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"What have we got?" Olivia asked walking toward the now crowded crime scene. Elliot was closely in front, holding up the tape as he allowed Olivia and himself entrance with a quick flash of their badges. "Female about seventeen years old she was raped then strangled" medical examiner Warner presented holding up the sheet covering the girl's body and pointing out the purple enflamed marks on the victim's neck. "Any ID?" Olivia asked bending down and looking over the girl, Elliot standing behind, also looking at the girl. "Nope" Warner responded. Olivia stood back up and walked away Elliot following. "You ok back there?" Olivia asked stopping and turning toward him. "I'm fine just haven't had much sleep lately" he answered forcing a small smile.

She could understand as he had just divorced Kathy and she had moved away with the kids and E.J's biological father, he saw the kids every second weekend though.



Elliot was seated on his desk, Olivia also sitting on his desk next to him, as Cragen posted up a new picture of their suspect in which they were to watch on another boring stakeout. "Why doesn't Munch and Fin ever do stakeouts?" Elliot asked. "Because I said so" He commented back with a slight smile. Elliot was shoved by Olivia as she got up and walked toward her locker. Elliot then got up and stoped in front of his locker next to hers "What was that for?" he asked taking out his coat and car cars. "Dunno just felt like it" she smiled shutting her locker and turning away. Elliot soon shut his and walked away behind her.



Olivia was munching on a bag pretzels and Elliot was leaning against his headrest in the driver's side. "Do you have to crunch so loud?" he turned his head looking at her. "Not any more" she teased as she tipped the packet upside down allowing microscopic crumbs to fall out on the floor. "So now you're polluting my car?" he smiled. Olivia smiled and leaned back. "He's not going to come" She murmured, "probably not" he answered. Minutes had passed as the awkward silence was finally broken "So how are you doing really?" he quickly averted his eyes toward her lifting his head, "Fine" he replied, "Ok" she said turning away. "I don't know how you do it" he said starring out the window. "What do you mean?" "You know, being by yourself and alone" he nearly whispered. Olivia let out a sigh and searched out the window for some sort of answer that wouldn't make him feel even worse. "I ... Uh I don't" she stuttered out. He looked at her shocked at what she had just said as she glared out the window, finally she looked up and his eyes hooked hers. She could feel her eyes begin to tear up. "I ..." Elliot started, but being cut off by Olivia's quick eye "There he is" she said opening the door and getting out, Elliot quickly followed. "Mr Raffiti?" Olivia asked holding up her badge. The man glanced for a second then bolted in the opposite direction, Olivia immediately pursuing on foot Elliot also tagging along behind as he turned a sharp corner the man jumped a high barbed fence and Olivia was attempting to jump as the man came back and shook the fence, causing her to slip and fall, slicing her hand down her palm. She held her hand in pain as blood began to fall. "Are you ok?" Elliot asked catching up and panting like a marathon runner. "Yeah I'm fine" she assured holding her hand "Give me a look" he said pulling her hand from her side toward him, "Just go catch him, Ill be fine" she argued "No he'd be gone by now" he replied taking her hand back. "You've sliced it up pretty bad" he said looking at the length "We should go to the hospital" he teased knowing that she hated hospitals. She laughed "I was serious. It's deep" "Its fine Elliot really" she tried.

They walked back to the car and got in "I'm not going to the hospital" she reminded him as he started the engine and drove off. He didn't answer and he apparently didn't listen as he drove directly to the hospital.



"I can't believe that you ignored me" Olivia complained as the nurse leaded them to an examination room. Elliot smiled knowing that later she'd thank him. "So what's wrong today?" the doctor asked slapping two rubber gloves on. Elliot eyed Olivia as she hesitated and rolled her eyes handing out her hand for the doctor to examine blood still trickling. "Whoa" the doctor said standing up "What?" Olivia questioned, "I think we might have to cut it off" he flirted "I'm only kidding, but it is pretty deep, so I will clean it up and wrap it up in some bandages" he smiled leaving the room to collect the objects. "I think he likes you" Elliot joked starring at Olivia who was not impressed. She leaned forward and rubbed her head with her free hand closing her eyes. Elliot put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed in reassurance. "Look about before" he started "Don't worry about it" she cut in as the doctor emerged from the door. Olivia shrugged Elliot's hand off her shoulder and the doctor began to aid her hand. Olivia's phone rand from inside her pocket, she took it out "Here" she said handing it to Elliot, Elliot took it from her and walked out into the hallway flipping it open and pressing it against his ear "Stabler" he answered "Stabler?" the other end questioned in surprise "Who's calling?" Elliot asked "That's not important for you, Where's Olivia? You're her partner aren't you? He laughed "Who is this?" Elliot demanded standing with his brow furrowed and one hand on his hip. "If I were you I would keep an eye on you're pretty little partner, you never know when I might pop up!" the man hissed laughed then hung up. Elliot moved the phone from his ear and looked at the number it read 'Private'.