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Author's note: Just rewatched the series (haven't seen it since I was about ten years old) and this fic idea popped in my head and wouldn't go away. (This could probably use another edit, but who knows when I'll get around to that…)

Time Period: It's way post-canon, but hopefully still entertaining.

Warning: Some slight smut and fluff.

Bittersweet Fruit

Prologue: I recognized the Queen, but took the apple anyway. For I could see Happily Ever After.

Fifteen years after Eden Advance crashed on G889…

"In here?" True Danziger asked, giggling and feeling like a teenage girl again.

"Yes," Uly responded with a smile, still leading her by the hand. Deeper and deeper into the Terrian caves they wound their way.

It reminded her of the first time Uly had kissed her, leading her far away so no one would find them. She had thought he had wanted to give her a gift. He had said it was a surprise after all. And it had been quite the surprise, even though they had been flirting horribly for the entire year up to that point.

And now, nearly ten years later, they were finally going to be together. True was happier than she could ever remember being. At last, they had confessed feelings, and were pursuing a committed relationship. Those years without him, when he was away learning from the Terrians had been harder on True than she had ever let anyone see or even admitted to herself.

But now, now-

"We're here," he announced excitedly, interrupting her thoughts, as they rounded a corner and entered a larger cavern. It was still small enough that it possessed a certain cozy charm, accentuated by the glow of the lights he had scattered about and the blankets laid out in the middle.

Before she had time to compliment Uly on the preparations he had made, he swept her up into an eager kiss. And True never felt so alive or in love.


Desert scrub was interspersed with dunes, and it stretched for as far as the eye could see. In every direction, the vibrant blue sky stretched down to meet the white horizon. The sun blazed, washing away what little color remained from the sparse landscape.

True shielded her eyes from the scorching sun in an attempt to survey her surroundings. Although she had experienced the dreamscape only a few times before, she immediately recognized it. But why had the Terrians chosen to contact her now? There was no danger that she knew of… And Uly would surely be the better choice if they needed help.

"Hello?" she called to the barren place, waiting for someone or something to make its presence known.

She turned and jumped with fright. A Terrian had appeared behind her as silent as the dreamscape itself. Trying to be respectful, she stepped back a couple paces. She knew she had nothing to fear from them. She had done nothing wrong. And this was only the dreamscape. Besides, Uly trusted them. And she trusted Uly.

But that didn't stop the instinctually unsettled feeling from gaining root deep inside of her. The Terrians always made her feel on edge. It was probably something ancient, buried deep within her genes. Her base humanity recognized them as something that was distinctly alien. They did not belong to the world where her species evolved. And every deep-rooted synapse inside of her knew this.

It stepped closer to her.

She steadied her nerve, forced her body to stay where it was, in its passive stance. The Terrian meant her no harm. She knew this. Taking another moment to reign in her fight-or-flight instinct, True lifted her gaze to meet the Terrian's. Instantly, she felt the tension leave her. It possessed that perpetually curious look that they always trained upon humans. Curiosity was something the two species had in common, apparently.

But it also looked, well, not really looked, she more of felt it, like an aura, that it was happy, jubilant even.

True couldn't help but smile widely, adopting its joy as her own.

Just as suddenly as it had appeared, a garland of flora native to the planet appeared in its outstretched hands. An offering. She bowed her head, and the Terrian draped it around her neck. Then it stepped back and vanished into the dirt below.

Something made her turn around once more.

Another Terrian.

They went through the same procedure, although this time a little less hesitatingly on True's side. When it, too, disappeared into the earth of the dreamscape, another one appeared. This time, not directly behind her, but off to one side.

When yet another Terrian appeared directly behind her once more, True wondered if this bizarre ceremony would ever end. But it was the last to appear and honor her with a garland of woven yellow flowers.

She furrowed her brow in contemplation of the strange gesture. Perhaps, they were representing each of the cardinal directions, the divisions for the main tribes of Terrians living on the continent. She was startled from her thoughts by an appearance of a different sort.

"Uly?" she questioned upon seeing the man appear before her as the Terrians had. He, too, was offering her a garland of flowers. Without words, he placed the wreath of vibrantly red flowers over her head to rest atop the others around her neck.

He smiled broadly at her, a loving, euphoric smile.

And True realized the message given her within the dreamscape.


Waking with a start but without fear, True opened her eyes wide with surprise. She was still in the cavern, the lights glowing faintly, illuminating the serene face of her sleeping lover.

His cheek was resting upon her collarbone, his arm lying at her waist. It was incredibly rare to see him so peaceful that she hated to disturb him. But she just had to know. And he would be the one to confirm or deny her suspicions about the Dreaming.

"Uly?" she spoke softly, running her hand through the dark curls on his head, over his placid cheek. He failed to respond, so she repeated his name a little more loudly. "Uly?"

"Mmm…" he moaned, beginning to wake. Upon realizing where he was-in True's arms-he nuzzled her bare skin and began placing kisses there. His previously slack hand at her waist awakened as well, and roamed down her side, over her outer thigh and hooked behind her knee. He pulled her leg to his waist, shifting so that her body fit tight to his once more, all the while covering her saccharine skin with kisses.

"Uly!" True tried to scold through embarrassingly girly giggles.

"What?" he asked between pressing his lips to her delicate flesh.

"I wanted to tell you something," she managed to inform him, the distraction of his ministrations becoming overwhelming.

"Can it wait?" he asked, claiming her lips, eager to resume their dance one again.

"I had a Dream," she said breathlessly when he moved his attention onto her neck. Almost instantly, he stopped, and moved to examine her face.


True nodded her head.

"What did they tell you?" he asked. It was more than curiosity. He looked suddenly much more sober.

"I think I'm pregnant…" she began, confused by what had seemed so clear in the dreamscape. "Or…rather I will be, soon."

She looked deep into his eyes, trying to find an answer within their depths. Did he know? What was he thinking? What did it mean?

"Our child will be special…like you?" she more stated than asked.

Uly nodded his head silently and sighed sadly.

"Oh, True…" he whispered, kissing her cheek. He moved to sit beside her.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked, concerned by his reaction. The Ulysses that True knew, loved, wouldn't respond to her revelation this way, not unless something was seriously wrong. She just couldn't see what it was that was bothering him about the thought of having a child with her.

"I should have…" he lamented quietly, without looking at her. "I just didn't think it would happen this fast…"

"Please, Uly, tell me," she pleaded with him in a voice as quiet as his, only slightly more urgent.

He breathed in deeply before facing her, looking apologetic-for what, True had no clue.

"I love you," he announced whole-heartedly.

"I know," True said. Only a slight smile lighted upon her lips, for she knew there was more to come. "I love you, too."

He returned her bittersweet smile before continuing. "Maybe it was selfish of me. I should have told you the truth before we decided to be together."

He looked away once more and True resisted the urge to grab and shake him. Sensing the frustration that was no doubt building beyond her control, Uly finally spilled his guts. He owed her a frank explanation. And he supposed it was better to get it over with now when she still had a way out, a chance to escape fate.

"True, I've been Dreaming," he explained. "The Terrians have shown me the future, our child's future."

True simply nodded, eyes wide with wonder, unwilling to interrupt him.

"It's a wonderful future, True." His eyes seemed to fill with a distant glory, of things unrealized but no less real or precious to him than the woman before him. "A utopia, where humans live as one with the Terrians, with the planet. And all because of our child. I wish you could see it, True-Lady."

She smiled at the appearance of the endearment only he used. It was a variation on the nickname that her father had always called her. Uly had created it when in one of the many moments she had been upset with her father as a teenage girl, she had gone to complain to her friend, to seek consolation. That time, the affront had been her father's failure to recognize her as a young woman. She had yelled at him when he tried to patronize her with the childhood endearment. It was that day that Uly had begun to call her "True-Lady." It was that day she began the long journey of falling in love with Ulysses Adair.

And love him, she did.

His words began to sink in as he grew silent once more. Their child would bring about peace, utopia.

"Why can't I see it?" she asked. "Can you show me?"

A thought occurred to Uly. He would show her what he had seen, learned in the Dreaming. Perhaps, it would be easier than telling her. Never had he thought the words would be so hard to find. How could he tell her that if she chose this path with him, she would not live to see her child grown? How could he tell her it was the best way? If he showed her what he had seen, maybe she'd understand.

He took her hand and placed it on his chest, placing his on hers. Instructing her to close her eyes, he did the same as he placed a hand on the bare dirt floor of the cavern and connected them to the Dreaming.


Tears streamed down True Danziger's face, but she looked at her lover, her life, with adoration and resolve in her eyes.

"It is beautiful beyond words, Uly," she said softly, awed by the Dream he had shared with her, the future that could be. But her heart was breaking all the same. "And you're right. If there's even a chance that that future could be realized, we need to take it."

"More than a chance, if the Terrians are correct," Uly responded, heartened that she was of one mind with him, that she was willing to sacrifice so much for hope.

"We'll need your mother."

"I know."