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Chapter One

"We will be landing in London Heathrow Airport in fifteen minutes. Please observe that the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned on. Place all seats and trays in the upright position for our descent."

I stared out the tiny airplane window as the plane cut through the clouds. Sighing, I straightened my seat into 'the most uncomfortable position known to man' and closed my eyes. I hated plane travel. It was probably the most claustrophobic, nauseating experience I had ever been through. The fact that I was afraid of heights added nothing good to the experience. Floo travel was a piece of cake compared to this.

Just fifteen more minutes…what was fifteen minutes for someone who had just survived eight hours of being cramped between an overweight business man and a woman who blasted terrible music that overcame even the roar of the engine?

Fifteen more minutes. Fifteen more minute, Bella. Fifteen more minutes and you will never have to travel on a plane again. You'll become the best over-seas Apparater in the history of the Wizarding World and will never have to go through this torture again.

I glanced down at my travel bag that was stored underneath the seat in front of me. I was itching to have my wand safely in my hand, even if I couldn't use magic in Britain until I was seventeen. The thought that I would have to survive without magic for a week until school started bugged me, but it could be worse, right? I could be stuck on this plane for another hour, and I would probably give up a whole month of magic to keep that from happening.

I looked out the window to see that the plane had left the clouds. At the angle the plane was at, I could see the ground. The sweet, wonderful ground. I felt the plane tip forward slightly, and I squeezed my eyes shut.

It wasn't until ten minutes later, when the plane was safe on the ground, that I dared to open up my eyes. People were fidgeting in their seats, obviously just as eager as I was to get out of this mini prison. Some people were ignoring the pilot's command to stay seated and were standing up to stretch.

"Thank you for choosing British Airways for your transatlantic flight. We hope you have had a comfortable journey and plan to join us again soon."

I let out a wry laugh. No thank you.

I quickly gathered my bags and exited the plane (thankfully, I was in the front). I walked blissfully through the terminal, enjoying the fresh air and the mere feeling of moving my legs again. As I neared the security checkpoint, my apprehension grew. I hadn't seen my father, Charlie Swan, in years; since my eleventh birthday to be exact. It was going to be awkward meeting him: his relationship with my mother and me was rather strained ever since he found out that my mother was a witch. She hadn't told him about magic while they were dating and conveniently forgot to mention that little fact until after they were married. Needless to say, he sort of 'freaked out' when he found out. He tried living with the knowledge that my mother could change pins into teacups and enchant a mop to wash the floor, but it was too much for him in the end. They divorced when I was two years old. My mother moved us to the States while Charlie remained in a small town about an hour outside of London.

I hadn't seen much of Charlie in my short seventeen years. When I was little, he flew to the states once a year to see me. That tradition died once I started at the Arizona School for Wizards and Witches at age eleven.

In all honestly, I really hated that school. It was full of 'too preppy for their own good' witches who were only interested in love potions and beauty charms. Thankfully, it was a commuter school and I could return home to my mom, Renee, every afternoon. It wasn't that hard to leave that school and travel to Britain for my sixth year. The only hard part about this move was leaving Renee.

I spotted Charlie sitting on a bench in front of security. He was nervously searching the crowds of people for me. I smiled slightly and waved to him when his eyes met mine. He returned my awkward smile.

"Good to see you, Bells," Charlie said, giving me a hug. "How was the plane?"

My face twisted to one of disgust, making him chuckle.

"That bad?"


He led me out of the airport and into the vast parking lot. After some confusion (when I first sat down I found myself in the driver's seat) we started on our hour drive to Charlie's house. Most of the ride was spend in silence. Charlie occasionally asked about how Renee and I had been. He asked about Phil and if he was any good for my mom. I nodded.

"He's a good guy. I guess they love each other."

"Does he know that she's a…a witch?"

I sighed. He brought up the awkward topic. "Yeah. He's a wizard." Not a very good one though.

Charlie was nodded in understanding but was silent. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he still hurting over the divorce? Was he jealous of Phil? What did he think about magic after all this time?

What did he think about me?

The city and suburbs eventually gave away to farmland and small towns. I had to admit, it was pretty cool being in a foreign country. I wished I had time to do a little sight seeing before I went off to school.

"Your mom said that you would be needing some school supplies," said Charlie. "I thought maybe we could go on Friday."

I cringed. Charlie must not know what he was signing up for. Judging from what my mother told me, Diagon Alley was a major wizarding community and, knowing Charlie, he would freeze up once he saw the place.

"If it's ok with you, I rather do the shopping on my own," I said, as carefully as I could. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Despite my efforts, Charlie seemed a bit put out by my request. I hurried to reassure him that it was for his comfort only. After some negotiating, it was decided that he would drive me into London with all my stuff, I would get my school supplies, and I would meet up with him at our hotel. The following morning we would run over to the train station and I would be on my way to school.

"And this Hogwarts place," said Charlie, seeming to open up our discussion to magic. "Are we sure it's safe?"

"One of the safest places in all of Europe," I assured him. I found it sweet that he was trying to be the protective, concerned father. Maybe this week wouldn't be so bad afterall.

Charlie mumbled something under his breath as we turned into a driveway that I didn't catch. I looked up at the small, two story house that seemed to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. I frowned. Charlie lived here, by himself, for how many years?

Charlie caught my pitying look and shrugged.

"Home sweet home."

Charlie and I hurried through the crowds of the King's Cross Station. My arms slightly ached from weaving my heavy cart through the people. Behind me, Charlie was breathing heavily. Apparently, neither of us were in good shape.

"This platform doesn't even exist," complained Charlie, when he as near enough to talk to me without people overhearing. "Nine and three-quarters? There is no such thing."

I didn't pay much attention to his doubts. I glanced nervously at the clock. Fifteen minutes until the train left the station.

Why does everything come down to fifteen minutes?

"Almost there," I huffed as we past platform seven. I could see the barrier that I supposed to run through. I sighed in relieve as we stopped in front of it.

"Here?" asked Charlie, glancing from platform sign nine to sign ten. I eagerly nodded.

"It's through the wall," I said, pointing at the barrier. He looked at it oddly and squinted his eyes.


I laughed but gave him a hug. Giving him a hug seemed less awkward now. Over the past week, he had put in an honest try at being the dad I had always wanted. He wasn't easy to talk to, but he didn't seem annoyed by my presence. In fact, he seemed rather happy that we were spending time together. I even felt bad for leaving him!

"I'll write to you, ok? Don't be surprise when you see an owl in your kitchen."

Charlie sighed but returned my hug anyway. "I got over the owls with your mom." He pushed me back, placed his hands on my shoulders, and gave me a hard look. "Now, you behave yourself and write often. If they give you the tiniest bit of trouble, I'll give them the old one-two."

I laughed at the thought of my dad, the average muggle, going up against a couple of grown wizards in a fist fight. I shook my head at him, smiling.

"I'll be fine…dad," giving him another hug. He smiled warmly at the nickname and gave me a light pat on the back.

"Now, go on. Don't want to be late."

I nodded and grabbed my cart. I shouted a good bye over by shoulder as I ran toward the barrier. Turning my body forward, my human instincts started to cringe. This was going to hurt. I closed my eyes and waiting for the impact.

It never came.

When I opened my eyes, I was met with a whole new platform. I smiled nervously to myself as I watched young witches and wizards being ushered onto the train by teary-eyes parents. The train, the Hogwarts Express, stood magnificently on the tracks, waiting to start off. It gave a loud whistle, causing me to stumble on my feet. I gripped the bar of the cart, tightly, hoping that no one saw my near fumble. I was such a klutz.

I handed my cart over to a smiling worker, who suggested I board the train quickly. I took his advice and stepped onto the Hogwarts Express with only a small glance behind my shoulder. Well, this was it. I was off on my own for the first time in my life. No more Renee or Charlie. Just Bella and a whole school full of witches and wizards.

The train was divided into compartments with sliding doors attached to them. I frowned, not knowing where to turn. Would someone think it weird if I just asked to join them and their friends? What if I sat with the wrong sort of people and started off this whole Hogwarts experience on the wrong foot?

"You seem lost."

I turned around to see a witch holding a cage with a brown barn owl in it. Her curly brown hair framed her smiling, dimpled face. She held out her free hand.

"I'm Jessica Stanley. You don't look like a first year. Are you new?"

I nodded. She seemed like a friendly enough witch. A bit of a chatterbox, but nice so far.

"I'm Bella Swan," I answered, shaking her hand. "I just moved here from the States."

This seemed to widen her smile, and she grabbed my hand and started to pull me to the right.

"You just have to sit with me and my friends. Don't worry, we're not Slytherins. Stay away from those guys if you can."

I was right: she was a chatterbox. But that was alright with me if it saved me the discomfort of having to find my own compartment. Jessica started to blabber on and on about Hogwarts and its students as we made our way to the very end of the train.

"Guess what, guys!" Jessica cried, as she opened up a compartment door. Three pairs of eyes looked up at me as we barged in. I felt my cheeks glow hot with embarrassment as Jessica started with the introductions.

"Everyone, this is Bella. She's from the States." She identified each student one by one for me. The two boys were Mike and Eric and the girl was Angela. I smiled shyly at each one as Jessica forced me into the seat by the window. Angela gave me a sympathetic look and I smiled back; I could already tell that we were going to be good friends.

"Angela and Mike are in Hufflepuff and Eric's in Ravenclaw," Jessica explained, nearly bouncing up and down in her seat with excitement. "I'm in Gryffindor. They are all really amazing Houses. It's Slytherin you have to avoid; only bad wizards come out of there."

Jessica went on to explain the aspects and characteristics of each House. I already knew everything she said, seeing as how I had browsed through Hogarts: A History last night. The House system was interesting in an exciting sort of way: not that I had any clue which house I was going to be placed in. I wasn't smart enough for Ravenclaw or brave enough for Gryffindor. And I seriously hoped I wasn't sly enough to be put into Slytherin. I guess it would Hufflepuff for me: dependable, loyal, and secure. The thought hadn't appealed to me much last night – Hufflepuff seemed to be the weakest of the Houses – but if nice people like Angela and Mike were in it it couldn't be too bad. At least I would have friends there.

Jessica was ecstatic to find out that I was a sixth year. Apparently, they were all in their sixth year as well and were dying for a new student to cause some excitement. Not that they didn't get enough excitement at Hogwarts, of course…

Halfway through the train ride, Mike got up to find the candy trolley to get some chocolate frogs. My newfound friends had been shocked that they didn't have chocolate frogs in America. Jessica had thrown a fit, insisted they were a classic, and ordered Mike to get some. I laughed as he hurried off. He was cute, a bit like a puppy, but cute.

He returned five minutes later with his arms overflowing with pentagon-shaped boxes. He shut the door quickly behind him and threw the boxes at Jessica, who shrieked.

"You'll never guess who's a couple of compartments down," Mike said, collapsing next to me. He handed me the box he had kept in his hands with a smile on his face.

"Who?" asked Jessica, staring at him intently. She couldn't resist gossip.

And I had a feeling she couldn't resist Mike either.

"The Cullens."

Jessica's mouth dropped open in shock.

"But they never take the train."

I glanced from Mike to Jessica, to Angela and Eric. Jessica seemed to be bubbling with excitement while Angela and Eric seemed to be giving each other nervous glances. Mike, on the other hand, was looking rather proud of himself for relaying this information to us. He leaned back in his seat and put his hands behind his head.

"I guess they decided to get off their high horses for a second," he said mockingly. I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Are they Slytherins?" I asked, returning my eyes to Jessica. No doubt she would spill ever single detail about this family within the remainder of the train ride.

Jessica laughed. "No, but they should be. You should see this family, Bella. They are gorgeous." She stretched out gorgeous to emphasize her point. From beside me, I heard Mike give out a tiny grunt. I could have laughed. Someone was jealous.

"But they are so arrogant," continued Jessica, leaning in toward me. "They hardly talk to anyone but their own family. They even sit together at meals even though they are not all in the same House."


What a crime!

I snickered to myself. Where did the sarcasm come from?

"And they all go out together even though they are in the same family!"

Ok, that was kind of gross.

Angela, sweet, innocent Angela, actually rolled her eyes at Jessica. "They are all adopted, Jess."

Never mind. That was fine.

"But it's still kind of weird," protested Jessica, giving Angela a stern look. She flipped her hair and looked back at Mike and me. Her face was now edged with disgust, and she gave me a warning look. "I'd stay away from them if I were you, Bella. They are a strange family, no matter how good looking they are."

I couldn't hold back my giggle. Which one of the Cullens had rejected her in the past?

The rest of the train ride was spent talking about classes and professors. I was quickly briefed on who was nice and who was mean, who gave too much homework, who to suck up to, etc, etc, etc. Everyone changed into their robes when it was announced that we were a half an hour away from the school. While each of my friends had some sort of color on their robes to identify which House they were in, mine where completely black. I looked down at my robes in inspection: American witches and wizards never wore the traditional black robe. They preferred muggle clothes to robes and dresses.

"You look great, Bella," said Mike, smiling at me. I blushed and looked back down. He had to be kidding.

"Naw, but thanks anyway."

Mike stepped to the side to allow me out of the compartment and out into the aisle. "No, I'm not joking. You really do."

That didn't help with the blushing. Mike was a sweet guy, but he couldn't be hitting on me already, right? He had only known me for a few hours!

I followed Jess as we made our way off of the train and out onto the platform. It seemed that the Hogwarts Express had dropped us off at a small village –Hogsmeade- if I remembered correctly. There was a big man toward the front of the train calling for first years. I gave Jess a questioning look.

"Should I go with them?"

"Not unless you want to ride across the lake with a bunch of eleven year olds," teased Jessica. Instead, she led me over to horseless carriages and insisted I take a seat. Mike and Angela were already there with two other students – Hufflepuffs by the look of it.

Angela smiled at me and gave me a reassuring pat on the back. "Excited?"

I shrugged, but I couldn't ignore the twists and turns of my stomach. In just a few moments I would enter Hogwarts and be sorted into a House.

No pressure. Really…

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