Chapter 16

Chapter 16


Why was Alice telling me all of this? It was not that it was not important to me or that I didn't care because I hope greatly that we can be friends because I really think that I am starting to fall in love with Edward but we were not even that close.

Then when she was done it came over me her story sounded a lot like I thought me sister's would I mean the asylum and she being abandoned and that explained why I couldn't find her.

But was that what she was trying to say.

"Alice, are you trying to say that you think we are related?"

Alice stared at me for a while before she answered


I just stared at her I mean what was I suppose to do jump up and down for joy, I am sorry but that was just not possible I was in shock.

"Bella…" Alice called me name probably trying to figure out why I was just staring at her face and not saying anything at all

"Are you sure?"

"Not really but I am hoping."

"Well how can we know for sure? We can't have a blood test or anything"

"I don't know"

I turned around to find Edward to see if he could help us in any way but I discovered he was not there

"He left to give us soon privacy while we talked"


"How about we go home and ask Carlisle and see if he know of anyway we can be sure"

Alice stood up and put out her hand to help me.


"Don't worry about"

She was still holding on to my hand as we took of running, for some reason it did not bother me it gave me comfort.


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