Written for my friend, Michelle, who loves Ace. Prompt: Sticky notes.

He didn't know where they came from.

Well, that wasn't entirely true, he knew who they came from and where he came from (to an extent), but where the little brat had gotten the blasted things was anyone's guess. And Smoker was not about to concern himself with the where's and why's so much as getting rid of the stupid things.

Stuck between two reports on his desk: 'You're smokin' hot!'

On the wall over the bunk: 'You light me on fire!'

On the porthole: 'Send me a smoke signal anytime'

On his box of cigars in the desk drawer: 'Think of me when you wrap your mouth around these!' complete with an annoying smiley face that may or may not be winking at him.

There were more of them. Some graphic, some completely inane, like the one stuck to the wanted poster on the wall: 'Didn't get my good side, did they?' The point was that they were everywhere and brightly colored and he had a meeting in five minutes.

At least thinking of how he got even with the brat kept him sane as he gathered the damn bits of paper and hoped he hadn't missed anything bright pink and covered in hearts and the symbol of one of the most notorious pirates out of all the seas in the world.

Oh yes, revenge would be sweet. And Portgas D. Ace would regret ever, ever playing a prank on him. That much was certain.

At least he hoped.