Chapter 1

What if Bella was a vampire from the south and something just told her to head up north would she fallow her instinct and go or would she continue to live in the south and feed off of HUMANS!!

I hope you like this story I am rating it T but I really don't know if I am going to do anything ok just saying! Tell me if you get bored!!! BE HONEST! I will change it up if u get bored so TELL ME!!

The wind in my hair and the sun on my skin it felt so good so right then as I was

running I picked up a scent "ah humans" I said under my breath and I toke off running

toward the scent. I came up behind them and pounced they didn't even get the chance to

scream or even TRY to run it is not like they are anything compared to me just food. I

had a slight feeling of guilt I mean I did once use to be one of these things one of the

things that I just ripped into tiny little pieces and drank all of its blood

What was happening to me I mean this is so wrong? I thought then I started to run

and run I ran until I came upon a rock and I sat there wondering if I should continue

running or run back to the thing I came from.