Chapter 6

"Hey Mikey," Donny said as he drank some coffee. "They kept you up too?"

"What makes you think that? They were pretty loud," Mikey answered grumpily as he sat down with his cereal in front of him. It wasn't long that Ralph came in. He was back as a turtle, but he was too cheerful. Leo came in afterwards, glaring at Ralph.

"Did you guys have to be loud?" Leo asked. Ralph turned red as he ate into his cereal bowl.

"Yes we did," a female voice answered. April came in and grabbed some toast before seating on Ralph's lap. He groaned and put his head on her shoulder.

"You evil tease," Ralph whispered. Unluckily Mikey heard.

"Hello, innocent turtle here," Mikey pointed out. April turned red as she ate her toast.

"Raphael, you are up early," Splinter said as he walked toward the tv to see his morning shows.

"I had a good night," Ralph answered and he felt April rub on him. He was a turtle but even a turtle has some goods April thought happily as she felt the underline of his shell grow hard. Ralph bit back his groan. "Not here," Ralph whispered just for her to hear.

"Then lets go," April whispered back as she finished her toast and watched Ralph quickly eat his cereal.

"Bye guys," Ralph told his brothers as he took April back up to his room.

"Again," Leo moaned as he let his head hit the table in front of him.

"I have a question. If they don't use protection, how would their kids look?" Donny asked.

"Ralph!" the brothers shouted as they ran up to his room. Casey came in looking at the odd brothers and started to make himself more cereal.

"Damn, I can't make fun of him anymore. He isn't a virgin anymore," Casey said to Splinter who chuckled at the young man.

"My sons made a good point. How would their children look?" Splinter asked Casey. Both stopped whatever they were doing and also ran to Ralph's room. They saw Ralph talking to his brothers, a red and embarrassed April behind him.

"I don't care what happens. I love April and she loves me," Ralph told his brothers. They nodded and left the two alone.

Chapter 7

"Nice apartment," Ralph said as he entered April's new apartment. It had been month since they have been together and some days Ralph ended up finding himself human again. Today was a day he was human as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. April laughed at him.

"Let us hope it doesn't turn into flames also," April said as she kissed Ralph. She was partially nervous when she had to tell Ralph that she was pregnant. She was afraid about how her children will look like but that was all. She knew that she would love them no matter what. When they went in the apartment April was sitting on the sofa with Ralph's arm around her. Ralph noticed that she was thinking.

"What is wrong April?" Ralph asked.

"I think I am pregnant," April told him. Ralph smiled and he jumped up, pulling April up with him.

"I am going to be a father?" Ralph asked. April nodded and Ralph kissed her, bending down also to kiss her stomach. He was beaming. He then took out a ring from his pocket as he bent on one knee. April was smiling now. "April O'Neil will you marry me, a turtle, Raphael Linters?"

"Yes!" April shouted. Raphael put the ring on her finger.

'Stop moving!" Mikey said to his brother. Raphael was in his tux and so was Mikey. The brothers had found a magician to turn them all plus Splinter human for Raphael's wedding day. Also, Raphael himself was pure human now because Donny forgot to mention that the day on of the wedding Raphael would be pure human from now on but had the choice of turning back to his former self whenever he wanted to.

"Can you believe it Mikey, in three months you are going to be an uncle," Raphael told his brothers. Raphael worked as a detective for the NYPD, his fighting skills making him get the job instantly plus a few faked papers from April.

"Yes, I know," Mikey said. Mikey, Donny, Leo, and Casey were Raphael's best men while April's best women were one found turtle girl who Mikey was in love with name Sarah who was human that day, Casey's new girlfriend who knew everything, and two people from April's work for Donny and Leo. The two women were fawning over the two men anyways. In human form Donny had purple eyes and light brown hair. Leo had light blue eyes and dark black hair like Ralph. Mikey had the light brown hair and his eyes were mixed between brown and yellow which he though was awesome. Sarah had green blue eyes and her hair red which Mickey couldn't help but not stop from drooling at her.

"Daddy," a boy came in with green eyes and brownish red hair. The boy was five years old and as April said will have girls going after him. Like his father he had a temper also but it wasn't that bad.

Raphael and April decided to get married once they knew for sure that the others could join them. Five years later it was finally possible.

"You should be with grandpa," Ralph said to his son who was climbing on top of Mikey that couldn't help but place the boy on his back.

"No!" little Jack said to his father. "Not without Unc Mikey. Grandpa making me close eyes and sleep."

"I forgot, Leo is going to train your son," Mike informed Ralph who smiled to know it was his sons turn to learn. Little Jack could turn into a turtle also like his father and only did when he was told to. They boy was a little different though even in human form. He was tall for his age and his skin a little bit of green but not noticeable.

Chapter 8

"Mrs. Linters your daughter was hurting another student and…" the teacher was cut off by the black and green-haired girl. The girl had red-green eyes and was a daddy's girl at heart. Already nine she in trouble like her father and Jack was more like April. He was kinder but somebody you didn't want to mess with.

"Mom, she tried to punch me and I just defended myself," Raven argued, her arms crossed, looking a lot like her father at that moment.

"Raven, your uncle told you to go easy and just let them think they are winning," April admonished. The teacher looked at April with shock. April decided to explain since it was well known about the turtles now.

"My husband's brothers are crime fighters," April explained. "My son and daughter, plus my niece are posed to take over once they retire. It is a family thing."

"Really? Do I know them?" the teacher asked, not believing anything.

"My uncles and dad are the ninja turtles," Raven stated proudly.

"But you don't look anythin' like…" the teacher stopped as Ralph came in with Jack right behind him.

"Raven what did you do now?" Ralph asked.

"Dad, she probable beat up another person like always," Jack said.

"Hey!" Raven shouted. "She said I was huge! I have the right to do something so I provoked her."

"That is my girl," Ralph said.

"Mr. Linters, your wife says you are turtle," the teacher told Ralph who laughed.

"I am but let us just say magic and science is a beauty," Ralph told the teacher as he was now playing with a sai in his hand. "Come on, let's head home. And Mrs. Menza I will try to have Raven lighten up a bit and to control her temper."

The END!!!!