A/n: Cuteness. For the first time in a fan fiction I'm going to refer to Mokona as 'she' because CLAMP said she was a female (See Horitsuba Gakuen… 2 I think… also, listen to that anyway coz Fay ends up in a maid outfit) and I think 'it' is a little demeaning for a girl.


Mokona couldn't sleep. She used the corner of her ear to wipe her eyes of their hazy state. She yawned, exhausted from her feather-finding skills.
"Mokona needs sleep." She tossed and turned but Syaoran was just not a good bed partner. He slept through her insomnia, not being helpful at all. She huffed, half tempted to wake him up, then decided instead to go pester some other housemates. Sakura was still recovering from a feather retrieval, so that left Kurogane or Fay. She hopped off the bed and bounded into Fay's room to cuddle up with him. Except… someone had beat her to it. Kurogane lay in his usual position, ready to pounce should he be startled awake, whereas Fay laid looking like he was going to cry, curled up slightly. Both were sleeping pleasantly.

Mokona smiled gently, before clambering in between them.
"Ne, Kuro-rin we have a visitor." Fay mumbled lazily opening one large blue eye. Mokona gave him a pitiful pleading glance.
"Gn." Kurogane said, not bothering to look.
"I can't sleep." She said gently.
"What makes you think you'll sleep any better here?" Demanded Kurogane hotly. Mokona pouted.
"Kuro-pon…" Begged Fay.
"Fine it can stay." He grunted. "But don't make it a habit."
"Thank you Kuro-daddy." Fay muttered, closing his eye again.
"Yay." Mokona whispered, before falling asleep where it was safe and warm. Between mommy and daddy.

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