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Chapter 50: Looking Back and Starting Out

Kelly sat on her bed at home staring at the two envelopes in front of her. She had changed, ready for a night out with Rick, Scooter and Cassie, but now she had the two letters, one from her father, who'd been ignoring her even more lately, although he did make the disgusting announcement that he was taking Ana Duncan on a vacation to Europe for the month of July. She knew this meant proposal although they were all, Riley and Duncan kids in total denial about it. She picked up his first. It would probably make her cry less.

For my Princess,

Kelly, I don't know how to begin to apologize for my behavior over the past few years, especially the past few months. I can only give the very pathetic excuse that when I see you, I see your mother, which can be at times the most comforting thing and at others the most painful. Know that I love you very much, and I am very proud of you, and of the woman you've become. Your mother is too, wherever she is.


PS The key is to your new apartment, in New Haven, the second one is yours to give to whomever you choose, perhaps you'd like to find a roommate.

She froze. Her dad got her an apartment? This was like the ultimate forehead kiss, only way more expensive. She took a deep breath and opened the second one.

To My Dearest Little Girl,

Although I suppose you aren't a little girl anymore, by any stretch. You should know how I adore you my love. As I'm sure you know doubt read a year ago, the one big regret of my life is not getting to see you grow. Kelly, you are a remarkable person and no doubt there is a future shining for you.

I can only imagine how difficult these years have been for you. Not that I doubt the love that your father and brothers have for you, by any means, but I regret leaving you with only your Aunt as a female role model. But it may not stay that way forever.

Kelly stopped. If her mother was doing what she thought she was doing, she wanted nothing to do with it.

It is something that your father and I have discussed, although, you know him. The time may come where he meets someone. The other two are going to look to you for a reaction and you know it. Sweetie, be kind, you want him to be happy, I want him to be happy. This is not an easy issue, but I expect you to handle it maturely. As I'm sure he will, when you fall in love.

Be sure to do that my heart. Fall in and out of love as much as you can. There is no better way to grow a heart. Or if you've found someone who you love hold on to them (I say them, because I want you to know that I love and accept you no matter what your lifestyle)

Kelly laughed, her mother had always teased her about that, saying that she was far too high maintenance for any man, so maybe she should become a lesbian.

Be good, and happy. I love you very much. Sweetheart, I know I miss you. Even in heaven, if that's where I am so lucky to end up, I will miss you, and your smile and your kind heart.

That was when Kelly saw the tear stains. Rick's letter didn't have tear stains, and she sighed wiping her eyes.

I can't write anymore, I'm too sad, and too scared.

I love you Princess,


Kelly sobbed and hugged her face into the pillow she wanted her here. She wanted to hug her mother so badly. She wanted her back.

"Hey," Scooter knocked on the door frame and came in, "Oh Kelly!" He sighed and sat down. She hugged him and cried into his shoulder. "Shh," He whispered rubbing her back gently, "Let it out sweetie. It's OK."

"I miss her so much," She said, "I-I, want my mommy, Scooter."

"I know, baby, I know," He said, "You're so brave honey."

"Where's Rick?" She squeaked, "I want Rick, please!"

"OK," He kissed her, "I'll go get him." He stood up and walked downstairs.

"So is she coming or what?" Rick said shortly, "Cause we have a reservation and,"

"You should get up there man," Scooter shook his head, Cassie looked at him, "She's crying about your mom and she asked for you." Rick immediately dropped the cup he was drinking from and ran up the stairs and into Kelly's room and hugged her tightly.

"Ricky," She whimpered.

"I know Kel," He sighed, "I miss her too, it's OK."

"It's not fair!" She whimpered pulling away from him, he handed her a tissue. "I want my mommy."

"Hey," He said lifting her chin, "Look at me, this is not you," He picked up one of the tissues and wiped her dripping mascara, "I mean, not that you're not totally entitled to a breakdown every now and then, it's just that you haven't since the funeral." She laughed, "Are you OK?" She nodded. "So what was your guilt gift?"

"Apartment in New Haven," She said, "You?"

"Cassie and I are going to Greece," He raised his eyebrows. Kelly nodded approvingly. "I think Jimmy's getting a car." She laughed again, "I'm proud of you Kel."

"I love you," She said, "I really do."

"Dad got you and Scooter an apartment in New Haven?" She nodded, "Jesus, I told him me and Cass were moving in together and he laughed and said 'I wish her luck.'"

"He's going to propose in Europe," Kelly said. Rick nodded, "We need to get ready for that."

"Tammy Duncan's going to be my step sister," Rick sighed. Kelly nodded. "She's way too hot to be my step sister."

"I'm home," Portman said dropping his bag.

"Kitchen," He heard Lisa call, he walked through and leaned against the wall, she was trying on her wedding gown, decidedly not the one she'd bought two years ago for her cancelled wedding to Patrick. "So?" She whispered.

"You look beautiful Lee," He walked over and hugged her. She smiled. "Kevin's a lucky guy."

"When's Elena coming down?" She asked, "I really am so glad she decided to come."

"Uh, she's not coming," He shook his head, "We broke up."

"Why?" She asked, "Undo these will you?" She turned around. He undid the buttons, "So spill."

"Lisa, I really appreciate you asking me, and is this dress OK?" Tanya walked out of the bathroom, "Dean," She stopped. He smiled, "I'm glad you're home." She hugged him.

"I'm glad too," He smiled, "You look beautiful."

"Eh," She shrugged. "Hey! A bunch of us went in on Cubs tickets."

"What, season?" He said excitedly.

"No," She shook her head, "But we got like seven games. You in?"

"Totally in!" He laughed.

"I'm going to change and um, check on David," Lisa said, "Let you two talk." She walked away and winked and Dean who rolled his eyes.

"She thinks like my mother doesn't she?" Tanya laughed. He nodded, "I should get home anyway. I'm glad you're home," She hugged him again. She ran out the back door.

"See you Suarez," Dean smirked and walked upstairs.

"Look who's home Davey," Lisa cooed.

"Dean!" David squeaked in his little baby voice.

"Hey," Dean took him and hugged him, "Hey Dave."

"Dad!" David squealed, as Kevin came upstairs, "Dean, Dad!" He pointed to Kevin.

"Yeah," Dean said, "It's your Dad. Hey man."

"Welcome home," Kevin said, "Lee, are you ready?"

"Yeah," She nodded and kissed Dean on the cheek, "See you later Dean. If you want to go out,"

"Call Tanya," He said, "I know, go, have fun. Dave and I are good."

"Bye," She hugged him, "I'm glad you're home. And don't think you're getting out of telling me what happened with Lena!" She walked out.

"So you're really going to go sailing with Brad Vanderbilt and Tommy Duncan all summer and leave me alone with them?" Biff said, watching Ellie pack.

"You left me alone with them all year," She reminded him. He smiled. "I just want to have fun, not think about it. Best way to do that is to hang out with Brad and Tommy." She went into her closet and her hands fell over the pink dress she'd worn to Biff's graduation, that she was going to wear to the wedding in a month, the dress that Dean had said he'd seen her in, carried around the picture of her in his head. She pulled it down. There were country clubs in Rhode Island, she could wear it to dinner one night.

"Ellie," Their mother walked in, "Biff, can I talk to your sister?"

"Sure," He shrugged and walked away.

"Mom, you already said I could go," She said.

"I said you could," She sighed, "That doesn't mean I think you should. I know you're sad, but it's really for the best honey." Ellie snapped around and looked at her, "It wouldn't have be fair to him, if you'd stayed with him any longer, he would have thought that you were serious, and, well,"

"I was serious about Dean, Mom," She said firmly, "I love him."

"Elena," Annemarie sighed, "I just mean, that now you can focus on your future, and spending the summer with the Vanderbilts, well, that's a very good start." Ellie nodded. She wanted to scream, that she was only fifteen, and she was not going to spend her summer trying to hook Brad Vanderbilt. Not that it would be hard.

One Week Later

"You look nervous," Steve said looking at Julie sitting at the gate at the airport waiting for their boarding call. Julie shrugged, "Come on Cat, what's going on?"

"I'm going to tell you something," She said, "And you can't get mad."

"OK," He said. She swallowed. "Dude! Are you pregnant?"

"No!" She hit him, "But, um, well,"

"Oh," Steve whispered, "When'd it happen?"

"It didn't," She shook her head, "But it's going to. This summer, we agreed."

"You agreed?" He looked at her, "It's not a business deal Cat!"

"Oh so what, you and Taylor didn't talk about it?" She crossed her arms. "No, I guess you just got caught up in a moment, huh?"

"Something like that," He said. "I wish you wouldn't." She laughed, "I'm serious. I thought you wanted to wait, you know, until after high school and stuff, cause of your parents."

"I didn't know Jimmy then," She said softly. He nodded. "You'll be nice to him right? When he comes out to visit?"

"Yeah," Steve muttured, "Course." He sighed, "So what's Newport like?"

"At Spring Break, we went to the beach four times," Julie said excitedly, "And Jaime's got a new boyfriend, so she won't be around much, so we can totally hang out stress free."

"Did you meet him?" Steve said.

"No," Julie sighed, "Jaime's not like Cal that way, she gets the whole teenage daughter scares off prospective mates thing." Steve laughed. The announcement came for boarding.

"California here we come," He said, they walked onto the plane, arms around each other's shoulders.

"God she's beautiful," Brad said.

"I'm a little frightened," Tommy responded staring at him. "I've never seen you like this."

"I missed her," Brad shrugged.

"It's just a boat," Elena said cocking her head to the side, Brad looked at her, "It's a very nice boat, I'm just saying,"

"Alright Captain," Tommy said, "What are our orders?"

"I'm the captain?" Brad said.

"Duh," Elena said, "What the hell do Tommy and I know about sailing?" She marched on board rolling her suitcase.

"She's better," Tommy said.

"It's the sunshine," Brad nodded. "Also the booze, she's pretty lit."

"Yeah," Tommy said, "I'm voting we keep her that way. At least until she gets weepy."

"Duh," Brad said, "Dave stocked the boat, apparently if we really dig, chances are we'll find some hallucinogens."

"Cool," Tommy nodded, "It should be a good summer."

"Come on you two," Ellie came back out and pulled them both down the dock. The sun went down behind them on their way out to the Atlantic that night.

To be continued...

So...The Summer story is going to explore: JimmyJulieSteve in California, obviously with witty comments from Tammy and Fulton. Two boys and girl on a boat all summer, one of the boys in love with the broken hearted girl, come on, who doesn't want to see that. Lisa's wedding, and some other things. Stay tuned!