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A Chance Encounter

Kagome Higarashi just returned home the day before after spending a week recuperating from the demonic stomach acid burns on her feet, and was sitting in class thinking about the feudal era.

The jewel was almost complete, she had only one shard safely secured around her neck, and she knew that two shards reside in kogas legs and one other was in kohaku's back while rest of it was in narraku's evil clutches, and at the thought of that malicious bastard kagome's teeth clenched and her hands made fists snapping her pencil and causing her friends to look questioningly towards her

"Kagome are you all right" ayumi asks being a little frightened by the way she looked

Kagome quickly composes herself and says nicely "yes I'm fine thanks for asking though"

"Well you don't look fine" yuka says

"Yeah you have been staring off into space all class and just now you had a scary angry look on your face and made fists with your hands. And if this is about that jerk boyfriend I swear I…" eri says before being interrupted

"I told you I'm fine and it's not about Inuyasha this time he's surprisingly been quite nice lately" kagome says quickly

"So you admit that something is or was wrong then" yuka says with a quizzical smile on her face

But before Kagome could give her exasperated reply there was a loud noise as if someone was clearing their throat and the girls turn around to see the teacher standing there

"Would you girls mind being quiet?" The teacher says nicely "or would you rather end up having detention instead"

At this Kagome Yuka and Eri shut up and returned to taking notes

At the end of school Kagome walked home with her friends and they stopped at the Wakdonalds for a bite to eat "so Kagome are you going to tell us what was bothering you today in class" ayumi asks while the other two leaned in so they could hear better

"I already said nothing is wrong" kagome replies nervously

"Come on kagome you can tell us, if it's about that two timing jerk then…" yuka says

"I said it wasn't about him" kagome says slightly angry at having to repeat herself twice.

"Then who or what is it" ayumi asks curiously

"Umm it's complicated" kagome replies

"Try us" the three said in unison

But before kagome could come up with an answer that might satisfy her friends knowledge of her life she suddenly sensed a strong demonic aurora coming towards her, but what confused her about it was that it was also spiritual at the same time.

The door to wakdonalds opened and kagome turned around to see a guy walk in with his hair slicked back and wearing a green jacket. He was flanked by another guy who was obviously human with red hair and also had some kind of spiritual power

Kagome turned back to look at her friends to see that they were looking a little scared "umm girls what's wrong" she whispers

"Do you know who that was that just walked in" eri asked forgetting about prying at the moment

"No not really" kagome replied a little confused

"That's Yuske urimeshi, he is one of if not the toughest guy in the tri area" ayumi says surprised that she didn't know

"Well he doesn't look like much" kagome says even thought she could already sense that he was strong,

After saying this, the three girls reach over and cover kagome's mouth

"Are you crazy do you want to get on this guys bad side" yuka says in a hushed voiced

Kagome pries away the hands to free her mouth and says "Well if he's that much bad news then why don't we leave"

The girls agree and they get up to leave but when kagome turns around she accidently bumps into the slick haired guy himself

"Hey watch it" yuske says

"Gomen nasie I didn't see you there please forgive my clumsiness" kagome says kindly

Yuske was taken aback by the girls kindness and not sounding afraid and says "hn don't let it happen again" and he walks past her to sit down at a vacant seat

When the girls left yuka says "wow that was a close call why weren't you afraid to talk to him kagome"

Kagome looks at her friends and says "it wasn't that hard inuyasha has practically the same attitude and once you get past the rough exterior I'll bet he's actually a nice guy who would do absolutely anything for his friends even if it takes a little persuading"

Wow you never described your boyfriend like that before he actually sounds pretty cool that way, even though it was inadvertent " eri says feeling slightly ashamed for jumping to conclusions about people without looking at the bigger picture

"Yeah and not to mention he's a total hottie" ayumi says with a dreamy look on her face

Kagome does a feint anime style then recovers to say "is that all you three think about"

"yes I mean no I mean ok you caught us" the three girls say in unison

Kagome sighs and yuka says "oh come on kagome don't tell us you never thought about his looks when you decide to stay with him even after he two timed you especially if he has an attitude like that"

Kagome being uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going nervously says "umm ok I'll admit I think he is hot and his ears are kind of cute but I have other reasons for staying with him, which are too complicated to ex…ahh choo…plain. Whoa I think somebody might be gossiping about me"

"Yeah right who would gossip about you" yuka says playfully

"Oh shut up" kagome replies

The girls figure they weren't going to get anything out of kagome today so they told her that they would see her on Monday even though kagome knew she wouldn't be there. After saying good bye kagome went home to find inuyasha in the living room playing with the cat and her mother was in the kitchen cooking "it's about time you got home what kept you"

"I was talking to my friends at the burger place when I felt this strong demonic aurora" kagome says before she realized that it might have been a mistake

"WHAT? I thought you said there aren't any demons in your era and how strong are we talking about" inuyasha says getting up just a little too fast and falls right back down

"Well I didn't know there were any until I felt it today, and it was really strong I mean I hate to say it but it might be even stronger than you, and there was something strange about it as well, I sensed spiritual energy with it"

"Feh I doubt that he's stronger than me and how can a demon have spiritual energy"

"Who knows beside the energy disappeared as soon as soon as we left the restaurant" kagome says with a confused look on her face

"Then it's probably nothing besides we still have to find narraku where ever the hell the coward is hiding" inuyasha says while thinking this might be a problem

Kagome thinks about this for a moment "You may be right but can we wait to leave until tomorrow morning I really would like to have a good night sleep for once"

"Sure why not you're looking a little tired any way" inuyasha says which caused kagome to look at him funny "what are you looking at"

"Nothing you usually just wouldn't care if I'm tired or not you would just put me on your back and just go" kagome says confused again

"Well that was then this is now" inuyasha says using her own saying against her, but looking tired wasn't the only reason he wanted to stay

That night when kagome went to bed inuyasha snuck out to find the source of the demonic energy that kagome felt earlier to determine whether or not it could be a potential threat he jumped from roof top to roof top searching for any sign of the demon but to no avail. After a couple of hours inuyasha got tired of searching and turned around to go back he snuck in through the window careful not to wake kagome and fell asleep leaning against the wall.

The next morning both inuyasha and kagome forgot all about the demonic aurora and after some breakfast kagome started to get ready with inuyasha complaining on how slow she is

"Hey Kagome are you ready yet" inuyasha yells as the said girl walks out the door with her usual yellow backpack full of supplies and her school books

"I'm coming sheesh you're so im…ah choo…patient." Kagome replies as she sneezes

"Bless you. What are you coming down with another cold or something" inuyasha asked a little concerned yet annoyed

"I feel fine somebody is probably talking about me behind my back some were" kagome replied as she opened the well house door

"Feh that's what you said last time" Inuyasha says as he puts his hand against kagome's fore head and checks it against his "feels fine to me"

"Well if I do catch a cold you can always make that stuff you made for me last time" kagome says as she steps over the rim of the well

"Suit yourself as long as you don't ask what's in it" Inuyasha says with a smirk as they go down the well

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