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"demon/summon speach"

'demon/summon thought'


A small blonde boy was running for his life, he was running because there was a considerably large mob chasing him.

Naruto had never done anything wrong in his entire life, well maybe if you counted some pranks on senior members of the comunity but thats was just a joke, these people were trying to kill him, they always beat him but he could deal with that, always on october 10th (his birthday) they tried to hurt him enough so that he would beg to die, and they would happily oblige his begging.

At this moment in time naruto was hiding in a tree just outside the walls of konoha, they would calm down soon and he could run for his home. Unlucky for naruto was that the mob this time had some ANBU ops included in it.

While naruto was trying to figure out why they would want to kill him the ANBU had tracked him down and were leading the mob to him.

Too late naruto heard the sounds of the mob as a hand reached up into the tree, the hand grasped naruto's collar and pulled him down.

naruto was thrust to the floor and instinctivley curled into a ball, a man stepped forward from the crowd and started to yell at naruto "This is the day you die demon, for all the suffering that you caused us and the fact that you still live" the mans light was illuminated by the light from the moon, naruto always liked the moon it was so beautiful, he was glad that he would die in the moonlight and not in some back alley in konoha.

The man continued to talk but naruto ignored him and watched the moon, it was a full moon tonight, his thoughts were roughly interupted when he was stabbed in the arm, he looked up at the spokesman for mob,"Listen to me when im talking to you demon. Now as I was saying, we won't kill you today, we will make you suffer as you did to us" the man stopped talking and stepped back, some more people stepped forward with long sharp weapons in thier hands, naruto began to focus on the moon to block out the pain, he started to notice his eyesight becoming sharper and he was starting to pick out details in the crowd like the fact that one of the men advancing on him was holding a rusty knife 'great, not only will they kill me but they'll make it as painful as possible, I wish I could fight back' naruto began to notice that a feeling inside him, he reached inwards towards it.

The mob stepped back as the boy began to glow, he slowly stood up,they took another step back as his nails grew and hair started to grow around his body.

The people at the front got the idea and began to edge backwards, the people at the back however didn't know what was so scary and wanted to get a look. Narutos pupils formed to slits and he saw red.


Naruto heard a gasp and sat bolt upright, his first thought was 'I'm still alive, wow that thing I found in me was awesome, wherever I am is really warm' he looked around and froze, there was blood all around him and body parts as well, he took another look and saw the person that had gasped, it was the hokage, the sandaime looking at naruto, a look of horror on his face "Naruto what happened here" naruto just sat there in amongst the blood and body parts.

the sandaime took pity on the boy and took him to get cleaned up.


Sandaime's office, hokage tower.

"Naruto, I need to know what happened" sarutobi had a head-ache, naruto had been found in the middle of the forest surrounded by blood and body parts, naruto himself had not yet been able to recount the night for him yet, naruto sat up and took a deep breath, "I was being chased by a mob" sarutobi winced "and I ran to the forest, some how they found me and started to talk about how i had made them suffer so I would suffer aswell" sarutobi winced again "then I ignored the man and just watched the moon" the aged hokage began to listen a bit more intently "then I felt a little wierd and started to see things a little more detrailed" sarutobi's suspicions deepened "then I watched the moon and closed out everything else, and thats all I remember untilo this morning" naruto lookede up at the old man, his face was pale "oi old man, you ok?" "yes naruto, well if thats all you remember then you can leave, but im enroling you into the ninja academy so you can learn to defend yourself" narutos face lit up "I'm gonna be a ninja?" "yes naruto, now go get some sleep and in the morning go to room 107 (I don't know the actual room) and give the teacher this" the hokage handed naruto a slip of paper, naruto grabed the paper and ran like a mad man out the door shouting "I'm gonna be a ninja!".

sarutobi smiled to himself at narutos antics, he stopped smiling when a voice in the shadows asked him "when are you going to tell him", "That he has a clan and that he has family?"sarutobi asked, "yes" said the shadow, sarutobi hesitated then answered "when he turns ten", the shadow hesitated aswell (can shadows hesitate?) "next year? why", "Because if he doesn't find out from me before then he will find out on his own", "how would he do that", sarutobi sighed 'I'm getting too old for this' "They have a child in the academy aswell", the shadow seemed to contemplate this "If the vampires find out that he is a were-wolf, what will happen", sarutobi hated there being vampires and were-woves in konoha but they didn't cause much trouble, they were just like any other clan except the were-wolves ate thier meat raw and the vampires drank animal blood, "Nothing,they will do nothing, they don't really care about your...um...pups as you call them, unless they do anything to upset the clan head", the shadow stepped forward and was revealed to be a tall man with a jounin outfit on, "When he graduates I will train him", the man jumped out the window.

sarutobi sighed and rubbed his temples 'I hate doing this, at least I have something to help release the frustration' he reached into the bottom draw of his desk and took out a small orange book, naruto had forgot to steal it this time, he opened it to his bookmarked page and read a line, he shed a silent tear as he read the note left for him 'Hey old man, I didn't get this book but at least I burned the rest of your stash before i left', sarutobi began to hate himself for teaching naruto the shadow clone jutsu.


Naruto felt good about his little prank on the old man, the old man didn't suspect that he knew anything about were-wolves, but he'd read enough stories about them, he knew what he was and what he could do, he also knew that where there are were-wolves, there are vampires.

He hoped that if any of them tried to bite him then at least it could be a good looking girl.He reached under the pillow on his couch and took out the newest icha-icha book,despite what he said about hating perverts he had to admit that the writer of these books was a genius. Naruto wasn't a pervert, perverts looked at girls bodys in public and tried to catch a peek at them naked, he was a man, men looked at girls by accident but enjoyed it, they didn't peek at women in the hotsprings.

He went into his bedroom and fell asleep dreaming of being a ninja.


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