Explosion in Raccoon City

WASHINGTON, DC (AP) -- There was an explosion earlier this morning inside of the Raccoon City quarantine zone. There were no confirmed injuries as the zone is off-limits. The explosion was likely caused by the unintentional mixing of chemicals, experts said.

When left unattended to, the elements used by Umbrella may have mixed and a slight disturbance could easily cause an explosion, Director of Hazardous Materials US, Frederick Logan said.

"We will be sending a team in to investigate. The important thing right now is to not jump to conclusions." He said at a board meeting earlier today.

Though impossible to forget, Raccoon City was quarantined off due to a biological outbreak six years ago...


New Evidence Suggests Foul Play

WASHINGTON, DC (AP) -- Hazardous Materials teams sent into the Raccoon City quarantine zone are suggesting that the explosion that happened over a week ago was intentional.

Residue that was left over from the explosion was found to be Uranium and other heavy metals, leading to speculation that there was a bomb planted in the city, experts said.

Director of Hazardous Materials US, Fredrick Logan, has nothing to say on the issue at the moment, only that the investigation will continue.


Leon's phone

It's Leon. Leave a message.

Message one.

Leon, its Ada. I heard about what happened to your work friend. Wesker's probably behind it. Call me back.

End of message.

Message two.

Leon? This is Rebecca. You haven't called since your friend died. Are you alright? Call me, I'm here.

End of message.

Message three.

It's Zack. You didn't come into work today. Everything okay?

End of message.

Message four.

Hey, it's Ada. Where are you? I haven't heard from you in a month. Just tell me you aren't sitting someplace, alone, obsessing over Wesker. Oh, and I heard about your cleanup of the EXU facility in North Dakota. Call me.

End of message.

Message five.

It's Rebecca. I got a call from one of your friends... Ada. She sounds worried about you, and I am too. She also said something about you taking out another EXU lab, in Alabama? Please, Leon. Call me. We can work through this.

End of message.

Message six.

It's been two months since your hiatus and you haven't once contacted the office. You need to call us. And Happy New Year.

End of message.

Message seven.

Leon? It's Chris Redfield. Rebecca called me. Where are you, man? Call me back. Oh, and great job with that T-Virus testing plant in Ohio.

End of message.

Message eight.

It's Ada. You're becoming quite the topic among the people who run this show. It's been about three months since we've talked, though. (Sigh) Sure would like to hear your voice again. I've been talking with Rebecca and Chris, as well as his sister and Barry Burton. Everyone's been working to find you, yet you keep on slipping under the radar. Leon, we can work together, we have an entire team ready to fight this with you. Call me.

End of message.

End of messages.


MISSING: Leon Scott Kennedy

HEIGHT: 5' 7"

AGE: 27

WEIGHT: 154 lbs



LAST SEEN: Washington, DC



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