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the last time, the three 'heros' were stuck in a deserted alley with two of the last people you'd want to be stuck with. This is the last chapter and they're all supposed to be finding their way home, but will they? The effects of the beers have worn off, but very UNFORTUNATELY, the insanity effects are still hanging around Jeff...

I'm STILL continueing for the heck of it....

[Jericho just about had it, he was trapped between insanity and death. He looked through the pile of cardboard and saw 'death', HHH and Stephanie, the big show, spike and molly, all searching for them. then he turned and took a glimpse at 'insanity', Jeff having a stupid-sounding conversation with perry saturn, Matt trying to make himself a makeshift bed out of the remaining boxes and crates, and Kurt angle sniffing in the far corner like there was no tomorrow...]

Jericho:*thinking out aloud* Should I run for it, or stay here and be driven crazy?"

Matt:"I'd rather be driven crazy, I would't want a broken neck"

"or a twisted body"

"or four broken limbs"

Voice from the far corner: You all don't understand the pain I experience!! *SNIFF* It hurts to have your hard work reduced to a piece of melted *SNIFF* melted...*SNIFF* melted metal !!!!

All: SHUT UP!!!

[suddenly there was a scuffling noise, Jericho turned and saw someone scrabbling ang trying to move the cardboard blockage...]

Jericho:*scared to near-death* who...who's that?

Scrabbling person: WHO's that?

"tell me who you are first"

[Jericho froze, he suddenly realized that this person could be one of the people who was searching for them]

"Come on, who are you?"

[Jericho decided he had nothing to lose, he chose death over insanity, and hoped that he wouldn't die too painful a death]

"I'm Chris Jericho"

[the person managed to push over a box at the top, allowing Jericho to see just who the person is...]


"Wait till I get Hunter, you'll really regret it!!!!"

[She opens her mouth to shout, and Jericho does the one thing that he could think of to silence her]

[He grabbed her arms and gave her a long, PASSIONATE kiss!!!!!]

Stephanie:*after 10 seconds of shock* "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

"Shh!!! don't"

"you kissed me!! you called me a WHORE and now you kiss me!!! You're dead now, Chris, DEAD!!!!!!!!!"

"But steph, I..."

"And now you're even calling me STEPH!!! When you usually replace my name with some insult!!!!"

Matt:"Hey, what's...HUH?!! STEPHANIE?!!"

"Shhh...Matt, what's Jeff and Saturn doing? and how about the SNIFFbaby?"

"Uh...Jeff and Perry are argueing over who would make a better husband for Moppy, and Kurt fell asleep and he's drooling all over his 'medal'"


"Stephanie, PLEASE don't give us away, I promise I'll NEVER EEEEEEEVEEEEEER call you names again!!!!!!"


"yeah, PROMISE"


"Steph, Where are the others now?"

"they went to look at the other side of town, I think you better go before they find you"


"Matt!! c'mon, let's run for it!!!"


"We can get him to move with this!!" *pulls out a bag of skittles*

"how about Kurt and Perry?"

"We can get perry to move by grabbing moppy, and Kurt, we can leave him here, just tie a blindfold on him and he'll get all confused and probably spend the rest of his life here"

"Right, let's GO!!!"

[Jericho grabs stephanie by the hand, and starts waving the skittles at Jeff. Matt Quickly blindfolds Kurt, grab's Perry's Mop, and they all run]

on the road again...but this time without a car...


"serves you right, that should teach you to look out for fire hydrants"


"Jericho, I can't run in high heels!!!"

"I want skittles!!!!!!!!!"

"OWWWWWWWW!!! Matt!! Don't wave Moppy like that, it's really a hazard"

*singing* "I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sushine in a bag, I'm useless..." (Clint Eastwood, by gorillaZ)

"Jeff,Shut up!!!!!!!!"

"my future, it's comin' on it's comin' on it's comin' on..."

"Lord save us all..."

"Okay, I'll quit singing, but you have to get those skittles for me!!"

"In a million years"


"told ya to watch the fire hydrants"



"It's 3am in the morning and you'll wake the entire world if you don't shut. the. hell. up!!!!"

"Hey, only half the world is sleeping now"

"Just keep that trap shut, smart-ass"

"People are awake now in asia"

"Shaddup!!!Now I think we should have brought along Kurt and Left you here!!!!"

"you shut up. Look, our house!!!" (Matt)

[Matt grabs Jeff and drags him into their house, waving a cheerful goodbye of relief...So now, it's Jericho and Stephanie left...]

"I can't believe I'm running down the streets at 3am in the morning with YOU!!!"

"I can't too"

"Jericho, why did you kiss me?......"


"was it cuz you, liked me, even just for that short while?"

"You could say so..."


"It's my house there, Steph, I've gotta go"


"you won't have trouble finding your way home?"

"it's nearby..."

"Well, bye then"

"Bye, Chris"

[Jericho goes back to his house]

**^^&-The end...but not yet...-&^^**

In the Hardy boyz house...

[Jeff sleeps peacefully, while Matt is kept awake until he smothers Jeff with three pillows to block out the occasional snores and the sudden bursts of sleepsinging verses of "the real slim shady" (by eminem)]

In stephanie's house...

[Stephanie is trying to explain to Triple H about how she nearly got kidnapped by aliens, and how she finally escaped when she kicked one in the...(you KNOW where), and bribing the others not to tell by giving them her favourite lipstick(which they were SO fascinated about)]

In Jericho's house...

[Chris couldn't sleep, he was thinking and thinking about his kiss with Stephanie...]

Jericho POV***
//What in heavens did I do that for?? I do like her a little, but I shouldn't show it...It's bad for both the WWF and the alliance, and besides, I'm supposed to LOATHE her, why kiss her? At least she didn't notice me crossing my fingers when I promised not to call her names....//

[Jericho remembers what rhYno said about respecting Stephanie, and well, he did think a LITTLE about it...maybe he thought too much about it...But wasn't insulting Stephanie sort-of a way of showing his LOVE to her? Not many fans seemed to notice...And would there be a day when he finally confessed it to her? That would mean chaos, but at least...he would do it...someday...]

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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