Heyo, Vulcran is back with a one-shottie. I know, I know, I haven't been around to update my Nanapachi or my Shunsui/Nanao collection but I have been super busy with work and now that I don't have internet it is quite hard to run to my university to upload chapters.

Anyway, I am obviously doing a one shot of delicious sandcest of the Kanku/Gaa persuasion. Don't like yaoi or sandcest then you can shove off, ne?

Oh, little bit of what words mean:

Otouto- Little Brother

Aniki- Big Brother

Disclaimer- No, I do not own Kankurou, though I do roleplay the character.

Dedicated – To my lovely Gaara, Aishiteru, Koi.


The touch of alabaster skin, the feel of warm vermilion hair, and haunting aquamarine eyes; that is what haunted the marionetteste's slumbering world. The elder Sabaku son tossed in knotted sheets, trying to escape such a taboo dream, fighting the soft restraints of sleep with no avail. A groan erupted from Kankurou's prone form, the night vision taking a more heated path.

He had his brother pinned, grinning cattishly at his prey.

"You're mine, Otouto."

He took a care, lips delicately tracing Gaara's fine boned shoulder, nipping and sucking at the younger's neck, lavishing the sharp taste his own kin left on his tongue. His hips worked of their own accord, grinding in a sensually slow pace, both tan and pale skin becoming slick with sweat. He could almost feel the release at hand but-

With a jolt, the puppeteer was awakened; his lustful dream ended only to became a living nightmare. Gaara was the one who had shaken him, aqua eyes almost luminescent in soft moonlight.

"What were you dreaming about?"

The Kazekage was pointed, sea green orbs staring blandly at his aniki.

Kankurou sat up, clutching a portion of the bedding to his bare chest, cattish eyes widening in disbelief.

"Ah.. Otouto, you nearly scared me to death. Che, you can't have your top Jounin dying, ne?" He chuckled lightly, trying to push the dream off, shoving the forbidden emotions for his brother behind a calm, comical demeanor. Tenderly, the nymph-like man sat at the edge of the bed, eyes still fixed on his elder sibling's face, attempting to read the minute changes in Kankurou's face.

"I could hear the moans from my room." His tone was soft, yet commanding; the true voice of a leader. Slowly, he placed one delicate hand on Kankurou's clenched one. Hazel hues dropped, fully intent on the innocent gesture of comfort.

"It was nothing, Gaara. Just a dream, nothing more." Sighing heavily, he removed his hand from the Kage's, raised up his head and smiling sorrowfully at the brilliantly beautiful man. "You should get to bed, you have nearly 16 years of sleep to catch up on."

Daringly, he placed a chaste kiss on the younger's Ai symbol, savoring that moment as the closest thing he'd ever have to his erotic fantasies. "Thank you for worrying though."

Gaara paled at the light touch, then turned a faint rose at the gentle words.

"Night, Aniki."

"Good night, my Otouto."

Light footed, Gaara left his brother, shutting the door behind him. Slowly, he slipped down to the ground, back against the wooden entry.

"I just wish he'd say it."

The puppeteer fell back, sinking into the lush bed and sighing.

"I want to own you, Otouto… and love you."

Awes, yay angsty luff. X3 Damn, I don't think that is too bad for not writing in ages. How you like. PeaceVulcran