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Chapter 1

The door holder

"Thanks dad." I said to Charlie as he pulled my bag out the trunk of his police cruiser. I was coming back to college after spending Charismas break with him. My mom Renee wasn't too happy with me, but I figured I would have to start alternating soon enough between the two. I spent last Christmas with mom so I thought this one should be with Charlie.

(Everything is the same, only there was never a Cullen family in Forks)

I lived with Renee until I was sixteen. I moved to a small town in Washington called Forks to live with Charlie because Renee remarried. Phil was a nice guy and all, but I thought mom should be with him instead of back in Phoenix with me. Living with Charlie wasn't bad. We both respected each other and were pretty quite. I met my best friend at school there, Angela. We both came to Washington State University together. We were roommates our freshman year and now that we were sophomores we had to two more roommates. Jessica, another friend from Forks, and a girl name Jenna.

Well, Jenna kind of got knocked up last August so she dropped out during the break. I felt bad for her, but she was asking for it. She had a different guy every weekend! The last I talked to her she had the father narrowed down to three guys.

I walked up the stairs to the dorms, turning to wave Charlie good bye. I made my way to the fourth floor and saw my room was cracked open. One of the girls must be in already. I walked in and shut the door behind me. Our student apartment style housing, as it was called, was small but cozy.

You entered between the kitchen and breakfast nook, it was small, but I was the only one who cooked so it worked out. Then, right off the kitchen was the living room. It was just big enough to fit a couch and TV. We had some beanbags as well thrown around for additional seating. If you walked down the hall to the right it would lead to Jessica and Angela's rooms and one full bathroom. Walking down the left hall was my room and the new roommates and another full size bathroom.

"Bella!" Angela appeared from her side of the apartment. She was a tall lanky girl. Her face was long and narrow with thin lips. Her eyes were a little too far apart, but they were this amazing blue color. Her long hair she always wore in a pony tail was light dirty blond.

"Hey Ang! How was your holiday?" I asked walking over to meet her hug.

"Oh Bella! You know I went with Ben (her high school sweet heart) to his grandparents in New York City and oh my God! It was awesome! They all loved me! Can you believe it?"

"Yeah Ang, I can. I'm glad you had a fun break." I said heading to my end to the apartment to unpack. She followed when I waved for her come on.

"How was Charlie?" She asked sitting down on my standard twin size bed.

"Oh, fine. Christmas was peaceful. He got me an iPod! I could have killed him!" I saw her face; she knew how I was with presents, "Oh it gets better. Renee got me a laptop."

"Oh Bella! I know I know, but you needed one! Walking to the library late at night like you were doing was dangerous."

I understood what she meant, but still. I hated people spending large amounts of money on me, especially when I know they don't have it. Or well, even if they did have it!

"So who is our new roommate?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Umm, her name is Alice and she is a sophomore like us. That's all I know." She said standing up. "I'm starving, want to go see if the cafeteria has anything good?"

"Sure, sure" I said following her out of my room. There was a knock at the door as we entered the living room. I went and opened it. There stood a beautiful, umm, small girl. She wore her hair short, but still quite stylish and it was black. Speaking of stylish her cloths looked designer. She had two small bags with her.

"Hello! I'm Alice Cullen your new roommate!" She exclaimed. She made her way into the kitchen. "Ok, wait let me guess, you must be Isabella." She said excitedly pointing one small index finger at me. I was still standing with the door wide open.

"Yes, she is, but we call her Bella" Jessica said walking through the door. "Hello, Alice I'm Jessica and this is Angela. I'm going to unpack, I'm beat." Jess was another tall thin girl. She had a main of blond curly hair that, by the looks of it, she got cut. I was right to her shoulders now.

"Oh, Jess you got hair cut." Angela said walking back to their side of the apartment. I was left with our new little roommate. Even though she was small, I could tell she was very smart.

"My room must be back here." She said turning around and eminently walking torwds the empty room. I went to shut the door, but someone stopped me. I opened it back up to see a very tall, thin blond guy standing in the door way. "Hello, umm, I'm Jasper Hale, Alice's boyfriend." He said setting down one of the many bags he was carrying to shake my hand.

"Bella" I said, taking it.

"It's nice to meet you Bella." He said tipping his head.

"Jazz!" Alice squeaked coming from the hall, now empty handed. She went up and took some of the bags. "Really Jasper, did you have to try and carry everything at once?"

"Alice, be real, if we only carried two bags at a time, we would be here all week." Said another male voice as a very large dark hair boy strolled in carrying even more things then Jasper. He was tan, like Alice and they had the same hazel eyes.

"Hey Bella, this is my brother Emmett. He'll be somewhere in the building here too, with Jazz and my other brother Edward." Alice said, walking back to her room with Jasper and Emmett close behind. I looked out the hall to make sure no one else would be coming and shut the door. I turned to go see if she need help when there was a knock on the door.

Oh, come on, really?! I thought turning back to the door. I opened it to see a pair of beautiful green eyes staring back at me. This boy was smaller than Jasper, but his skin had that same glow Alice and Emmet had. His copper colored hair going in every direction. His perfect lips hanging open slightly. I looked back to his eyes, they were bright and deep. He blinked quickly a few times looking down at the ground. That woke me and I found my mouth had been hanging open too. I looked to see he was sporting a lot of luggage like the other two boys so I smiled.

"Alice?" I question.

He smiled, one side slightly higher than the other, "Yes"

I opened the door to have Emmett and Jasper race back out. "Here, let me help you." I said taking a few of the bags.

"Thanks" he breathed.

"No problem, I'll take you to her room." I said turning around, not even worrying about the door anymore.

Alice was already unpacking as we entered. "Oh, Edward thanks!" She said jumping up to take the bags. She set them on the already made bed and started unpacking them as well.

"Do you need any help Alice?" I asked setting the things I was holding on the bed too.

"Sure, Bella thanks!" She said, the excitement never leaving her voice.

"Well, I'm going to get the rest. Maybe we can get moved in today too." Edward said turning to the hall. I smiled at him as he gave me a quick wink and left.

"So, Alice, where are you from?" I asked trying to make conversation as I hung up the dresses that were hanging on the door knob.

"Well, we were born in Alaska, but my dad is a doctor, so we moved a few times over my life. When I was six we moved to L.A. but my mother didn't like it so, a year later we were in Aston. We lived there until I was fifteen when we moved for the last time too New York City. That's where I met Jasper."

"Wow, New York City? Why are you at Washington State then?" I asked surprised they weren't at NYU or something like that.

"Well, when the guys got back from Iraq, they offered them a few nice schools and they decided to go somewhere small. You know how war can be on the mind. Oh, and Emmett's fence goes here." She added, making it very clear with her smile that that is the real reason they were here.

"They were in the military?" I asked astounded.

Alice gigged a little. "Yeah, they each joined right out of high school. Jasper's father is a Lieutenant General in the U.S. Army. Jazz didn't really have a choice. He did well though. He moved right up thru the ranks, as far as he could go at least. Emmett was a tank operator. He enjoyed it, but it was extremely dangerous and his fiancée, Rosalie begged him to get out. I mean she enjoyed the fact she could say she was dating a soldier, but after a few scares she decided it wasn't worth losing him for popularity. Edward was a medic, he just wanted to help. And he did, he saved a lot of people over there." She finished, trailing off. I could tell she didn't really like the fact her boy friend and brothers being at war.

"Alright, this is it." Emmett announced walking thru the bedroom door. He set the things down in the only place left, the door way.

Jasper set his things down and I could tell he saw Alice's change in mood. He walked over to her rubbing her arms. She looked up at him and gave him a small smile. His brow came forward, but he kissed her on the top of her head and pulled her into a hug. It was such a sweet moment I quickly felt ashamed for watching. I caused her depression after all.

"Everything alright?" I heard the velvet voice of Edward in the door. I looked up at him, but he just stared straight at his sister.

"Yeah, everything's fine Edward." Alice said pulling away from Jasper, but he still held her hand. "Well, you boys better get your things and settle into your own apartment. Out! I need to get to know my roommates!" Jasper looked a bit hesitant to leave her, but she gave a wide smile and waved them out of the room. I followed.

"It was nice meeting you Bella." Jasper said after kissing Alice again on the head.

"You too, all of you." I said looked up at Emmett and Edward. Emmett gave me a large open grin revealing cute dimples on each cheek. Edward lowered his head, but I caught the small smile. Shy, how sweet, I thought.

Alice shut the door behind them and turned to me, "Well?! That's my family!" She said smiling wide again.

"They seem nice." I said. "So tell me more about you."

We went back into her room and we continued unpacking her. The amount of stuff she brought was ridiculous. But the more she talked to more I knew this was just Alice.

Apparently, she was majoring in Business to one day start her own clothing line. She went on about the latest fashions and how she could really do wonders. I felt like she was implying something. Emmett was the oldest of her siblings, followed by Edward, then Alice. Jasper was Emmett's age and Emmett's Rosalie was Jasper's twin sister…I think. It was confusing. Emmett and Edward were waiting for their time to "un enlist" as Alice put it, but Jasper was staying in a few more years. Alice got upset again, so I changed the subject.

"What about your parents?"

"Oh, well, my father Carlisle is a doctor, a very good doctor at that." She beamed, praising him. "And my mother, Esme, is an enterer designer." She brought over a family picture. They were at, wow, the effile tower! I could tell where they each got there looks from. Carlisle was a tall handsome blond. Edward had his jaw and the same crooked smile. Next to him stood a smaller dark hair woman; I knew must have been Esme. She had the same friendly face Emmett and Alice have, and there perfect skin came from their mother as well. I could see Alice and Emmet got there hazel eyes from their father, while Edward inherited his mothers green. But my eyes couldn't move from the bronze hair god that smiled back at me. He was perfect.

We spent most of the night talking and getting to know one another. Ang and Jess came out the talk. It got late before we knew it so I decided to cook mac n' cheese, we all ate together. Alice was such a nice person. But I must say I loved listening to her praise her family, mostly her older brother Edward who didn't seem to have a flow at all.

The next morning was Sunday, the day before we started class. Alice woke early and Jasper was already over when I came out at nine. "Oh, hello." I said, covering myself. It was just a reaction because I was wearing a tank and sweats.

"Good morning Bella." Jasper said as Alice snuggled closer to him. I got the feeling I was interrupting, so I went to the kitchen. I put some toast in the toaster when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see Emmett and Edward standing there, fully dressed.

"Hello Bella!" Emmett boomed walking in. I stood out of the way watching as Edward walked slowly in. Emmett went straight to Alice and Jasper in the living room.

"Sorry" Edward said quietly. "We're all going to get a out books and walk to campus."

I smiled at him, "Hungry?"

He looked over at me smiling lightly, "No thank you, we grabbed something at the cafeteria.

My toast popped up then. I went to get it while Edward watched. He sat at one of the bar stools at the bar that separated the kitchen from the living room. He continued to watch me as I stood infront of him to butter it.

"What?" I asked looking up at him as he smiled.

"Nothing." He answered, turning to the living room.

Alice stood up and walked over to the bar. "You know Bella; we could use a tour guide today. You should come with us." She said looking mostly at Edward. He just looked over her head pretending he didn't hear her.

"Umm, sure, let me go get dressed. I'll be ten minutes." I said throwing the rest of my rood in the trash and rinsing my plate. I walked around the bar and into my room.

I could hear Emmett saying something so I stood closer to the door. "Boy she is smoking! Come on Eddie, you better jump on that before someone else does!"

I stood stiff, waiting for Edward to answer, but he didn't instead Alice did. I think she must of hit him because Emmett grunted and Alice said, "Leave him alone doofus! Bella isn't like that. She's never even had a real boyfriend."

I looked at myself in my small mirror in my room. No I hadn't, but I can't believe she just said that. I got dressed and put my shoes on, then combed my hair. When I came out Emmett and Edward looked to be wrestling. I stopped in the doorway, looking at them. Edward was smacking Emmett on the side of the face while Emmett tried getting his arms around Edwards's waist. Edward looked over to see me standing there and stood up, but Emmett tackled him.

"What the hell!" He yelled pushing Emmett off him.

"What?" Emmett said straitening him shirt collar.