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Cartoon network had so better put this show on DVD. I don't have television, can't afford it, don't need it, but love TF:A. And since I have an actual TV and a VHS/DVD player ( a VHS is a video tape, for all you super hi-tech young'uns), I can watch the DVDs! I know that the "movie", aka first three episodes are on their way, DVD style, so hopefully the sales from that will boost CN's confidence enough to DVD-ize the entire series.


Only a few mega-cycles passed until Prowl's body was healed. He bore many scars across his metal skin, and he found that he was somewhat humiliated by them. He didn't tell Wildburner he still hated himself, especially for showing what he considered weakness. The scars were a reminder of that, but Prowl didn't want anyone else to know. So he returned to Doctor Steelblast, and apologized to him for being so weak.

"Young man," said the doctor, "Do not apologize. Your situation is not uncommon, especially in the city. We see much less of it here because we actually teach strategies like meditation to help calm the processor. You have experienced a hard moment in your life, but life goes on. In four hundred mega-cycles, this may all be a far, very distant memory, one you may never even look back on. In fact, I had a friend a very long time ago have a similar problem. An addiction to high-grade energon."

"Really?" asked Prowl, who never once had thought that anyone else on the planet would have behaved like him, "What happened? Was he okay?"

"Oh, he stopped after I had words with him. Sometimes a person's savior is their own best friend. He grew up to be one of the greatest Masters of Circuit-Su, my boy."

"A Master? From here? Do I kno—I'm sorry, I shouldn't ask. It is not my business, sir. I meant no disrespect."

"My Primus!" Steelblast howled with laughter, "Wildburner, what do you do to these kids?" Prowl raised an eyebrow ridge and asked,

"Sir? Master Wildburner is not here. I don't—AUGH!" He cried out as something from above covered his optics and whispered,

"BOO!" into his audios. Prowl shook himself out of his small scare, then said,

"You're an evil person, Master Wildburner." The teacher dropped down from his place on the ceiling and landed next to Prowl, laughing as well.

"Like Steelblast said, I grew up to be one of the greatest Masters of Circuit-Su, my boy."

"Wait—YOU were addicted to high-grade? My teacher was an energonaholic?" Wildburner laughed again and said,

"Yep. I was headed towards the Pit, too, if my dear friend Steelblast hadn't given me a sharp slap across the face and the talking-to of the vorn. I still remember it to this day."

"You'd better," growled Steelblast in a mock-solemn tone, pointing at his old friend, "because if you don't…."

"Trust me, old friend, I will never touch the stuff again. And Prowl here has promised that he will come talk to me about any problems he may have before he thinks about doing something self-destructive, isn't that right, kiddo?" He patted Prowl on the head.

"Yes, sir," grinned Prowl, who was loving the attention.

"Now, then, on to business," said Master Wildburner, "Prowl, go ahead."

"Doctor Steelblast, I hope you can help me. I, um, have all these scars that I want to…hide."

"Don't be embarrassed, young one," said Steelblast reassuringly, "I see many people each day looking to hide something they don't like. Some people keep their scars for the world to see, but Primus knows that Cybertronians are insanely vain about their looks."

"It's not that I'm vain, sir. I'm just…I'm humiliated by my actions."

"I know, dear boy. Well, let's have a look, then shall we? Give me your arm so I can determine the paint color used….thank you…ah! Very nice. You have black number fourteen….I have a can of that somewhere. Good. Now then," he led Prowl over to a little table, "I want you to just sit here…relax, this doesn't hurt…good."

Steelblast pulled up a long, thin, narrow piece of metal and, using an in-built knife, sliced it in half. Then he used so low-flame over the metal, making it pliable.

"Hold out your arm," he said to Prowl, who obeyed. Steelblast molded the thin metal over Prowl's entire arm, palm to shoulder. He made marks on the metal for reference when he would cut and weld it. He repeated the process for Prowl's other arm, his legs, his chassis and anywhere else that may have been marked up.

"This," he explained, "is how I do it. I make molds of your body so that it fits perfectly, and you can take it off whenever you want. It just slides off if you tug at it a bit. I'll be making a lot of these for you, considering you went a little overboard with yourself."

"Thank you, sir," said Prowl, bowing his head gratefully.

"You can come back in a few mega-cycles for them, young man. I believe you and Master Wildburner have some meditation to tend to?"

Prowl and Master Wildburner smiled at one other before Prowl answered,

"Absolutely, sir."


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