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So she turned back to Ayako and John and carried on darting her eyes around the hall, waiting for Soshi to come and meet them.

About five minutes later, the maid came rushing back to the group, smiling widely and bowing yet again.

"The master is here" She exclaimed and moved to the side, bowing yet again, and waited. Footsteps were soon heard, which meant that it was time for Mai to hide behind a few group members, and stayed there.

Soshi looked towards his maid, and nodded towards her, and she stood up and walked out of the hall.

"Ah, it's so good to see that you have all made it here," He flashed a glance directly at Mai, smirking "safe and sound." He looked around and spotted Naru. "Ah, Shibuya san, your requests have been met, you have three rooms. Two personal ones and a room for your equipment… a base, was it?" He glanced over his glasses, and then pushed them up against his nose.

"Yes, that was our requirements. Thank you. Would you be able to show us where these rooms are so my team can set up?" Naru narrowed his eyes towards Soshi, who just smirked back.

"Why yes, of course. Well, I won't be showing you, Ayumi will show you," he turned his head to the side, glancing at the staircase. "AYUMI! Down here." And sure enough, no sooner had he finished shouting, a small woman had made her way down the staircase. She had black hair that reached just past her chest, in the same outfit as the last maid, and she was also just as slim. Her skin was like porcelain, and she was just as breathtaking as the last maid. However, she did not smile; she looked weary if anything, and slightly… scared.

"Yes master?" She whispered quietly in a high and silky voice and bowed.

"Show the SPR team to the three rooms we have prepared." He looked at her and she lowered her head, then standing upright.

"Of course" She said quietly. "Please follow me." And with that, she started to make her way towards the staircase, and the rest of the team followed, while Soshi stayed at the bottom.

Mai started to walk behind the rest, until a rough hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. Her eyes widened as she looked at Soshi, and her heart started to beat faster as he whispered in her ear.

"I'll see you later, Mai." With that he let her wrist go, which she absentmindedly rubbed due to the pain, and he walked away. She started to tremble, but decided not to linger anymore and ran up the stairs to catch up with the rest of the group. She trailed behind, thinking of Soshi's menacing words. "I'll see you later" But what had he meant? He would never get her on her own, so she would like to see him try and snatch her. She looked towards the group and noticed they had stopped on a long corridor, with many rooms on either side.

"This shall be the women's living space." Ayumi stated quietly, moving her hand to the door on her left, "and this shall be the men's living space." and moved her hand opposite, to the door on her right. "If you would follow me please, this will be the room for your equipment." And she moved slightly further down the corridor, and stopped outside a door, taking a key out and unlocking it, she opened the door and directed the group inside. It was a wide room, with huge windows and huge red, velvet curtains draped, in which showed the view of the mansions gardens and many evergreen trees covered in a white blanket of snow. A few couches and chairs took up some space within the room, and many long tables were scattered around. A rather exquisite open fireplace was against a wall, with a small fire flickering from within it, directing some heat throughout the room. The team looked around and placed the equipment on the tables and explored the room some more.

"These are the keys to your rooms," Ayumi said, keeping her gaze down, handing Naru the men's living space key, and Ayumi the women's. Ayumi then bowed and walked out of the room silently, however no one really seemed to notice the maid at all once inside the room.

"Woah! This room is massive! I wonder what our rooms are like!" Takigawa exclaimed, looking like a child in a candy shop. He looked at Mai, who seemed to keep rather quiet, and deep in thought. He cocked his head to the side and looked at her some more, until finally, "Hey Mai, are you ok?" She looked up at him with a startled expression, but then softened her gaze at the man and smiled widely.

"I'm fine Bou- san! Thank you for asking" she kept up her smile until he looked away, and returned to her thoughts.

'What did Soshi mean?! He really can't get me on my own, so maybe it's just an empty threat… but why would he do that? Oh yeah… he's a horrible person. But it's still not nice. I've just gotta make sure that I don't go anywhere alone.' She concluded her thoughts, and looked around the room, finally giving it her full attention. Bou san was definitely right. It was absolutely huge. But there was something about the fire place Mai didn't seem to like… but she couldn't place her finger on it. Maybe it was because it was so big and slightly intimidating. 'Yeah,' She concluded, 'that must be it.'

Once they had all had a good look round, they started to unpack all the equipment onto the grand tables. Computers, cameras, TV screens and more were piled onto them, and ordered in a way that Naru felt plausible. Once all the manual work was finished, the team went over to the sitting area by the fireplace and sank into the luscious fluffy couches.

"I'm glad that's over!" Ayako sighed, making herself comfy. Takigawa gave her an exasperated look, and scoffed.

"You're glad it's over? You did absolutely nothing!" He exclaimed.

"Of course I did! Telling you where to put stuff is really tiring. But at least that way I didn't break a nail!" She looked smugly at him, while he was turning red in the face.

"Now, now ladies… purses down!" Yasuhara said, laughing slightly, "Hey where's Naru?" everyone looked around and to their surprise, Naru was not in the room.

"Do you think he's gone to the room?" John asked. Everyone shrugged, and Mai stood up.

"I'll go check, he wanted a word with me anyway." She stretched as she stood, and walked out the room to the empty corridor.

It was only now, that she realised how eerie the place felt. She looked around, hugging her body as she shivered slightly, making her way to the men's room. She saw the door, and noticed it was slightly ajar. Knocking slightly, she pondered through the crack.

"Naru? Are you in there?" She pushed the door open slightly, and heard Naru's voice reply with a "Yes". She took this as an invitation and pushed the door wide, while a slightly smaller room than the base came into her view. Five huge king-sized poster-beds were placed in the room, with a door adjacent to the rooms, which she gathered to be an en-suit. Naru was sat on the bed closest to the door leading to the corridor, looking through his black book. Mai cocked her head up at him and waited for him to speak. However when he didn't say anything, Mai didn't want to stand there in awkward silence any longer.

"Sooo… Naru… Why'd you come in here?" She rocked back on her heals, looking all around the room.

"I needed space. And I need that word with you. I knew you'd follow me." She could hear the smirk in his voice, and she narrowed her eyes in his direction, clearly annoyed.

"You know, I only came because everyone made me." Total lie. She coughed slightly and walked closer to Naru and sat on the bed opposite him. "So yeah, this word? What's wrong?" She asked looking straight at him. He closed his black book and moved some of his black hair out of his eyes and glanced at Mai. He sighed and closed his eyes, looking away.

"Naru…?" Mai questioned. He looked back at her and looked straight into her chocolate eyes.

"Mai, you realised what I heard last night, did you not?" He said, never looking away from her eyes. He noticed her face drop, and she looked away, her hair covering her eyes so he couldn't see them.

"It… it was nothing. Just ignore that." She whispered, looking at her feet and playing with the zip on her jacket. He groaned slightly, looking away from her. Why did she lie? Why did she keep everything to herself?

'Not like you do, eh?'

That inner voice again. He really hated that inner voice.

He looked at Mai again, who looked away, anywhere, apart from Naru. He couldn't stand this. He stood up, quite abruptly, which gained Mai's attention. She looked at him with worry and shock evident on her face. Naru came closer towards her and crouched on the floor, so he was eye level with Mai, and looked deep into her eyes. She was so mesmerised by his icy blue pools, she couldn't look anywhere else. He starred at her, long and hard, until her eyes widened slightly, and tears started to spring to her eyes. She couldn't stand it, keeping all these secrets, she hated it, but she couldn't let anyone know! Stray tears fell down her cheeks as she kept her gaze locked with his. Naru gently lifted his hand to her face, wiping away the tears for her, cupping her cheek.

"Naru… I…" She bit her lip. Should she tell him? Spill her heart and soul there and then to boy sat so close to her? She moved her head slightly, to move further into his palm, and closed her eyes, as more tears freefell from her eyes. She suddenly felt his hand tense up, and she snapped her eyes open, to notice his face. It had turned stony, and his eyes were narrowed, looking into her eyes. Or so she thought.

"Mai. Your eye. Why is it black?" He sounded cold, almost menacing. She opened her eyes wide in shock, flinched away from his touch, and snapped her hands up to her eye. "Mai, what happened?"

Oh no. When he wiped her tears, her make up must have smudged or wiped away. She stood up and tried to walk away, however Naru grabbed her wrist and pushed her back on the bed.

"It's nothing! I just… I banged into my door this morning I think, I was really tired, not looking… you know how much of a klutz I am, don't you?" She shuddered as his gaze didn't get any softer. She tried to move back, but Naru placed a firm grip on her wrist, making her breath hitch in the pain that it caused, and she winced, but Naru didn't seem to notice. He moved his face close to Mai, and whispered venomously.

"Stop lying to me."

His grip got tighter, and Mai couldn't hold in the whimper that had been crawling up her throat. Naru quickly let go of her, and she rubbed it, wincing.

"Mai, please…" He pleaded. What was he doing? He's not like this. He doesn't do emotion. He doesn't express the few emotions he has. But he just couldn't help it. He knew something was wrong, something very wrong with his Mai, and it cut deep wounds within him, deep down in which no human could see. "I know something's wrong. I know your smiles are fake. I know you're upset. You have a black eye, you tried to jump off the bridge and you shouted all that stuff after I left. Mai, you can't lie to me anymore. Please…" He trailed off, and Mai looked at him, tears forming as she realised she couldn't lie to him. She suddenly flung her arms around him, crying, once again, into his shoulder. He rubbed her back, slightly shushing her, as they kneeled on the floor. She was so small and fragile in his arms. He looked down at her back, and towards her hair, but noticed something odd. A purple smear on her neck? He carried on rubbing her back, however he moved his hand slightly up, and reached her neck, brushing her hair, slightly out of the way, and his eyes widened to see bruise marks around the back of her neck under her turtle neck shirt. He didn't know what to think, or what to do. The girl who broke him down, was sat here curled up crying in his arms, with bruises on her body. He hugged her tighter, and whispered to her.

"Please Mai, calm down and tell me what's wrong. I need to know. I can see the bruises." She moved away from him as if he was on fire, and looked into his eyes, tears still spilling down her face. Naru put his arms on her shoulders and looked at her. "Will you explain to me?" She looked away, putting her head down, as she kneeled opposite him. She looked back at him and wiped her tears away with her sleeve, sniffing. She slowly nodded. He sighed, and straightened up on his knees.


A loud crash made Mai jump out of her skin, and Naru turned his head rapidly. The noise came from the base, and Naru snapped his head back at Mai, who was quivering slightly.

"Mai, you wait here, ok? I'm going to check on that, and I'll be back so you can talk to me." He stood up, as she nodded, and he walked out of the room. She looked around at her surroundings, but not taking them in. She was going to tell Naru? Was she really? She said she would, but could she? Yes. She could. She had to. She knew that telling Naru right now was the right decision. She didn't know why, but she just felt it was right.

However, she was pulled out of her thoughts, by the bedroom door creaking open, and hearing loud booming footsteps, and heavy breathing. She ducked behind the bed, and kept her head down, hoping that whoever… or whatever was in the room, wouldn't find her. Her heart started beating faster and faster, threatening to come out her chest, and she was scared that the violent noise her heart was making would give her away. The footsteps came closer, the breathing louder. It sounded manic, uneven and deadly. She crouched further, until her heart stopped.

"I know your hear." The voice said. Mai started to tremble, frozen in her place. She knew that voice. And she knew why he was there. She heard the footsteps stop just next to the bed. She kept her gaze fixed on the end of the bed, not daring to breathe.

"BOO." came the voice of Sasame as his head snapped down and came in front of Mai's from the end of the bed from where he had leaned. She almost screamed, but he was too fast, and got his hand around her mouth as he grabbed Mai and held her tight to his body, and ran out the room, Mai squirming and trembling in his arms.

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