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Chapter Six

As Joey drove home he was praying that his father was still alive when he got home because he had to be able to tell his father exactly how much he loved him. As he pulled up into the driveway, Seto was waiting outside and as Joey got out of the car Seto walked over and Joey cried "God Seto, we've just barely gotten to know each other and now this, I don't want him to die not now."

Seto held onto him as he cried and then they walked inside and there on the couch was Frank and he didn't look like he had much time left. Joey went over and fell to the floor as Frank tried to raise his arms and Joey carefully embraced him and then Frank said "I'm so sorry for all of the hell I put you through, I never wanted this to happen."

Joey laid his head on his dad's chest as tears fell like rain down onto the blanket and then Joey lifted his face and he softly said "I love you daddy, please don't go I need you still."

Frank lifted his hand and wiped away the tears and he whispered "I'm not really going anywhere; I'll always be here for you." Then he stopped talking and Joey looked into his father's face and he had a smile on his face and then he gasped and he passed away.

Roland held Seto and Mokuba in his arms as tears fell down their faces and then there was a soft knock on the front door and when Roland answered it there stood Dr. Phillips and all the students and as they walked into the room they witnessed something that none of them had ever had to do, Joey closed his fathers eyes and kissed his lips and softly said "Good-bye daddy, I'll see you in my dreams." Then he laid his head again onto his father's chest and cried and cried because his daddy was gone.

Seto walked over and touched Joey on the shoulder and as he lifted his tear stained face Seto nodded towards the door and there stood all his classmates and Dr. Phillips and the doctor said "we're here for you if you ever need someone to talk to."

Joey got up with Seto's help and he walked over and thanked all of them for coming and then he stood there and he said "Give me three days and then I'm coming back and I'm going to make my dad proud when I graduate and become a Pediatrician like I told him I wanted to be."

They all gave Joey a hug and then as they were leaving William Murphy came in and he had something he was holding and he walked over to Joey and he said "Remember the photo you showed me well I did a painting and I hope that you'll accept this as a tribute to a man that I've come to realize was someone who you loved despite what you said was his dark past."

William went over to a table and he placed the painting on it and then he told Joey "Look at it when you think it is time and I'm so sorry for your loss." Then they all walked out and Roland walked over to Joey and he said "If you'd like I can help you with planning the funeral and tonight I want you to come home with us, the coroner is on his way and I don't want you to be here alone you need to be with us, please."

Joey looked up at him and then he collapsed and Roland caught him and carried him over to the big chair and he sat him down and knelt beside him and he said "Listen to me, Frank wouldn't want you to fall apart, he'd want you to carry on and follow your dream and make it come true."

Joey smiled at him and then he said "Alright, I'll come over to the Manor, but when this is all behind me I'm coming back here to live and I will continue my studies and I will become a Pediatrician and I know that my dad will be with me every step of the way."

The article about Frank's death appeared in the Domino Gazette it read:

Frank David Wheeler passed away from cancer. He is survived by his son Joseph who has asked not to send flowers but to send money to the American Cancer Association to help find a cure to all kinds of Cancer so that maybe someday no one will ever have to die from this debilitating disease.

Services are going to be held at the First Denominational Church and then the family has asked for a private burial to follow afterwards.

As Joey stood beside his father's grave he smiled as he looked up towards the heavens and the clouds opened up and this beautiful light shown down on the grave and Joey whispered "Dad's saying that he's happy and he sending me his love."

When Joey got home he looked and saw the covered painting and as he raised off the cloth there was a painting of Frank with his arm around Joey's shoulder and they were smiling and in the background there was this beautiful sky with clouds parting and the light from the heavens shining down upon them. Joey sat down and he smiled and then he picked up the phone and he called William and he said "Thank you for the painting, it's the best tribute to my father and I really love it." William then said "I'm glad that you love it, it was a pleasure to paint it."

Three days later, Joey was back in class and he asked if he could make-up any tests he missed and as Dr. Phillips told him "Come back here after lunch and I will personally give you the exams and of course I will need the written thesis by the end of the week."

Joey passed all of the tests with all passing grades of A and one B and when he handed in the paper as why he wanted to become a doctor of Pediatrics well he really blew away all the doctors with his reasons and as Dr. Jenkins told all the other doctors "This young man will make one of the best Pediatrics that I've seen in a very long time, I can hardly wait to welcome him as Dr. Wheeler."

It took Joey nine years to complete all his studies and his internship, but he did become a Physician of Pediatrics and on the day he graduated with honors, Seto, Mokie and Roland were there along with all his friends and as they watched him walk across the stage and get his diploma he felt his dad was right there beside him and he had the biggest smile on his face, because his son is finally living his dream.

As Dr. Jenkins said he did become of the best Pediatricians and he now has his own office and he's taking care of any child who needs help no matter if their parents can pay or not. No child is turned away from his office!

THE END………..

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