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Ed is nice! (GX Version!)

Chapter 2

Ed opened his eyes and blinked blearily in the sunlight. He glanced over at his clock, saw the time and sat bolt upright. Then he remembered he'd booked time off and settled back down, dragging his covers over his head.

It was no good; he'd shocked himself wide awake. But even if he got up, he didn't know what to do with himself. Also he wasn't too fond of mirrors or indeed anything reflective at the moment and getting up meant facing the bathroom mirror. He could probably put off shaving for a day or so... but then he'd feel like a tramp. With a sigh, he threw his covers aside and dragged himself to the bathroom. He was damned if he was going to creep around his own bathroom just because a figment of his imagination was stalking him, so he went straight up to the mirror and glared at it. When nothing happened, he shrugged and got on with washing his face.

Washed and dried, Ed rooted through his fridge for something to eat for breakfast. Since he hadn't got a new assistant yet, he was running a little low on food. He'd have to go and get some afterwards. It'd be kind of fun to just browse around for once. He hadn't had time to do his own shopping in quite some time. He made himself some scrambled eggs and toast. After finishing his breakfast and then staring blankly at the wall whilst wondering what to do for five minutes, he shrugged and headed out.

Ed wondered where the best place to go for groceries was. He knew there were a few supermarkets and little shops around, but since he never needed to go, he didn't really know where. He wandered along the street, enjoying the sunshine, trying to remember whereabouts he'd seen food shops... he was well aware of the location of the convenience store, but it wasn't the place to do your weekly shop. Not if you wanted a good figure and a healthy bank balance, anyway. Led by his nose, Ed found a bakery and bought himself some tasty looking bread and some pastries. He didn't normally indulge in sweets, but what the hell, if he was going to have time off, he was going to have time off properly. A couple of danishes wouldn't ruin him.

Ed left the bakery, rounded the corner and stopped. He could hear kids crying a mile away; it was probably something to do with the whole D-Hero complex. He headed towards the sound. Sure enough, round the next corner, a little girl was stood under a tree, crying. She was holding a cardboard box.

"Hey." Ed bent down next to the little girl "What's wrong? Are you lost?" The little girl sniffed and shook her head. She looked at Ed and held up the box.

"M-my kitty..." she sniffed "We took her to the vets and then Mommy had to go into a store where animals aren't allowed so she said just wait here for a minute and my kitty jumped out of the box and ran away!" she started crying even more "And I can't run after her because Mommy said to stay right here so she can see me through the shop window and-"

"Which way did she go?" Ed asked.

"Th-that way-" the little girl pointed down an alleyway across the street "I th-think..."

"I'll look for her for you, okay?" Ed patted her on the head "So cheer up."

"R-really?" the little girl hiccuped and tried to wipe her eyes with her sleeve, which only made the whole of her face wet.

Ed crossed the road and looked around for any animals. Even if he didn't see the cat, he might see something else looking at it. A lost and frightened animal would be like a magnet to the local populace.

He peered into the alley the girl had pointed to. There were a few rubbish bins around and a pile of cardboard boxes, plus a few bin bags that were piling up. Something rustled in the corner. Ed approached with caution. He didn't want to sneak up; that would frighten the cat if he came upon it all of a sudden. But he couldn't just walk up, that would be threatening to it... aside from that, it was no guarantee that it was a cat making all the noise. It was just as likely to be a mangy dog or a rat or something else unsavoury. The rustling stopped.

"Ch, ch, ch. Here kitty..." Ed called quietly. There was a movement and Ed saw what was indeed a cat, hiding in a cardboard box behind the bins. "Here kitty." he repeated, manoeuvring himself around the bins and slowly reaching towards the cat. It crouched and moved further into the box. Ed reached forward and managed to touch it's head. He stroked it twice, after which it swiped at him and left his hand looking like it had been through a bacon slicer. He tried again, with much the same result. He reached forward again and managed to get the cat out and grab it. He carried it down the alley and out onto the street. It struggled and tried its best to get away, but Ed hung on grimly. He was trying to cross the road, back to the little girl, who was watching him anxiously. As he raised a hand to wave to her, the cat tried to leap over his shoulder. He had no choice but to clamp it across his chest, causing it to dig its claws in, making him flinch.

Finally, after several painful minutes of waiting and swearing rather badly in his head at all the traffic rushing past, he made it back to the tree.

The little girl gave him a funny look.

"Mister, that's not my kitty."

"What?" The shock made him loosen his grip and cat launched itself off Ed's shoulder, almost knocking him over.

"My kitty is white, with tabby blotches all over. She's called Cinnamon."

Just then, there was a noise from above them. Ed looked up.

"Was that a meow?" he asked, peering through the branches. Sure enough, there was a little tabby and white face peering back through the leaves.

"Meow?" it said.

"Cinnamon!" the little girl cried.

"That's definitely your cat?" Ed asked, wincing as he flexed his bacon slicered hand.

"Cinnamon, come down! Bad kitty!" the little girl called.

"I'm guessing that's a yes. Right." Ed grabbed hold of a low branch and stuck his foot on the tree "I'll get her down for you. Just wait there. If she jumps down, you need to be ready to grab her, okay?" The little girl nodded.

"Thanks mister!" Ed managed with some difficulty to get himself onto one of the lower branches. He was rather annoyed about his suit. White is not a good colour to climb trees in and he suspected that tree mould and accumulated car fume residue was one of those stains you couldn't get out with anything. He sighed. Oh well. It wasn't like he didn't have a shedful of white suits anyway(1).

He climbed onto the sturdiest branch as near to the cat as he could get, at which point it promptly moved further up the tree. He cursed under his breath and tried to haul himself onto the next brach without injuring himself and failed. He managed to get a twig stuck up his trouser leg and a whole spray across his face at the same time. He swore not so quietly, causing the little girl to call up in a concerned tone;

"Are you okay up there, mister?"

"I'm fine." Ed managed, spitting leaves out of his mouth, and pushing the twigs away as he climbed up higher. The cat couldn't go anywhere now, but was stubbornly backing away as much as it could without falling off. After turning his hand into cross hatching, the cat finally allowed itself to caught.

"Mister? Have you caught Cinnamon yet?" the little girl called up, worried.

"Yeah." Ed called back "But I'm not too sure about getting down..."

"Can't you climb down?" At this point, the child's mother showed up.

"Amy, what on earth are you doing? Why is the box open?" her tone went from confused to worried with a hint of rage "Where's Cinnamon?" Through the leaves, Ed saw the little girl point up at him.

"That man has her."

"What?" her mother snapped "What man? Why?" Looking up, she saw Ed and turned her anger on him "What do you think you're doing? Get down here with my cat at once!" she pulled out her mobile phone "I'm calling the police!"

"Wait, wait! It's not... I can't just..." Ed thought a very rude word and redoubled his grip on the cat, which was acting much the same as the one from before. 'What the hell.' he thought. And jumped(2).

Ed rolled forward as he landed, so he didn't break his knees. The cat was almost grateful to be put back in its box. Only cats lack the ability to be grateful when rescued from life threatening situations, so it wasn't and nearly erupted from the box a second time.

"Hello? Police?" the woman began, but Ed plucked the phone out of her hand.

"I'm just rescuing a cat from a tree. It's all a misunderstanding." he told the woman on the other end of the line and hung up. He handed the phone back to the livid woman. "And now I have, I'll be on my way..."

Ed had only managed to buy food from the bakery after all, so he stopped by the convenience store on the way home. In a foul mood once more and desperately needing a bath and a fresh suit, Ed dumped his shopping on the table and headed for the bathroom.

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye cursed himself for looking.

"I saw that Ed!" the woman said brightly "That's two good deeds down and I didn't even have to tell you to do 'em! Aren't we doing well?"

"I'm about to have a shower. And I'm pretty pissed off." Ed said bluntly "Go away. If I ever find out how to get at you, you're so dead."

"Such language for a gentleman." the woman chided, shaking her head "Only one task to go... I shall have to think of something, before you beat me to it..."

Ed threw a towel over the mirror and got on with his shower. He still had half the day left and he didn't feel like staying in his apartment now. Maybe he should seriously think of beating the woman to thinking of a good deed to do...

Ed shook himself, made himself a cup of a tea and sat down with a danish...

(1)I'm not even making this up.

(2)You know he would. We've seen him jump through a glass window after jumping from a helicopter. He's not an extreme sports guy for nothing. Couple that with his hero complex and I'm sure jumping from a tree whilst holding a cat that's trying to shred your neck is probably a piece of cake for him.

Author: I hate you, auto bulleting. Well, there we go. I think the whole cat in a tree thing came from the original version (Poor Ed Elric.), although I wasn't thinking of it at the time... In my original, Ed and Al performed a puppet show -; I don't think Ed is quite up to that, especially since theres only one of him, but he really has managed to beat me to making him do nice things. I need to think up something he's going to hate for his final task. Ideas?

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