A/n this is going to be an inuyasha yu yu hakusho cross over story I hope everybody likes it and if you ask why I'm crossing these two over its because they are so much alike.

Disclaimer I do not own the characters of inuyasha or yu yu hakusho

Inuyasha "yea you can't own me no one can."

RDR238 "kagome can you take care of him"

Kagome "sure inuyasha"

Inuyasha "um wait kagome don't I didn't mean it "

Kagome takes deep breath "SIT" now who owns who (thud)

Inuyasha "ow gomen"

RDR238 "um thank you kagome"

Kagome "you'r welcome"

yuske "ha ha stupid dog" (tap tap tap)"kaikos behind me isn't she"(gulp)

Kaiko"yuske" kaiko says sternly. Yuske turns around and sees kaikos hand in the air (SLAP) (thud)

Inuyasha "f eh serves you right"

RDR238 "o k guys let's stop fighting so we can start this story"


RDR238 "thank you"


After Yuske returns home from the demon world he enters a somewhat normal life and with Kaikos help and I mean big help Yuske was able to barely pass the entrance exams to the all boy school next door to kaikos.

Kaikos project

Kaikos walking home from school to help her parents out with the restaurant and she walks into a department store to pick up a few things for an upcoming school project. As she is looking around for possible items that she may need,since she doesn't know what to do it on, she gets a tap on the shoulder and when she turns around she comes face to face with her ice demoness friend Yukina.

"Oh!"kaiko exclaims breathing heavily "Yukina you scared me. What are you doing here at the department store so far away from the shrine?"

"Oh I was just picking up some pokey for master genkei that's all." Yukina shyly replies as she looks around "So where's yuske at."

Kaiko looking slightly confused tells her "he's got detention again and I'm slightly confused because he normally skips detention."

"Oh that's odd." yukina says.

Kaikos eyes light up "ooh! I just had an idea, since your here maybe you can help me on my history project

"Well ok sure but I don't know how much help I would be. What's it on" yukina asks a little intrigued

"It's on the feudal era I have to find a story from that era and do a project on it, and I was wondering if you knew anything about it since you lived during that time." Kaiko asks yukina hopefully

"Oh I'm sorry kaiko but I'm afraid I can't help you I was still in the land of glaciers during that time "yukina says slightly saddened

"But maybe you can ask kurama for help he was all over the place during that time"

"What about me" kurama asks as he stealthily walks up on them

Both girls scream and turn around to see the red haired kitsune himself "don't sneak up on us like that that" they both yell

"Sorry force of habit." "What did you need to ask me." kurama says apologetically.

"Oh I just wanted to ask if you knew anything about the feudal ere because I need an idea of what to do it on, and I can't seem to choose anything from the books I've read"

"Why do a project on something people already know about when you can do a project on something that not many people know about" kurama says in a wise manner

"Um I'm afraid I'm not following you "kaiko says confused

"I'm just saying do a project on something that not many people know about. That way if you do a good job on presenting it, it will almost always be an A project because the teacher most likely won't bother with doing the research"

"Ok, that's a good idea and all but it still doesn't help me on a topic to do it on "kaiko says trying to be nice

an anime style sweat drop forms on kurama's head "well since it's on the feudal ere why not do it on the shikon jewel"

"What's the shikon jewel" yukina asked being a little interested

"It's a small jewel that was coveted by both demons and greedy humans. Demons wanted it because the jewel could increase their power one hundred times over and greedy humans wanted it to grant there selfish wishes."

"Wow it was that powerful" yukina said excitedly" how do you know about it"

"I was a thief it's my job to know these things "kurama proudly says

Kaiko looks at him with a look of recognition and says "I think I've heard of the shikon jewel from somewhere. But it was a long time ago"

"Really where did you hear it from" kurama asks a little intrigued

And just as kaiko was about to answer yuske comes in with kuwubara and says "damn it kuwubara how the hell did I let you convince me to actually go to detention.

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