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Chapter 5

Mushrooms and Meatballs

Edward and I arrived at Olive Garden in record time. The man drives like a maniac! There was one time on the way over I thought we were going to jump through time, he was going well over 90! But, we finally pulled into, or well more like raced into a parking spot. As soon as I was sure the Volvo would move no more, I throw myself out and onto the hard black top.

"GROUND" I yelled dramatically, falling to my knees.

"See, I told you he was going to scar her for life" I heard Alice's soft voice approach me from the right.

"Yes, well it wouldn't have been much better riding with you" Jasper said, I could hear the smile I was sure to be on his face.

"Or you!" Emmett's naturally loud voice boomed and I was shaken out of my horror state and snapped my head around to see my friends standing around me.

"Bella sweet heart, please get off the ground before Alice rips you to shreds for dirtying her dress, I would like to have you around a bit longer." There was no mistaking who this voice belong too. His deep smooth words danced around my ears like a lullaby to a child. He stepped in front of me, holding out his strong hand for me to take and I obliged.

We walked through the large double rod iron doors and into a small waiting area. Jasper stepped up to the hostess, informing her of our number.

"She gives it about 25 minutes" he said walking the few feet back to where we stood.

"WHAT?! I'm so freakin hungry I could eat a grizzly bear!" Emmett said rubbing is stomach in a circular motion.

I couldn't help my small giggle as he gave us all a pout. "Please don't encourage him, he will only get worse." Alice warned me as she pulled her GUESS wallet out of her matching GUESS pocket book. "I'll be right back."

Rosalie, who had been silent this whole time, wrapped her arms around her fiancé and kissed him lightly on the cheek. It was too sweet how that tiny little touch automatically settled Emmett down. He pulled her closer to him, resting his chin onto her beautiful golden hair.

"Alright, let's go" Alice said dancing back to our little group. She was closing her wallet as she spoke, "They're ready for us."

It took me a second to realize what she had done and I felt my jaw fall to the ground. Edward gave me a small push on my elbow to get me moving along. He just stared straight ahead with the little crooked grin. How on Earth could they just throw money around like that? Twenty-five minutes wasn't THAT long.

As we walked through what seemed like a entire restaurant, people stopped there eating to stare at us. I suddenly felt very self contiuse as my hands pulled at the hem of my, umm Alice's dress. We finally got to our table, it was large, round, and set up perfectly for six people. I waited for everyone else to pick a spot before I moved. But before I could reach for the chair in front of me, Edward was there, one hand pulling it out as the other guided me him.

There was no else as I looked up into those deep emerald eyes. No hostess, no Alice or Jasper or Emmett and Rosalie, all the guest seace to exist, there was only Edward Cullen. He stepped closer to me, wrapping his strong arms lightly around my waist. I felt week, everything around was going dark, my chest was tight and screamed at me for something, but I wasn't listening, I was engulfed by Edward touch, his lips close to my ear, his hands on my back, his cheek lightly rubbed against mine…

"Breath Bella" he whispered, I gasped quietly, my chest loosening immediately. He let out a little chuckled as he kissed my forehead.

"Alright" Emmett breathed, "Let's get down to business!" He rubbed his hands together before taking up his menu.

"Oh, I'm ready for the bread sticks, there the best thing here" Jasper said, turning in his seat for the waiter.

"Oh, no, it's the salad! De-vine" Alice chirped in, with emphasis on the De and vine.

"What are you getting?" Edward asked me as I skimmed my own menu.

"Umm…I haven't been here in forever." I answered, biting down on my bottom lip, "How about…mushroom ravioli?"

"You're so beautiful when you're thinking" He said. I looked up, shocked at his response to my order.

"Umm…well…" I stumbled, the remembered to look away from his eyes so I could think, "Well, you're just beautiful all the time"

I heard a snort from my left and looked up at Emmett who was sitting on the other side of Rosalie from me, he was pretending to read him menu as he smirked. "You too should write Hallmark cards together, what saps."

"You know Emm, some women like to hear beautiful words, telling them how much their loved and how much there wanted. There is, and I know this might sound Greek to you, but there IS more to love the sex."

Rosalie let out a snort to match Emmett's as they went back to looking over their menus. It amazed me how relationships could so different. Alice and Jasper seemed to have totally internal relationship, while Emmett and Rosalie's was almost completely external…I wonder what type Edward and I have, or will have.

"Hello, sorry for the delay, these break sticks are fresh from the oven!" a boy, that could be no older than me announced as he placed tree baskets on the table. "May I offer you a battle of our signatur wine, straight from Italy, preserved for…"

"No, thank you" Rose cut in, not looking up from her menu. "I would like a glass of white wine please and water." She finished, still not looking at the waiter.

"I'll have a beer and a coke. Thanks man" Emmett cheerful voice eased the awkward moment.

"I'll just have water, thank you" Alice ordered.

"A coke, please" Jasper said, giving the waiter a friendly nod.

"What? Come on Jazz have a beer with me" Emmett said in a pressuring voice.

"Sorry Emm, but someone has to drive back."

"Alice just ordered water!"

"I meant you and Rose"

"It's just on beer and one glass of wine" Rose shot back, finally looking up to give Jasper an evil glare.

"Still, it isn't safe, and I would really like to have my brother a little longer" was Alice's retort, mirroring Rosalie's expression.

"I'll take coke" Edward's voice rose over Rosalie's' to lighten the mood a bit for the poor waiter.

"And I'll have a coke too" I said, giving the waiter, who's name tag read Chris, a small smile.

"No problem, I'll be right back."

He walked away from the table; looking back a few times at us, poor guy, I bet that was disturbing…

I looked down to see two baskets of bread sticks gone and immediately reached over and grabbed one for myself before the vultures returned. The taste was unbelievable as I bit down, the garlic just right, the bread practically melted in my mouth.

Emmett let out a large breath, "Hmmm…garlic, keeps the vampires away!!"

The waiter was back in record breaking time, he have each of us our drinks and poured Rosalie her wine. It amazed me how he didn't even card her, didn't even ask her age.

"So, is everyone ready to order?" Chris said in what I could tell was a fake cheerful voice.

"Yes, I think we are" Edward answered in his usual polite manor. "I'll take the three meat lasagna, please and my lovely date would like the mushroom ravioli, thank you" he ordered, taking up my menu and his to hand back to Chris.

Jasper was next, "We will share the tree cheese ziti, thank you" he finished, handing the waiter both he and Alice's menus.

"Yeah, I'll take the large order of spaghetti and meatballs" Emmett said, handing his menu up to Chris.

Rose was last, "I'll have a caser salad, little Cesar"

We spent the little time it took for our food to cook, talking, eating breadsticks, and joking around. Emmett's, one beer turned into four before Chris returned with our dinner. He was sure to give me mine himself. His eyes raked over my bare shoulders…and below my neck. I scooted closer to Edward, raping my right arm around his.

Edward looked up and Chris, let back down at me, he placed a kiss my head, then unwrapped his napkin and placed it in his lap. I looked around the table to see them all, even Emmett do the same. I couldn't help my cheesy grin at the thought of Emmett or Rosalie for that matter, with manors.

Chris gave each of us our cheese and left the table. I was about to place my first bite of the delicious meal when I felt a hand on my leg, no my thigh. I stopped for a second, my heart pounding, the blood in my veins stopped flowing at the warm, soft feeling of this hand.

I tried to play it off, popping the piece of mushroom in my mouth.

"Bella? Earth to Bella!" I heard Alice from across the table. I looked, my eyes focusing to see everyone, except Edward, staring at me.

"Umm…" I cleared my throat, "Sorry, were you saying something?"

"Yes, silly! I was saying, you, Rose, and I should go shopping this weekend! I haven't been in ages and it'll be a good bonding day for us all." She said, eyeing Rose at that last part. I looked over at her, to see her back focused on her salad.

"Umm, yeah, sure Alice." The hand was still there…not moving…on my thigh…my almost bare thigh…

I went back to my food, while Alice and Emmett conversed. What was Edward doing? I…not that I didn't like it, no I…I don't know what I feel about it. I, well it scared me at first, but now…now I wander how far…

I was about to put another bit in my mouth when the hand suddenly moved…up. I jerked my left hand, the one hold the piece of mushroom and ravioli, covered in sauce. The piece flew off…right at the person sitting next to me.

Rosalie screamed, my mushroom landed right between her breasts, sliding down her dress. I gasped, everything went silent.

"You, stupid little girl, this is Prada! Oh my God!" Rosalie was very upset, trying hard to gently lift the piece out with her fingers.

"Here, let me help!" Emmett said, laughing silently, he grabbed Roses shoulder and persuaded to "help" her get the mushroom out from between her breast..

"Rose, you know, calling my girlfriend a stupid little girl isn't nice." Edward voice came from my other side; I looked over to see a large piece of his lasagna balancing on a spoon. "She is most certainly not stupid, and if I do say so myself", he looked me up down slightly, "she isn't at all little and any of the right places, now…I must be a gentleman and defend my lady." He catapulted the lasagna at Rose, it landed right in her lap.

"EDWARD!" She screamed, standing up. "Emmett! Do something!" she said hitting him on the shoulder while waving her other hand like a child not getting their way.

So what does Emmett do, he takes a handful of his spaghetti and hurls it at Edward, but Edward dodged it. Wow, was he quick. Suddenly I had cheesy baked ziti flying at m face! I was hit, everywhere. Alice had another hand full ready by the time I looked up to see where the shrapnel had come from. Jasper and Emmett were at in, Edward got Alice, but then Rose grabbed my shoulder and smeared my own food on my bare skin!

This was war! An all out food fight! Right smack dab in the middle of a packed Olive Garden. Soon, other tables were joining, the waiters were standing at the sides, not sure what to do. The manager was running around asking people to stop while catching flying plates and cups.

I had just sent the rest of my meal at Alice when I felt a hand on my back; I turned to look face to face at the most dirty beautiful creature known to man, by boyfriend, Edward Cullen. I reached up and pressed my lips firmly to his, I tasted all the sauces and cheeses of the restaurant, but it was still the most sensual kiss we had shared yet.

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