Title: The Unexpected Ending

Author: HalfshellVenus

Characters: Sam and Dean (Gen or Slash)

Rating: K

Summary: This can be read as either Gen or Wincest, depending on you preference. Written for bluesister, who wanted some angst in a drabble on Love. Also for supernatural100's challenge #33, "Lasts."


The boy who thought he lost everything lost his childhood before he could walk.

He lost his family by becoming a man, and held his future with gentle arms until it seared him and burned to ash.

He waited wearily for grief or Fate to claim him. Instead, he was loved back to living outside himself.

Once there was a man who found out he was everything. He was the center, the sun for someone else's heart.

His smile—his laughter— transformed his brother's soul.

He was rescuer and rescued, loved in spite of… because of… to the very end.

-------- fin -------