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It was raining. And it was raining hard and fast. The wind blew, nipping at the poor victims caught in the winter air. Mai was in her school uniform, running to her home apartment, to get ready for work.

"Stupid rain." She cursed under her breath as she carried on running towards her destination. Her hair was wet through, and her uniform looked as if she had had a bucket of water dunked over her head. Beads of rain fell down her face, and she carried on running. Her shoes were soaked, and her knee length white socks were rubbing against her ankles, to her dismay.

'Why?! Why did I forget my umbrella?' She mentally shouted, holding up her schoolwork and books to save her from the on coming rain, but to no avail. She slowed down her pace, realising she was already as wet as she could get.

"Fuck it." She mumbled and she started to walk at a normal pace, arms by her sides and her head down towards the ground. The sky had turned a murky grey and the streetlights had already been turned on, and not many people were out and about. Mai carried on walking, and shivered. She was only wearing her long sleeved version of her uniform, for reasons other than the weather, and her school skirt, which kept blowing about in the wind, but paid it no attention. That was until she spotted a car from the corner of her eyes, which seemed to slow down behind her. Getting worried, she picked up her pace, but at the same time, so did the car. She looked back, to see that it was a plain black car with blacked out windows.

'If that doesn't scream out suspicious, I don't know what does.' She thought, as she yet again, picked up her pace, which by this time was a slow run. Luckily for her, a corner was coming up that seemed a one-way street, where her apartment was situated.

'The car, if it really is following me, can't get down this way; it's a one-way road to this main road. I guess I got lucky, if you want to call it that.' She swiftly turned into the one-way street, looking towards the car as she did, but running into someone at the same time.

"S…sorry." She muttered, and tried to move away, but felt firm hands grab her upper arms, keeping her in place. She looked up to see a middle aged man, with short dirty brown hair, staring at her.

"You're a pretty one, aint'cha?" He snickered, while touching her brown shoulder length hair, which was still dripping wet.

"Ex-excuse me?" She stuttered, not looking directly into the man's eyes. He caressed her cheek, and down her neck, as she squirmed underneath his grip. "What're you doing-"

"So, you're about 17 years old? I think you'll do nicely" He said in a horse tone, which made Mai shiver in disgust. He started dragging her, gripping her still, bruising her fragile upper arms, while laughing menacingly.

"Get… GET OFF ME!" Mai shouted, while wriggling in his grip, trying to throw him off. He put one hang over her mouth and using his other arm picked her up bridal style, while she kicked about in his arms, and with her best attempt to get him off, bit his hand.

"Why, you little bitch." He muttered, and put her down, grabbing her by her wrists. "You might be pretty, but you're just like a dog." He said as he slapped her round her face. Hard. She stopped squirming abruptly, feeling her eyes start to water at the sudden impact. "You think that's worth crying over?" He whispered eerily in her ear, "You're gonna hate what comes next." As he said that, Mai's eyes widened in shock, as she started to tremble. He started to laugh, and dragged her along the road, and unluckily for Mai, no one was on the streets, due to the rainstorm. She felt the man's grip tighten round her wrists, which made her cry out in pain. He just looked at her and scoffed as she kept trembling, until finally he whispered to her.

"They're here." And she looked in his direction, where sure enough, the black car that she had thought suspicious, was quickly making its way to where he was dragging Mai. She snapped.

"NO, GET OFF ME, PLEASE, GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE" She shouted as she trembled and tried to escape his grip. Tears started to fall down her face, as she tried to hopelessly pry herself from the man's grip. She carried on screaming, hoping to get someone's attention. "PLEASE, SOMEONE, HELP ME!" She sobbed, as the car drew up next to them, and a window was wound down. The man who was holding Mai, put his hand over her mouth in an attempt to shut her up, and looked at the plump, balding man sat in the car.

"She's a squirmer, but she sure is nice looking." He said while he caressed her waist. At his touch, Mai froze, as realisation dawned on her and played in her mind.

'They're gonna rape me.'

"Yeah, I thought so when I saw her walk down the street. Well, good work Sasame, I'll pay you later for your duty, just put her in the car." The plump man looked at Mai, with greed in his eyes, and heard more voices coming from the back of the car. He wasn't alone. However, the man "Sasame" held his grip onto Mai.

"Hey, I found her, can't I at least play with this one?" He asked as he made light circle movements on Mai's side, which made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on edge. The man in the car sighed.

"Sasame, you know your duty, now do as you've been asked." And with this notion, he pulled Mai, closer to the car, and shoved her inside the car, as she struggled and screamed.

"Sorry lass, just doin' my job." He smirked as he shut the car door, and Mai felt herself land on something soft. She once again froze, as stray tears ran down her face, as reality hit her in the face. Literally. A hand came into contact with Mai's face for the second time that day, and she abruptly stopped screaming, and resumed her trembling, and inched her way off of what she had landed on. But as soon as she moved, she felt harsh hands on her sides, pulling her straight back, and landing into what seemed a man's chest.

"Hello there, girlie." He whispered harshly into her ear. Mai's heartbeat increased with fear as she felt the man move his hands from her waist and down towards her skirt.

"N- NO!" She screamed as she tried to move away, and felt the car jerk around a corner. She took the opportunity, and lunged her body forward, getting her off the person she was on, and into the other free corner of the car, huddled into a ball, with her arms stretched outwards, "Leave me alone, please! Don't come near me" She cried as she slowly moved one hand towards the door handle, to open the car door.

'I don't care if the car is still moving, I'm not about to give my body up to these perverts.' She thought as she reached the handle, and gave it a tug. Her eyes widened in shock, as she felt nothing move as she pulled on it. The door was locked.

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