The great dragon heaved a smoke-stained sigh. He longed to do something about those mortals. He watched them struggle in their seemingly endless conflicts. He scowled down at their fighting, their cruel wars and bloody duels. He heaved himself up, great maroon red scales clinking as he rose. He folded his great wings to his sides as he closed his pale blue eyes. He opened his eyes once again, smoke trickling form his nostrils. The dragon sighed once more, shifting his position to work blood back into stiff muscles. He quietly stretched his wings out, shaking bits of dust off of them.

He roared a yawn into the pale blue sky then he once again settled himself on his balcony, the lonely dragon atop the mountain that is heaven. The dragon was known as Hotatsu, or fire dragon. He had earned this name in one of the gruesome draconic wars that he now hated with a passion. He had been one of the best fighting dragons Rikyu had ever known.

But all that had changed on the fateful day when he had chosen the lives of his comrades over his own. He had plunged himself onto the enemy's blade, all to save his kingdom. But now it seemed his death had been in vain. His kingdom was once again plunged into a bloody duel, fighting for survival. His eyes clouded with sorrow and anger, shame and longing. Oh, how he longed to lead his comrades once more!

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