Set the night before they spilt up.

"Jackson, cover her mouth, Eric, grab her legs, I'll just support anything that I can lift," said Abby. It was the middle of the night before they left camp. They had decided on bringing Melissa with them after Jackson asked Abby, now it was time to ask Melissa.

"Got it," said Eric as they went of quietly to the plane.

Jackson put his hand over Melissa's mouth and grabbed her. Eric grabbed her feet and lifted them. She scream a muffled scream and Abby was thankful she told Jackson to cover her mouth.

They ignored her screams and Eric tried to ignore her kicking, and carried her to the beach.

"What was that for?" she whispered really loudly.

"We need to talk to you," said Abby.

"So you grab me in the middle of the night like I'm being kidnapped. Why couldn't you just tap me shoulder? Anyways, what is this all about?" said a very tired Melissa.

"We won't you to come with us in the morning, to explore the island," said Jackson.

"What," she said, confused.

"Well. Why not?" asked Eric.

"I can't," said Mel.

Eric and Abby gave Jackson a look saying its up to you and they walked away.

"Mel, please come," said Jackson, staring into her Asian eyes, "We need you there. I want you there."

"Why ask me? There are four other people you can ask," she replied. Melissa wanted to be near Jackson, but Nathan had been there for her since they were in diapers. Traveling the island took strength, and she didn't have enough.

"Mel, you're my best friend. I begged Abby to let you come and to my surprise she said yes. She's becoming a good human being again. She wants you there as much as I do. I don't think she wants to be the only girl there until Jory comes around," said Jackson putting his hand on Melissa's arm.

"Why do you want me there?" Melissa said knowing she had asked variations of this question before, but she wanted to know the answer.

"You gave me a chance when no one else would. When my video diary was revealed you weren't scared of me. I can tell you anything knowing you won't tease me about it. If when we get back home I'm in jail or somewhere across the country, I want to be able to see you as much as possible now just in case," said Jackson, his voice sincere. Inside he was going crazy. He really, really liked her as more than a friend, but knew if he told her how he felt about her, she might think it was just something he was saying to buy her off.

"Okay, I'll come," said Melissa, unsure if she was doing the right thing. She knew Eric behaved more like animal, the less people around. He always tried to get whatever he could from girls, then tried to get more. What would happen if Jackson was that kind of guy? If he was and she said no, what would he do? But they had been alone many times in the jungle. Like for example, hunting for fruit the day she exposed Nathan's secret. They had been alone for two hours, for enough from camp, so if anything happened there were no chances that anyone would walk in. All they did was hunt fruit and hang out.

"Thanks; I'm glad you're coming. Umm… you're probably gonna need help packing because you're gonna need you're sleep," said Jackson.