Okay, thought of this today and I couldn't resist writing it. Bella is seventeen currently working as a servant maid for the Volturi. Her parents are dead.

Chapter 1

I stared menacingly at the door. I had managed to clean every chamber this morning, accept that one.

"I can't avoid him forever." I said. A soft whimper escaped my lips. James (the Volturi's head tracker) had been torturing me each day when I came to clean his chamber. The only days I ever got a break were when he went away on "business". Of course, with his skills, he was back the next day or so.

"I can hear you Isabella, now come in would you please." I took my time walking towards the door. And seeing how I was human, that was a very long time for James. When I reached the door I walking in silently, keep my head and eye down towards the floor, not saying a word, as I had been taught. I began cleaning the room, but soon enough I felt cold and familiar arms wrap around my waist. His sickly sweet breathe against my neck, he whispered in my ear,

"There you are love, now give us a kiss hmm?" I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I slowly turned in his grip. I managed to hold in the tears as his grisly lips caressed my mouth. I didn't resist, but I most certainly didn't respond, as I was man handled like I was every day.

Edwards POV

"Why Carlisle, it is so good to see you again! And is this the young Edward I've heard so much about?" Aro greeted Carlisle and I with a genuine smile. He seemed nice enough, but I still didn't like this whole 'visiting the volturi' thing, they were just terrible. Setting up fake tours of the castle every month so they can have their sick 'feeding'! I might be a bloodthirsty monster, but at least I don't kill humans. That is just wrong. None the less, here I am, a fake smile plastered to my face, pretending I'm having the time of my life. I really didn't want to be here, but I needed a break. With Alice and Jasper joining us now, the house was full of thoughts of love and romance. I was now the odd man out, and I needed a break.

"Well I'll leave you two to unpack. Carlisle, your chamber is the same as last time, and Edwards is the one just to the left. Feel free to wander around the castle; it has tons of interesting passageways and libraries. Now I must tend to some business, have fun!"

I was alone in my chamber, unpacking, when I heard it. The sound of footsteps much too loud to be of one of us, a human. I smelled her; she smelled of nothing that appetizing, so I decided it would be safe to go make my acquaintance. Surely a human living here had quite a story to tell, and I'd rather be with a human than a vampire who drinks them. So I followed her.

Bella's POV

Finally, my torture had ceased. James had heard the arrival of our latest guests and wanted to meet them. I walked quickly to my room. If I could just hold in my tears till then I'd be fine. I barged into my closet of a chamber. Sinking down to the floor, where a tiny mattress laid. I grabbed a makeshift pillow; the only clothes I got was from the bodies of those killed on the 'tours'. I had pillows made of shirts and filled with shirts and pants. Anything black I had to make into a servants dress. I didn't have the privilege of cloaks like the vampires. 'At least I was alive', that was what I told myself when I felt depressed. I remembered back to the day I came here, eleven years ago,

"Oooooh Bella, look, a castle!" my dad said to me with his cheery smile. My mother nudged me,

"I bet that's where the princesses live." I smiled, wide eyed at the thought.

"Renee look, they're having a tour today! What do you say Bella? Want to go explore the castle?" I nodded, thinking this was one of the best days of my life.

A knock on the door brought me up from nap. I never got much sleep, seeing how the volturi never slept; they always found stuff for me to do. I opened the door, remembering to keep my head and eyes towards the floor. From what I could see, he was one of the guests.

I hope he didn't hear me crying I thought, knowing he most likely did. But he just stood there, looking at me with what seemed to be confusion.

"Is there anything I can do for you Sir?" I asked, I was starting to feel uncomfortable under his glare. He looked lost for words for a moment before managing to stutter,

"Who are you?"