A/N this chapter is rated PG 13 for those of you who actually care

A/N this chapter is rated PG 13 for those of you who actually care. Stephenie owns everything.

I didn't see either of the Cullen's till lunch time. I was running late, thanks to Lauren tripping me in the hall, and I was the last one to reach the table.

Lauren let out a giggle when I sat down. I blushed slightly and could tell that that brought on the protective side of Edward. He stared at Lauren with a steady glare that she seemed to shrink away from. Then it was her turn to blush with embarrassment.

"Hey, Edward" said Jessica.

Looking over at her I noticed that she was taking a brave move and getting up out of her seat. When she sat down next to Edward he didn't even flinch like I would have.

"So, I like heard." She said, but not quite looking at him in the eye.

"About what?" asked Edward, I could tell that he was making an extra effort at being polite.

"Well…you know," whisper Jessica.

"No, I don't know" said Edward; even though I was sure he did know, being able to read her mind and everything. He seemed like he wanted to get her to day it out loud though.

"…about you and Bella." She said like I wasn't even here.

I heard an intake of breathe and looked over at Alice. She seemed like she was going to start laughing. My guess is that she saw the future and it was funny.

Edward shot Alice an annoyed look and looked at me, choosing to ignore Jessica, to keep the future from happening. It was a difficult thing to do seeing as Jessica was now tugging on his sleeve.

He started playing with my hair as I was failing to open my granola bar. The wrapper wasn't open as I was tugging on it with all my might.

"Do you need help with that?" asked Edward looking really annoyed. His voice was calm though.

"I got it" I whispered "but it looks like Jessica is about to wet herself, maybe you should talk to her.

Edward's mouth went into a hard line as he looked over at Jessica. I didn't mean to make him upset. It is just that I am honestly curious what was going on with Jessica. She is usually looking for attention but is never this desperate. I mean, she was still tugging on Edward's shirt. What is this girl's problem?

"What about Bella and I, Jessica?" asked Edward, still not looking at her. Instead he was looking at Alice his face intent.

"Maybe we should bring this conversation outside, Edward. You know, we could find a bench and talk about it."

You have got to be kidding me! Jessica was just playing a game. A sick twisted game to steal Edward. She was jealous tat was all she was. Jessica was a jealous mean, popular, pretty girl. The kind of pretty that deserves Edward more than I do. The kind of popular that deserves Edward more than I do. The kind of mean that Edward doesn't deserve. The kind of jealous that Edward doesn't deserve.

Tears shot up in my eyes. This time they weren't angry tears. They were tears of longing. Edward didn't deserve a girlfriend who refused to kiss him, that cried when ever he tried to play a game. He deserves someone prettier than me. Some one who is prettier than Jessica, and prettier than Rosalie (if there was such a person).

"We can talk about it here, thank you." explained Edward. He took my head and buried it into his chest in a hug. I could tell he was just trying to cover up the tears that he could easily say before anyone else could see them.

"Fine, you asked for it." I heard Jessica's voice say.

That's when I noticed that they were the only two people at the table talking. I could just imagine everyone else looking at us three.

"I heard that you and Bella stopped having sex!" !!

I choked on the piece of granola bar in my mouth and starting a coughing fit. Edward rubbed my back as I disembogued myself from his arms.

Everyone at the table was quiet as I finished my coughing fit. Edward continued to rub my back even tough it didn't stop the coughing. It was more of a sympathy pat. The tears spilled over as I realized how much he actually loved me. Luckily, the table saw those tears because I was coughing and no other reason. Lauren and Jessica started to laugh at me.

After a minute I was okay and the attention was on what Edward was about to say. He took the time to wipe away all my tears before he turned back to Jessica.

"With or without sex, Jessica, Bella and I can have a better relationship than you have ever had, are currently having, will ever have, or could ever have. Mine and Bella's sex life is of none of your concern"

"That's not what I…" said Jessica hastily. She looked panicked and slightly afraid then her features turned confused. "Could have a better relationship…as in you two haven't actually done it yet."

My face probably resembled a tomato and Edward looked shocked for a second as if he was cursing himself for his blunder. His bewildered face turned from me to Alice then to Jessica then back to Alice as if he was wondering how she could not have seen that.

"I didn't…no I meant." Wow, Edward was actually stuttering.

"I don't believe in sex before marriage." I felt the words tumble off of my tongue before I could even think them. All I knew is that I had to come to Edward's rescue.

Every face at the table stared at my tomato red one. Everyone except for Alice, that is. Alice looked as confused as I felt. It was obvious she was trying to figure out where all her visions went. The thing is that Alice can't see things that will happen with no decision.

"Well, that's stupid" muttered Lauren in a stage whisper "She is not even pretty, how can she expect to keep Edward if she won't give him any?"

"I respect Bella's decision" said Edward, looking at Lauren. "And I would have to say, it is better than being a tramp. But hey, who's pointing any fingers."

Not Edward but the intent was clear.

"Edward, do you want to get out of here?" I nearly screamed before Lauren got the chance to say anything else.

"Yes, let's go. Alice? Care to join us?" asked Edward.

"No thanks," replied Alice bitter sweetly. "I think I'll stay and talk and get a chance to voice my views."

That reminded me; I needed to ask her what she was doing at the nurse's office. As I opened my mouth, Alice interrupted me.

"I am sure Edward will care enough to explain everything. Just go."

With taking that command, Edward grabbed both mine and his lunch trays. He walked as swiftly as possible to the trash cans and made it quickly to my side.

"Are you ready?' he whispered in my ear and gave me a peck right above it.

I grabbed his hand and walked to the door fast, but he was faster, he was holding it open for me. I looked back and saw Alice glaring at Lauren and Lauren looked coward. I couldn't help but laugh at that.

I didn't blame her. Alice could be scary at times.

"Hey, Edward?"


It sounded like I had brought him out of another train of thought, which made me change my thought directions.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Umm…" he hesitated. "About how unnecessary it is for you to lie for me like that."

I smiled at that; I couldn't help it. "I didn't want you to embarrass yourself."

Some emotion I couldn't recognize flashed across his face, but he quickly regained himself and replaced it with amusement.

"But now you are embarrassed."

"When am I not embarrassed?" I asked and of course blushed. He chuckled at my human reaction and sat me down on the bench that was amazingly dry. He took the spot beside me and put his arms around my shoulders.

"Edward?" I asked again.


Do you know why Alice had to go to the nurse's office today? During second period they called her down and-"

He interrupted me with a chuckle. I looked up and saw him looking at the cafeteria exit. Almost simultaneously he looked back at me.

"That is a funny story; do you want to hear it?"

I nodded my head. Didn't I just ask to hear it? He was still chuckling and I waited for it to pass. All this time, I looked up at him anxious for him to begin. Ten he stopped and looked at the café door very quickly, not humanly quickly either.

Slowly, a growl built up in his chest.

"What's going on?" I asked him, laying a hand on the side of his face, trying to calm him.

"Lauren is being very unnice," growled Edward, making to stand up. I caught him in time and sat him back down.

"Stay with me" I whispered and made to put his arm back around me. He kept his arms directly at his sides though, and he sat frozen staring at the cafeteria door.

"Yes, she's coming out here to find us anyways." sighed Edward, looking at me. He bent down to kiss my forehead before sighing again.

Sure enough, the doors to the cafeteria opened revealing a very pretty blonde that definitely wasn't Rosalie. She looked around and finally spotted us. When she made it over she sat down on the bench armrest next to Edward. What made me want to scream at her was when she opened up Edward's legs with her feet and but them in-between his legs.

Edward looked at her then at me. He decided to ignore her and pretend that nothing had happened.

"So, Edward," said Lauren, fingering the collar of his shirt. "I was thinking-"

"Uh-oh" I said "Don't hurt yourself."

Lauren sneered at me and returned her attention to Edward

"-about what you said." continued Lauren, her voice was now flirtatious. "And you are so right. I really need to get my act together. So, I was thinking maybe you could, you know, help me. To stop being a flirt and stuff."

"Sorry, I'm busy" replied Edward, putting his arm back around me.

I sighed and started playing with Edward's hair. Hopefully, this would get Lauren jealous. It seemed like it did because Lauren started moving her feet upwards, between Edward's legs.

"I didn't even say when, silly," said Lauren with a smile.

"I'm busy," repeated Edward darkly "Don't you go out with Tyler Crowley?"

"You haven't heard?" asked Lauren, making a failed attempt to look sad. "He dies in that car crash. Poor Tyler."

All Edward could do was shake his head. I wonder what he was shaking his head at. The fact that Tyler had just walked into the cafeteria or her failed attempt to get him in her pants.

Just then the bell rang indicating the end of lunch and Edward stood up very quickly, almost knocking Lauren backward. Laughing, I stood up, too and led the way to our next class, reaching for his hand.

Outside of the classroom I turned to look at him. Then I found that I couldn't meet his eyes and looked down at my hands intertwining. Next thing, I felt Edward's lips pecking my temple.

"I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you, too" I said and led the way into our Biology 2 classroom.

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