Elliot was about to go back to the room when a voice came over his shoulder "Who was it?" Olivia asked putting her coat back on, she motioned for her phone back and he gave it to her hesitantly. "I don't know they hung up when I picked up, must have been a wrong number" he lied blankly as they walked out. "Are you sure Ill press re-dial" she told as she pressed the cell to her ear. "It won't work it was a private number" he tried holding the main door open for her and following her out.

Olivia sat in passenger's side on the way home when her cell rang. Elliot immediately looked at her as she answered it, "Benson" Elliot watched for a reaction to tell if it was the same caller, but she didn't say a word until, "Ok" she said hanging up. "Cragen wants us now" she said sternly.



"So?" Olivia asked standing along with Munch Fin and Elliot. "We ah got mail today" Cragen said slowly as he stood up, playing with the edge of paper on his desk. "You're point being?" Munch asked folding his arms. "It's not exactly fan mail is it?" Elliot followed "no" Cragen stuttered staring at Elliot who knew more that he obviously should. Cragen didn't move his eyes from Elliot. Elliot was just eyeing the floor. "Munch and Fin go finish those reports" he demanded "What?" Fin questioned, "Just go!" he demanded again. Cragen still had not moved his eyes from Elliot. "That was just plain weird and rude" Munch joked closing the door behind him and Fin. "Ok what's going on?" Olivia demanded now her eyes darting from Cragen to Elliot. "Elliot how much do you know?" Cragen simply asked sitting himself back down. "Not much but I have a pretty good idea" he told finally looking back up from the floor. "Ok why am I here if I have no clue what you're on about!?" Olivia fired. "Olivia sit down" Cragen ordered. Olivia shot a glare at Elliot and sat down on a chair in front of Cragens desk. He handed her a white envelope "What's this?" she asked waving it around, "Just read it" Cragen ordered calmly. Olivia opened the envelope as Elliot stepped over and stood behind the chair both hands on the arms of it leaning in to also read. She read out loud:

Dear Sweet Olivia

We wont have to wait much longer all I have to plan is our meeting and the termination of your overprotective partner, Elliot isn't it? Anyways I really will get you and we can finally be together. I promise by the way I like you're hair it's very nice. Not long now, I miss you, and I will see you soon Love, I think you know who. Xoxo

Olivia and Elliot's mouths dropped, Elliot's rage grew, "prints?" "Return address?" Elliot asked pacing the room "Nothing" Cragen blankly said starring at his desk. "You've got to be kidding me!" Olivia said throwing the envelope on the desk and turning to the door "Olivia!" Elliot said grabbing her arm and spinning her around "At the hospital" he began releasing pressure of her arm and letting go "What happened there?" Cragen asked "That call you got" he turned again toward Olivia who was leaning against the door arms crossing her chest. "What about it?"

"It was a man, that same man." Elliot continued. "What did he say?" Cragen questioned. "I ... I can't remember" Elliot stumbled. "How the hell did he get you're number?" Elliot shrugged. "Ok so I have yet again another stalker, so what now?" Olivia asked moving her hands to her hips. "You'll have a cop with you all the time" Cragen stated knowing it was about to turn into a screaming match sinking his head in his hands, "Fine who?" She spat out. "What no fight?" Cragen asked "Why do you want one?" Olivia snapped. "No I'm not sure yet, ill have somebody by morning" "I'll do it" Elliot said shrugging like this was a casual thing. "I guess, that's fine with me but I'm not the one your watching" he trailed. "Is that ok with you?" Cragen asked looking at Olivia. "I guess so" she said opening the door and walking out in a huff.

"Am I aloud to go home now?" Olivia asked leaning on her desk. "I guess so" Elliot said muffled by his hand leaning on his cheek. Olivia got up and walked toward her locker getting out her coat a few papers and her keys, then walking towards the door. Elliot followed slowly trying to give her a bit of space to walk it off.

"Yours or mine?" Elliot asked as he drove away. "What do yah mean?" "Your place or mine?" He rephrased. "I don't really care" she said leaning her elbow on the window edge. "Mine it is" he smiled trying to jet her up. "Fine, I need to pick up some stuff from home first" "Ok" he said turning the steering wheel.



Olivia walked to her door Elliot tailing behind her, She turned the key and stepped in leaving the door open for Elliot "Ill be a second" she told him as he walked in shutting the door behind. Elliot walked in the kitchen making a clicking sound with his mouth as if it was a casual sunny day. "Wow you have really bad taste, literally" he slurred trying to make her bite back shutting and opening the cupboard doors. "Like you don't" She took the bait as far as he was concerned. A smile crossed his lips as she shut her bedroom door and carried out a bag. "Mmm" Elliot hummed taking out some food from the pantry and opening the box. "Your welcome" Olivia bit as she opened the front door again Elliot again tagging along swaying and munching on the contents of the box.



"I might get some sleep" Olivia said after being shown to her room, having a tour and placing her things down. "Ok, you wont get lost will you?" he asked sitting on the lounge and smiling at her as she got up from the single lounge. She just shook her head smiling and starting to walk away, "Goodnight" he spoke softly looking up at her, "Goodnight" she answered still smiling and walking off.

Elliot just sat there wondering if he was flirting or just being friendly his feelings had changed toward her after he split with Kathy.

Finally he just pushed his thoughts aside and laid down on the long lounge shortly falling asleep.

Olivia had awoken at 1 in the afternoon and had showered and helped herself to the kitchen food and was now sitting at the dining table sipping her steaming coffee and running through the letter the man had sent her. "Stop torturing yourself" Elliot told her snatching the letter from under her hand "I thought you were sleeping" she said taking another sip of her coffee. "Not any more" "How'd you sleep?" he asked sitting in the chair across from her. "Ok I guess" "Just ok?" "Yup" she blankly told getting up and walking back into the kitchen and rinsing her cup. "Ok" Elliot said also getting up "I'm going to scrub up" he said walking upstairs.

Elliot came down downstairs and saw Olivia on the lounge rubbing her eyes and sniffling. "Hey, what's wrong?" he worried huddling over and sitting next to her. "Nothing I'm fine" "Yea I can really see that" he said squeezing her shoulder, when the doorbell rang, Elliot looked at Olivia "Stay here" he said standing up and taking his gun from the lounge side table. "Who is it?" he asked standing ear to the door, nobody answered, and he began to worry. Elliot opened the door slightly and stuck his head out to find nobody there, he opened the door wide and darted his eyes around. After assuring no one was there he locked the door back up and walked into the lounge room to find a Daniel Raffiti holding a handgun to Olivia's head, Elliot swiped his gun out in front of him and aimed.