Title: Comedy of Errors

Category: Flame of Recca

Author: khay

Language: English

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Humor

Words: 1,256

A/N: For this story, I will be heavily borrowing from Jennifer Crusie's Manhunting and Cyndi Haynes & Dale Edwards' 2002 Things To Do On A Date. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Summary: Alternate Universe. Fuuko Kirisawa braves the dating scene and finds out just how many frogs a girl have to kiss before she can find her prince.

Standard disclaimers apply (there is a reason this is called fanfiction).

Beta-Reader: The awesome Maya-nii (any mistakes that may be found here are mine).

Comedy of Errors

Chapter 1

Things to do on a date # 1591: Rent an expensive sports car and drive by your friends' houses.

Fuuko Kirisawa was having one of those moments when she wished with all her heart that the earth would open up and swallow her whole.

Blue and red lights danced in the sky, and the wail of sirens overpowered the curious whispers surrounding her.

Served her right for agreeing, albeit against her better judgment, to go out in a blind date arranged by her boss, a good and well-meaning man but whose circle of friends was two centuries older than dirt.

A man in a white scrub suit walked up to her. "We'll be going now, ma'am. Are you sure you don't want to ride in the ambulance with us?"

Biting back a groan, Fuuko shook her head. "It's fine. I just got off the phone with someone who knows Mori-san's family. He'll make sure that someone will meet him in the hospital."

The medic nodded and signaled to his driver before boarding the ambulance.

Fuuko watched in silence as the ambulance drove away. One by one, the gossip mongers around her dispersed and continued on with what they were doing before Mori-san provided them with entertainment for the night.

She should have known better than to date a guy who wouldn't even get out of the car and ring the doorbell like a sane person. No siree! Her date must've had something against knocking on doors. He'd rather stay inside his car and honk (he did, in fairness, sent her a text message that he was already outside and could she please get a move on).

Fuuko had second (not to mention third and fourth) thoughts about entire thing when she saw her blind date, who was obviously going through a midlife crisis with his cherry-red convertible and tight, leather pants (which would have looked great on a twenty- or thirty-something man with a great body, but was just plain disgusting on a fifty-year old with a potbelly). She was ready to pretend that she was just out for a stroll (and not looking for her blind date) when her date waved at her. Rats! He must recognized her after googling her or looking for her pictures in Facebook or something.

And then, during the entire ride to the restaurant, her date's hand kept slipping from the car's clutch onto her thigh. Worst, once they made it to their table at the restaurant, the man didn't even pretend to look at her eyes when they were talking, preferring instead to openly ogle her breasts!

So when Mori-san started choking and clutching his chest, Fuuko didn't know whether to be worried or relieved. On the upside, she didn't have to invent an excuse to go home sans him. The downside was, Mori-san appeared to be having a heart attack.

Thanks to the restaurant's well-trained staff, professional help was quickly sought and a tragedy was avoided. Not quickly enough, however, to spare Fuuko the embarrassment of having a date collapse on her. As if it wasn't embarrassing enough for a twenty-something woman to dine out with a man more than half her age, her date just had to stage a scene (never mind that he didn't exactly planned said scene in advance).

But still, her boss was soo going to owe her.

With a pathetic sigh that originated from the very bottom of her soles, Fuuko Kirisawa turned to go back inside the restaurant to get her things.

"Fuuko Kirisawa." A deep, oddly familiar voice drawled. "I should have known."

Fuuko Kirisawa found herself looking into a pair of eyes with a shade of blue she knew could belong only to, "Mi-chan?"

One of Japan's most eligible bachelors, Tokiya Mikagami, unconsciously adjusted the cuffs of his suit while keeping an eye on the goings-on in his newly-opened restaurant, Ensui. Most of the females (and some of the males) sighed with longing at the man who effortlessly oozed with sex appeal.

One of the best things Mikagami did in his life was to quit his profitable law practice, against the advice of his senior partners, and buy a flailing restaurant in Tokyo. He renamed the restaurant Ensui and within months, he had turned it into one of the most in-demand it place in the area.

Tokiya Mikagami learned that he inherited his grandfather's talent for making money. From his older sister, Mikagami acquired the passion for cooking. Through Ensui, Mikagami was able combine his two talents effortlessly. Pretty soon, he grew restless with just the Tokyo branch and he thereafter found himself planning the opening of other Ensui branches around the country.

Ensui's success soon catapulted Mikagami from obscurity into fame and fortune. The public loved not only his silvery hair and blue eyes, but also his playboy-ish, touch-me-not persona. He soon earned the moniker Iceman for his propensity for dating different woman without committing to any of them. Not that he led on the women he dated. From the very first time he asked them out, he was very up-front with them that he did not want marriage, family or children. But the women, being women, heard only what they wanted to hear and thought that they would be the one to show him the errors of his ways.

For now, Mikagami, whom some considered to have reached the pinnacle of his success at age thirty, wanted nothing more than to concentrate on his restaurants, instead of pursuing trivial matters such as marriage and children.

Mikagami's attention was caught for a moment by a woman who walked in the door with someone who was channeling Ricky Martin (unfortunately, he did not receive the memo that there was a minimum age requirement for doing so). Ricky Martin-wannabe seemed to be doing everything possible to pour himself into the woman's dress. Ricky was enjoying himself. The woman was not.

And there was something about the woman which looked oddly familiar...

But before Mikagami could ponder the matter, his attention was diverted to the recent drama of his temperamental chef, who did not want to follow Mikagami's tried and tested recipes, asserting that doing so would run against his artistic flair. Pushing the woman out of his mind, Mikagami devoted his entire attention to the smallest details of running a restaurant.

Later, however, the luxury of ignoring the woman was torn away from him when Ricky-wannabe started clutching his chest. Mikagami figured that the sight of the woman's cleavage was enough to give the grandfather-in-denial a heart attack. With a sigh, he snapped open his cellphone and dialed the emergency number. He just knew that he would end up being sued over this debacle and his mug would once more grace the covers of the tabloids which had nothing better to do that to report alien abductions and the latest caper of pop princesses gone bad.

After the hubbub had died down, he looked for the woman to offer his assistance and to do damage control. He saw her outside, staring after the ambulance which was long gone. It made him wonder what dire circumstance the woman was in to motivate her to become some man's trophy girl.

When the woman turned to go into the lobby, that's when it struck him that he actually knew her. The reason he didn't recognize her before was because it was the last place and situation he would have placed her.

"Fuuko Kirisawa." Mikagami drawled with a shake of his head. "I should have known."

And oddly enough, the next word that came out of her mouth didn't surprise him at all.


To be continued (hopefully).