

I remember the times when women had to wear those really frilly dresses everyday, Jacob just about had it and was ready to disguise me as a boy and let me wear pants, and also because he thought I'd make a hot guy.

I really wish he had, almost getting raped everyday kinda put a damper on my mood. I was always considered "beautiful" and many men wanted me as their own(yeah right).

Random men would constantly "forcefully" drag me into an alley and try to take advantage of me. They thought I was a helpless little rich girl, boy were they wrong.

My brothers aren't just gay and have great fashion senses they are also amazing fighters. They taught me everything they have learned over their existence about self defense and hand-to-hand combat as soon as I was turned so I could defend myself without using my vampire strength.

I never killed the men who tried to hurt me, I just kicked their asses and told them to never touch another woman again unless they were in a relationship with them which they probably never would because they were so horrid.

Thankfully, we decided we wanted to go to a place where man did not rule with his idiocy, so we moved around a lot, never staying one place for more than a few weeks until women were treated the same as men.

"Yes, Mike," Our "father" said coming into the room, "why don't you guys hurry, you don't want to be late for your first day now do you?"

Our "dad" was a 6 foot three inch dork with curly red hair and freckles on his nose which clashed with his snowy vampire skin.

He was good looking but only by human standards, to vampires he was average, his name is Benjamin and he was changed when he was 27 in 1298.

Him an Jacquelyn are crazy in love and would do anything for the other. Neither of them had a power except for their enhanced love for one another.

I felt like such an outsider, not having a mate to share eternity with, but I hope I can find Edward and we can be together forever.

I was changed only a few days after Edward was kidnapped by Jacquelyn, I had tried to commit suicide. I was bitten a few days after my fifteenth birthday in France, which explains my french accent.

"Alright," I called, "let's hit the road, we still need to get our schedules." Jake and Mike wrapped their arms around each other and walked out to my black Lancer Evolution.(pic on pro)

Technically I'm not allowed to drive, but who cares, I can pass for 16, just barely, but I can.

As soon as I reached the car I started the engine and sped off to our new high school. Jake and Mike were posing as juniors since that was the youngest they could go and I had to be a freshman since I looked so young.

It pisses me off so much that I looked so much younger than everyone else.

Even though Edward was 3 years older than I was when we were human he still didn't treat me like a child but like I was the same age as him.

He probably was bitten as soon as they took him so he is forever 18. Dammit, that might mean he will never pose as a freshman with me, so we wouldn't have any classes with me. Shit!

"If he's even still alive." The snotty voice in my head sneered.

"Shut the hell up voice, I KNOW he's still alive, I just haven't found him yet, but believe me I will." I told my stupid pessimistic voice.

I reached Forks High School in a matter of minutes, parked and waited for my brothers to untangle themselves.

"Let's go guys class starts in 15 minutes and I want to be on time." I yelled as they weren't leaving the car.

"Ahh Izzy, can't you just use your power and stop time for a bit?" Jacob called from the backseat.

I could since my power enables me to do anything except something only humans can do and I also cannot, for some FUCKING reason, find Edward.

I can do anything I want when I want including find any vampire or human but the one person or vampire, whatever I actually WANT to find is the only one I can't. It pisses me off so much.

"No Jake I will not stop time just so yo can hanky panky with Mike, even though I love you guys I will not do it." I called, just loud enough for them to hear.

"Man, come on Mike let's go, since little Belly wants to get to class." I growled as Jacob called me "little", just because I was barely even 5 feet tall does not give him the right to call me little.

"What did you just say, giant." I smiled. Jacob pursed his lips and tossed his head and walked towards the office with Mike in tow. This is going to be a LONG day.