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Chapter One

Joey really never knew what he wanted to do with his life; he only knew that he didn't want to end up like his father. It wasn't that he didn't love his father because he did, it was just the fact that his father drank too much and he wasn't going to end up like him.

Joey had the opportunity to go to College and he took it and he surprised himself when he discovered that he was really great in the medical field and so he decided to continue studying medicine and his Professor was delighted to find someone that had the dedication to want to learn as much as he could about the field of Pediatrics.

Frank Wheeler was so proud of his son for wanting to better himself and when Joey graduated with honors from Domino University he was in the audience along with his friends and as they called his name to come on stage and get his diploma they all stood and cheered for him. One person who was in the back and was really surprised and proud of what he had accomplished was Kaiba, he never really knew that Joey had the determination to do what he had done and as he walked out of the auditorium he actually had tears in his eyes because he was happy for Joey.

After the ceremony was over, Frank took everyone out to celebrate and they all went to their favorite place the Burger Barn and as they were all eating and talking in one of the booths was a young mother and her daughter and the little girl started making weird noises and her mother started panicking and she screamed "My baby is choking, some help me please."

Joey instantly got up and ran over and he got the child out of the booster seat and he used the children's version of the Heimlich Maneuver on the little girl and what was blocking her airway came out and she began to cry, Joey handed her back to her mother who was grateful and she asked him "Are you a doctor?" Joey smiled at her and told her "not yet but I'm studying to become a pediatrician" and she told him "You'll be the best because you are great with children."

After that the mother paid her bill and she took her little girl home after thanking Joey once again. After awhile they all decided that they'd all call it a night and they all congratulated Joey again for graduating and Frank drove him and his son home. "Have you decided what medical school you're going to apply at?" he asked Joey.

Joey smiled at his dad and he said "Not yet, I've sent out several applications and now I'm waiting to hear from them." Frank gave his son a hug and he said "I'm so proud of all you've done and there is nothing that you can accomplish once you try."

Seto sat behind his desk in the Manor and he thought about all that Wheeler has done with his life and he was kind of envious of it because he is doing something that he really loves and all Seto was doing was keeping this Corporation going so that one day he could give it to his brother and then maybe he could have a life of his own, but until then he'd just keep going to the Office day after day and wonder what his life would be like if he could be as lucky as Wheeler.

Roland went to talk to Seto about something was happening at the Hospital at Kaiba Corp. "The head of the Pediatric Department was going to be retiring in two more years and he was looking for a very talented young person to work under him and maybe even take over when he left"

Seto asked Roland "Please contact Joseph Wheeler about the position and ask him if he'd be interested in coming and talking to Doctor Phillips."

When Roland went to the Wheeler house he knocked on the door and when Frank answered it he found this man standing there who looked like someone who was very important and he asked "May I help you?"

Roland asked "May I please speak to Joseph Wheeler?"

Joey came to the door and he knew of Roland from when he would drop Kaiba off at school and he said "What can I do for you?"

Roland then told him "Doctor Phillips the head of the Pediatrics Department is looking for someone who is interested in talking to him about a position at the hospital at Kaiba Corp. and working alongside him and becoming a Pediatrician and maybe even taking over his post as the head of Pediatrics when he retires."

Joey looked at Roland and he said "I can't possibly do that, I still have medical school to go to and hopefully I pass and then I will have an internship to do before I can work in a hospital setting let alone work for someone as prestigious as Doctor Phillips, but thanks for asking me."

Roland then said "Doctor Phillips has talked to your Professors at the University and he really likes how dedicated you are to becoming a Pediatrician and he wants to talk to you so please get into the limo before I lose my job."

Frank looked at his son and he said "Son you can't let his poor man lose his job and what would it hurt to just talk to this doctor, go on and see what he wants." So Joey smiled at his dad and went and got into the limo and Roland drove him the hospital and then he took him directly to Doctor Phillips Office and told him "Wait here please."

Joey sat there looking at all the diplomas on the wall and it made him really want to do this and then the door opened and in walked Doctor Phillips and he said "It's good of you to come and talk to me. Your Professors are all saying how dedicated and smart you are and how you really want to work in pediatrics and so I'm going to do something that I rarely do, I'm going to make it so that you can not only take your medical courses here, but you can also go with me around on my rounds and we can talk about each case and maybe if you really want this it will help you in your studies and if you're as smart as they say then you can graduate ahead of your classmates and come to work at this hospital under me, what do you say to that?"

Joey sat there listening to what this man was saying and then finally he found his voice and he said "I really appreciate your offer, but what is there about me that any other medical student wouldn't do?"

Doctor Phillips smiled at him and he said "Mr. Wheeler you remind me of me when I was your age and I knew that I really wanted to become a pediatrician and a very great Doctor took me under his wing and taught me everything that he knew and it helped me to be able to complete my courses and graduate ahead of everyone else and then I came here to this very hospital and worked with him and when I was ready he retired and I took over and head of this department, and I want to help you like I was helped if you let me."

Joey really wanted this and so he said "Alright I'll do it on one condition, if I'm not really right for this position then you have to tell me and find someone who is."

Doctor Phillips held out his hand and Joey shook it and then Doctor Phillips said "You have yourself a deal, I'll see you here tomorrow morning. My secretary will have everything that you'll need as far as your books and materials are concerned and she'll also have some scrubs and a white coat for you to wear. Come prepared to learn and to do a lot of hard work and long hours."

Joey left there praying that he'd be the person that this doctor wanted and he knew deep down inside that this was exactly what he had studied for and wanted and he was determined to study and work and finally to become a pediatrician someday.

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