Summary: A new year brings new and bigger drama for everyone. Elena Cole, Brad Vanderbilt and Tommy Duncan's arrival at Eden Hall shakes up everyone, especially Julie, still suspicious of Ellie's feelings for Jimmy. Linda fights Janet to maintain Kelly's status as Eden Hall Queen Bee, when Kelly retreats socially, depressed about Scooter's absence, which makes Charlie question if Linda's become a different girl than the one he fell in love with. Meanwhile Elena's affections start to shift to someone incredibly unexpected, while Tammy, Fulton, Guy and Connie worry about taking, or not taking their respective relationships to the next level…Oh yes…

Author's Note: OK, I know I said I wasn't going to post this until I was done with everything else I was working on, but I couldn't help myself. I started writing some stuff and just couldn't stop! So far I think its a really good follow up, this chapter just sort of sets the scene for a lot of the drama, all of the first few will, hope you all like it!

Little Rileys Part II: The New Littles

Chapter 1: Reunited

"Aw, this is where we first met," Julie Gaffney laughed, on the first day of school, seeing her boyfriend, Jimmy Riley, waiting on the dorm steps for her with a cup of coffee. She took the cup and kissed him deeply. "To sophomore year?" She held up the cup. He laughed.

"To sophomore year," He tapped his cup against hers, they kissed again. "So, how was Italy?"

"Italy was beautiful," She smiled, "How was everything here?"

"Well, Rick is successfully removed to U of M," Jimmy sighed, "Kelly has spent the last week in her room either crying or on the phone."

"Poor Kelly," Julie sighed. She could barely imagine smart confident Kelly Riley ever breaking down, but she imagined Scooter leaving would be enough to do it.

"And what about you big sister to be," he squeezed her, "How's Elyse?"

"She's huge," Julie smiled, "New baby brother should be landing in a few weeks."

"It's a boy?" Jimmy asked. Julie nodded. "How long before you fit him up for skates?"

"Speaking of!" Julie said, "I hear someone got promoted to Varsity." She pounded on his chest excitedly.

"Nah," He shuffled his feet, "I'm just backup, I'd almost rather be on JV, I'd get to actually play."

"Hey," She stopped him and kissed him, "I'm proud of you."

"I'm sorry, I'm being self deprecating," He kissed her, "Tell me how awesome I am again?"

"And pump up that Riley ego of yours no chance," She giggled.

"Kelly come on!" Linda said perky, fluffing her hair, Kelly was laying in bed in a fetal position. "You have to give a speech, opening the school year remember?"

"I hate it here," Kelly sighed, "I'm not giving that speech."

"Did we trade places over the summer?" Linda looked at her. "I'm the one who hates it here remember? You love it here."

"No, I loved it here," Kelly spit out, "When Scooter was here. Now it just sucks."

"You'll never get to go to Yale with him if you don't get your ass out of bed and to class," Linda said.

"You don't understand," Kelly sighed. "He's going to meet someone else. Some really smart, and beautiful, who isn't still in high school."

"But you're really smart and beautiful," Linda looked at her, "And yeah you're still in high school but Scooter loves you. And come on, Eden Hall without Kelly Riley spirit? I do not believe that such a place could exist."

"No," Kelly curled up.

"Fine," Linda sighed, "I didn't want it to come to this, but I'm getting Jimmy." She walked out the door and immediately found herself pulled aside and being kissed deeply. "Charlie," she whispered.

"I missed you." He said.

"I missed you too," She said, "I have to go though, because I have to rouse our fearless leader from her bed."

"You mean to tell me that Kelly hasn't been up for three hours and put together a full slide presentation to take the freshmen through the four best years of their lives?" Charlie laughed.

"No, its more like a boo hoo, woe is me, my boyfriend is off at college so now I'm going to wallow for the rest of my life thing," Linda nodded. She kissed him. "Thank you for being younger than me."

"Um, you're welcome I guess?" He laughed. "Alright, I'll let you go, this time!" She laughed and kissed him again walking off.

Janet Lane stared into her reflection in the small mirror in her locker. She flitted the bangs she had gotten over the summer and sighed. She was cheerleading captain now. Which as if it wasn't scary enough, she was also starting out the school year with pretty much everyone hating her. It would make for an interesting year.

"Hi Kelly," She said, seeing a fairly wilted Kelly Riley walk past her. At the very least she didn't have to wear a uniform, none of the cheerleaders did, they had the option to wear regular school uniforms or their cheerleading uniforms.

"Drop Dead!" Kelly glared at her. Janet sighed, she knew Kelly could and would make her life a living hell for the rest of the year. They been battling to be the top of the social pyramid their whole lives, and after this summer, Kelly clearly won. She looked around seeing everyone ignore her, even her own squad was against her. You make one drunken mistake and your life was over. They had made that pretty clear. At least Kelly looked less than her normally perfect self. That was something of a comfort. Although who didn't look awful in the new uniforms? Lucky for her, she didn't have to wear one, none of the cheerleaders did if they chose to wear their cheerleading uniforms instead. Obviously Kelly was pining. Had they possibly broken up? Janet's heart leapt, at the very thought that Scooter might be single. "Kelly!" She ran after her, Kelly stopped and turned, staring at her.

"What?" She snapped.

"I um, just wanted to say I'm sorry," Janet said softly. Linda Campbell was standing next to Kelly and snorted.

"What for?" Kelly asked snottily, "For just being a bitch generally or for trying to sleep with my boyfriend all summer?"

"Yes, the second one, both actually" Janet said with a friendly giggle, "I really hope we can be friends again."

"Janet," Kelly stared at her, "We were never friends. We just lost our virginities to the same guy. And even that was worlds apart since he actually cares about me."

"Don't you mean cared?" Janet said coolly. "I mean where is he?"

"Um, college," Kelly said, she wasn't going to let Janet pray on her insecurity about Scooter's absence. "We didn't break up if that's what you're trying to figure out."

"Oh," Janet said quietly, "Well then, never mind." She walked away. Kelly shook her head.

"You could lay off her you know," Linda said.

"Not after what she did." Kelly said. "Linda, she literally went into the poolhouse, got completely naked and waited for him to come in. She flirted with him at every party,"

"But he didn't go for it," Linda said quietly.

"Once he did, or almost did," Kelly sighed, "They made out, it was the same week that Portman came up."

"Ah, so now the truth comes out," Linda nodded, "Did something happen with you and Portman again?"

"No," Kelly laughed, "Trust me, kissing Dean Portman once was quite enough for me, thank you." She sighed, "Scooter won't move on though."

"So, what's the prank going to be?" Jimmy affectionately squeezed Julie as they walked down the hallway. She smiled.

"We're down to a few things," She said, "And of course dinner's going to be much more casual, I mean, still nice, but cheaper. But Tammy's little brother Tommy is coming so that's going to be fun. Fulton's intent on terrorizing him."

"I would think so," Jimmy laughed. "Oh God," He looked down. "Hide me."

"Hey Jimmy!" Julie could hardly believe her eyes, a kid who was a practical clone of Scooter had just walked up to them. Well, Scooter a few inches shorter, and if he was fourteen and slightly awkward.

"Hey Brad," Jimmy said, "What's going on?"

"Not much," He said, "I just can't believe I'm here! It's crazy!"

"Yeah, it's nuts," Jimmy said, Julie elbowed him in the stomach, "Um, this is Julie." She smiled at the new kid.

"Julie Gaffney right!" Brad said, "My brother said you're like unbelievable!" Julie smiled.

"That's a high compliment," She said, "Your brother's pretty unbelievable," Jimmy looked at her with a save me look in his eyes, "Jimmy, we really have to get to the assembly, it was nice to meet you Brad." They walked away. "That's Brad Vanderbilt?"

"That's him," Jimmy nodded, "He has this strange idea that I'm going to be like his mentor or something."

"Aw, like Scooter was for you," She poked him in the stomach.

"Which is the only reason I put up with the kid!" He sighed.

"He seemed sweet, kinda like you were last year!" She smiled. He glared at her. "You were adorable!" She laughed.

"I was wasn't I?" He sighed, she shoved him away and walked ahead he laughed catching up to her.

"Oh my God!" Tammy Duncan jogged over and hugged Julie, "What the hell is wrong with you that you didn't call me last night?"

"Hi Tammy," Julie said, "How was your summer?"

"Don't even Missy," Tammy shook her head, "You ran off to Europe without even a thought about me,"

"I sent you like seventeen post cards and called you five times," Julie laughed, "The only people who I was more in contact with were Jimmy and my dad."

"Whatever," Tammy rolled her eyes, "How cute are these outfits?" She twirled around. Julie laughed. Tammy did look cute in her uniform, Julie didn't feel so cute in hers, she mostly felt uncomfortable, like her legs were too long for her body and her boobs were too small and now everyone could tell.

"I'll leave you two to girl talk," Jimmy said.

"Oh Jimmy I'm sorry," Tammy said and hugged him, "I'm stealing her."

"It's OK," He laughed, "I should catch up with my team anyway, see you," He kissed Julie.

"OK," Julie smiled as he headed out, "So, talk, how's Tommy?"

"Don't know, don't care," Tammy said. Julie looked at her. "He moved in with my dad and the evil step monster, he's dead to me."

"Tam," She sighed, "He's your brother."

"He betrayed my mom," She said, "We're Irish, you betray the matriarch its over."

"You're a nutcase," Julie sighed, "Come on, we'll be late. Connie's saving us seats."

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