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Sakura could not remember the last time she had been in a more embarrassing situation. She was sitting alone on her bed in the room that she shared with Tenten and Hinata thinking about what had just happened. She rubbed her neck and closed her eyes, when she looked at her hand it was stained red.


The Bright light was caused by the door of the cabin being opened followed by 2 nurses and 3 guards. The Screaming was caused by the nurses when they saw Gaara on top of Sakura in what looked to be an act of vampirism.

Sakura had looked calmly at the nurses then she looked up at Gaara, he was fixated on her with the lower half of his face stained red. He gave her a devilish smile and refused to break eye contact even when the guards ran over and dragged him off of her.

It was only when they had him pinned up against one of the padded walls did Gaara show any sign of realizing what was going on. He seemed to snap out of a spell and he looked around the room like it was his first time seeing everybody.

The nurses had rushed over to Sakura and were asking her if "she was okay" and "how did she get in there?" they checked her neck over and over but found no wound.

One of the guards agreed to take her back to the building and she was escorted straight to Kurenai's office where she was asked a million questions and was sentenced to extra therapy no matter how much she said, "she didn't need it" and that "she was okay, goddamnit!"

So now here she was, safe, back in her room and yet it was the last place that she wanted to be. Tenten and Hinata were at dinner and Sakura was using her alone time to sort out what was going on inside her head.

It was only her second day in this hell-hole and she had already met the devil himself. Sakura got up from her bed and went to the bathroom that was attached to her shared room.

Turning on the light and looking at the medium sized mirror that hung above the sink she could hardly recognize the face that she saw. Her eyes looked sunken in from withdrawal and her skin was sickly white that contrasted horribly with the dark red that was spread across her face, neck and upper chest.

Her hands were shaking as she picked up a rag from the rack on the wall and began to scrub away the blood. By the time she was done washing, the rag and the porcelain sink were stained pink but she left it that way, not bothering to clean the bathroom and turned off the light leaving the mess behind.

She proceeded to take off all of her clothes except for her underwear and crawled into her bed by the window. Wrapping herself in blankets she looked up at the clock that hung on the wall opposite of her; it was 9:37pm, dinner was over and Tenten and Hinata should be coming back soon.

All of the resident's doors in the rehab automatically locked at 10:00pm sharp and they didn't open again until 8 in the morning. All of the windows in the rooms, hallways and any of the common rooms; including the cafeteria and library had bars on them

The fluorescent lights in every room were too bright and they made the tile in the hallways and bathrooms reflect up to your eyes.

"Everything is so fucking white." she whispered

Sakura curled up into a tighter ball in her bed and closed her eyes

"Everything hurts……..why am I talking to myself?........"

Sakura's eyes snapped open to the sound of the doorknob turning, Tenten and Hinata walked in, Tenten was quietly talking to Hinata who looked distracted.

"Oh Sakura, I didn't know you would be in here?"

Hinata just looked at her in silence

"I got back about an hour ago, how was dinner?"

"It was alright, but when you've had the same meatloaf for the past 5 years it all starts to blur….how are you?"

"Mmm, so I take it you know what happened?"

"Yea a nurse came to us at dinner and told us about you…..are you sure your okay, he didn't hurt you did he?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I just feel really weak but I think it's just from my body's cravings and the withdrawal…."

"Don't worry we'll help you get over it." Tenten said coming to hover over Sakura.

"Please don't touch me." She filched away at the closeness.

"I wasn't going to" Tenten took a step back "I guess I'll just let you sleep it off, I know that today was weird but tomorrow is another day, your gonna be ok."

"Yea….Thanks." Sakura turned over so she was facing the wall. For some strange reason she really did feel very tired, almost drained and her whole body felt very heavy, especially her eyelids. And that was her last thought right as she fell asleep.


Normally Sakura's sleeping schedule consisted of about 12 hours for every 3 days, so about 4 hours every day, but that was only because she would stay up to party for three days straight, plus the amount of drugs she normally did also helped to keep her awake. She only took naps in-between days and then on the fourth day or so she would sleep straight for 24 hours, wake up and do it allover again.

This was the first time in a long time that Sakura had actually gone to bed when her body told her to, so her mind was still going over everything that had happened to her in the past couple of days.

She woke up the next morning in a cold sweat; her dream had gone something like this;

She was at another party at Ino's apartment, the place was packed but nobody had a face; no eyes, nose or mouth but they had hair and she could still hear their voices when they talked to her.

She was walking through the rooms searching, searching for familiarity, comfort, something safe. That's when she saw it sitting on the counter in the kitchen across the room from her. Running through the haze of marijuana smoke she reached for the bottle of Jack.

Oh that trusty Jack Daniels, he would never let her down. But as she reached for it she found herself falling too far and to fast just like Alice; down the Rabbit hole.

And that's when she landed in the amber sea that stung her eyes and her nose, she looked up and realized that somehow she shrunk and was inside of the bottle.
Struggling to swim to the surface she could feel her breath escaping her and what felt like hands wrapping around her throat. She started to sink into the dark amber depths.

Looking above her all she could see were these bright jade eyes glowing in the darkness.

And that's when she woke up screaming throwing the sheets off herself and waking up Tenten and Hinata. Tenten was out of bed first, she came over and picked up Sakura's blanket off of the floor and put it back over her naked shoulders.

"I need to call my parents, I need to get out of here!" Sakura choked

Hinata got out of her bed and came over to Sakura putting her small hand over Sakura's shaking one. This was the first time that Sakura had true eye contact with the quiet girl, when she saw Hinata's pale grey eyes she immediately got the message delivered in silence;

"It's okay, your safe, everything is going to be alright…"

Sakura began to breath easier feeling the presence of her roommates. Looking over at the clock she saw that it was only 7:04 am, there was still a lot of time before the doors opened but she didn't want to go back to sleep.

"I'm okay now, thanks guys, go back to bed."

Tenten and Hinata gave her weary looks but went back to their beds and pulled their sheets over their heads. Sakura on the other hand adjusted the pillow under her head and let her hands rest on her stomach and proceeded to stare at the ceiling for the next 56 minutes.

"I have to see him again." She thought to herself


Two weeks had passed by and Sakura didn't have anytime to go back to the forest because she was under constant surveillance. The extra therapy was ridiculous and the doctors here had no clue what they were talking about.

She refused to answer any of their stupid questions and it was so hard for her to sit still in their offices because she had begun to develop the constant itching and shakes that most addicts get when they are weaning themselves off of drugs.

Tenten and Hinata were very patient with her when she would wake them up in the middle of the night from her strange dreams. The only other person that had made this week bearable were her few chance meetings with Naruto.

He always had a smile on his face and at the end of the first week he had begun to sit with Sakura and her roommates at meal times. The first time he came over and took a seat next to Hinata because it was the only one open, Hinata choked on her juice and then excused herself with a small bow to get napkins, she was bright red.

"What's up with her?" Naruto asked with and amused expression pointing at Hinata's direction after she left.

"Oh! She likes y-" Sakura was cut off with an elbow jab from Tenten who interrupted her. "She's just really shy and anybody that she doesn't know makes her nervous." The two girls shared a laugh while Naruto looked on oblivious.

Sakura took up Naruto's advice for group therapy and when it was her turn to share she would create these wild crazy stories that involved her and Ino going on some insane adventure in the city. Sometimes she found that she was telling the truth because she really had done some dangerous things in her life.

Her daily meetings with Kurenai, who was now her personal counselor, were spent with her arguing and demanding that she spoke to her parents.

"I want my damn phone call!" Sakura had said raising her voice and gripping the arms of the chair that she sat in to keep herself from scratching at her arms.

"I told you that you'll have to wait until Saturday." Kurenai told her with a calm voice. "It's pointless for you to argue with me, you know I can't change the rules."

Finally the Saturday of the first week came and Sakura was ushered into a small phone booth at the end of one of the halls in a guarded office.

Ring ring ring ring….ring ring ring ring…ring ring ring ri-


"Mom! It's me Sakura!"

"Sakura sweetheart how are you, are you better yet?"

"Mom I've told you before, I'm perfectly fine and I need you to get me out of here or at least shorten my stay, you can't actually expect me to live here for 6 months! What the hell were you thinking?"

"Baby, rehab was your father's idea, his lawyer did all of the paper work, you would need to talk to him about it."

"Then let me talk to dad, this is all just a big misunderstanding, you have to get me out of here, I don't belong here mom!"

"He's not here right now. He's at some big conference in California, Sakura dear, I'm late for my hair appointment, but I'm happy to hear that your having fun, I'll talk to you later. Bye-bye"

"MOM, MOM, WAIT!-" 'click'



"This place is a fucking prison! How do they expect anybody to get better if they're in prison?!?" Sakura was complaining out loud to Hinata who had been sitting on her bed drawing.

"What they did to Tenten was unacceptable!"

Tenten's class of Group Therapy had an outing in the woods to do some out door meditation. On the way to an open field a wayward twig accidentally scratched her arm.

Apparently the cut was deep enough that it began to ooze blood and the teacher noticed it before Tenten did. She called some guards who came a put Tenten into a straight jacket so she would not be tempted to harm herself.

This all happened in front of the whole class and then they dragged her away to the medical unit so they could heal her.

"She told me that she hasn't cut herself in over 3 months and I believe her, how could they do that to her? I'm sure that she wouldn't have done anything to herself."

Hinata nodded in agreement, gave a sad sigh and then went back to her drawing.
Sakura jumped off of her bed and went over to Hinata's side of the room.

"You've been working on that for a while, can I see it?"

Hinata blushed a little bit, then slowly turned over here sketch book to show Sakura an animated drawing of herself. On the one page there was a merge of three drawings; Sakura laying down, sitting up leaning against the wall with her legs over the edge of the bed and one with her arms around her and her head looking to the side off into the distance.

"Wow! These are really good! Can I see some of your other stuff?"

Hinata quickly shook her head and brought her sketchbook to her chest, protecting it.

"Okay, okay, you can show me when your ready….I'm sure your bored with listening to me bitch about life, we have an hour before dinner, lets go roam the halls, I'm tired of being in this damn room."

They ended up in the in the small library that was on the third floor. Sakura was still browsing the shelves and Hinata had already curled up into one of the armchairs and was quietly reading a biography on Salvador Dali.

Sakura had just come to the 'T's in the fiction section when she came across "Fear and Loathing" by Hunter.. She stared at it for a second before adding it to the pile of books in her hands.


Dinner was disgusting as usual; watery pasta and a sad excuse for meatballs. Tenten was still being held in the medical unit and they probably wouldn't see her untill tomorrow.

On the plus side Naruto had sat at their table again and was able to make Hinata laugh and then blush a furious shade of red for realizing what she had done.

"Don't' hide your face! You look so cute when you smile!" Naruto exclaimed laughing at Hinata's embarrassment.

Sakura laughed along with them but in the back of her mind she kept thinking thoughts of the disturbed boy who was an enigma to her. She had to find some way to see him again.

Looking across the table at a smiling Naruto she formed an idea.


"Sakura! Are you sure about this? What if he tries to hurt you again?"

"That's what you're here for."

"But theirs no way I could take on Gaara by myself! He could kill me!"

"As long as you can distract him long enough I can run and get help, now come on we don't have much time!"

Sakura and Naruto were running through the forest towards the cabins by the lake, they were both skipping their group therapy to go along with Sakura's crazy plan to see Gaara again.

"If we get caught you so owe me!"

"I already owe you, but I think I know how im gonna pay you back-"

"How! Tell me!"

"I'll tell you after, now be quiet and watch the door, knock twice if it's time to bolt."

"Okay, okay, but please be careful, holler if you need me I'll be right outside."

Sakura nodded and then turned the handle, opening the door just enough so she could slip inside the small cabin. It was darker than she remembered and she had to move her bangs away from her eyes.

She scanned the small room and in his usual corner sat Gaara, who hadn't even bothered to look up at her when she had come into his room.

He just seemed to be sitting there staring off into space, back against the wall with his dirty blanket wrapped around him. The "Fear and Loathing" book was ripped to shreds and lay around his feet

Sakura took a bold step forward and called out his name. "Gaara?"

He didn't even blink. She walked cautiously towards him, stopping in front of him and then crouching down so she was eye level with him.

His usually guarded eyes were glazed over and Sakura noticed fresh bruises on his wrists, arms and throat and his black eye looked as if it had gotten worse. He had clearly just been given his "medication".

"What the hell did they do to you?" Sakura reached out to caress his face but caught herself when she noticed Gaara flinch.

"Can you hear me?" she asked as she stared into his dull jade eyes.
"Gaara….it's me, Sakura."

At the sound of her name his eyes snapped to focus on her face but he made no other movements.

Sakura crossed her legs and sat a foot in front of him and they just stared at each other for a good minute. Then she had to break the silence when a strong itching spell came over her and the cabin was filled with the sound of nails scraping flesh.

Her skin felt like it was burning and no matter how hard she dug in her nails it was never satisfied. It's like the itch was under her skin, in her veins. Her blood was screaming.

Suddenly a cold pale hand was stretched out from the blanket and grabbed onto Sakura's wrist. The feel of cool skin against her raw arms relaxed her; she looked back up to Gaara's face and was taken back by the look in his eyes.

Jade orbs were pleading, scared and haunting.
"Get me out of here…" he whispered

Sakura felt hot sympathy spread through her chest and she leaned in a little bit closer to him.
"I have to get out of her myself and when I do, I'll take you with me."

Gaara looked at her with a flicker of hope and then her released her hand, curling back into himself. "Liar…" he mumbled

"Your just lying…like everybody else in this damn institute."

"No I wil-"

"Get out!"

"Gaara, if you-"

"Leave me alone…NOW!"

Sakura could see his weak frame shaking and was worried about another attack, so she quickly backed away. Standing up she reached into her small messenger bag and pulled out a book.

Gently she placed it at Gaara's feet. "I thought that if you liked Hunter, you would also like Brautigan." Sakura walked towards the door and looked back down at
"In Watermelon Sugar"

"It's one of my favorites and it belongs to the library…. so try to take care of it."

She knocked on the door twice and Naruto quickly opened it from the outside pulled her out and shut the door behind him.

"So you made it out alive!"

"Yea….but he looked like he was about to have a break down again."

Right after she said that they both heard violent screaming and harsh banging coming from the cabin that she had just exited. It sounded as though Gaara was throwing his body against the padded walls of his cell.

Sakura was torn between going back inside to try and calm him and running far away but deep down she knew that she could do nothing for the troubled boy…..


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