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Chapter One: The beginning of a new generation

-October Tenth 1865 C.E.; Konohagakure no Sato of the Gokuni-

"Al-Tair, I trust you most among any foreigner to our country" Namikaze Minato said, facing his friend.

"Thank you sir, why, may I ask why you say this?" Al-Tair questioned

"Because, I'm going to die tonight, there's no way we can kill the beast, I want you to take my child, baptize him in your ways, let him become a member of the Brotherhood, and then you will send him back here on his twelfth birthday, when his training is over and he'd normally go and spend his three years traveling, he will then become a ninja here. Do You understand me?" Minato asked very seriously

"Yes, I Al-Tair Ibn La'Ahad vow that your son will be raised as a member of our Brotherhood of Assassins." Al-Tair Announced.

"Good, now the third Hokage will bring you my son tomorrow morning, rest Al-Tair, and I will see you in the afterlife" Namikaze turned and went to face his death.

-October Tenth, 1877 C.E. Eastern gate of Konoha-

Three men, all dressed in white robes moved with incredible speed through the forest, they wore hoods to conceal their identity but anyone who knew these men knew who they were. The guards of this gate of Konoha did not however, so they stopped them.

"State your name and purpose here"

"My name is Al-Tair Ibn La'Ahad, we have a letter from the Third Hokage, we're allowed to be here"

"Okay then, let me escort you"

"I know where the tower is, I've been here before"

"Procedure sir, I'm simply doing my job"

"If you insist"

-Hokage Tower-

The guard knocked at the door.


"Sir, there's a group of men here to see you"

"Thank you, you may return to your posts" Sarutobi said He stood to greet his guests. "I see you brought him Al-Tair, you can keep even a twelve year promise, I'm surprised"

"I'm a man of my word no matter how much time passes" the assassin replied.

"I assume you taught him our gennin curriculum as well as your own?"

"Yes sir, we also taught him some other more useful jutsu that our group is known to use"

"I see, tell me Naruto, how do you like Konoha so far?" Sarutobi asked.

"It's much larger than I expected, even though I was born here, it's rather nice, I'll have to explore more of it" Naruto bowed.

"Well then, Al-Tair, I'll settle him into his housing arrangement, and get him a map and some dinner, Naruto, your test will be tomorrow, class starts at eight a.m. be there on time" Sarutobi said.

"Well then, we'll be taking our leave, Naruto, write to us, tell us how things are going" Al-Tair smiled.

"I'll make sure to, you guys were like family to me, I'll keep you updated as much as possible" Naruto smiled beneath his hood, he felt his mentor and godfather embrace him in a hug. The two other assassins left for their home, Masyaf in a mountainous region up north.

"So Naruto, you know who your father is I take it?"

"Yes sir, he was the fourth Hokage, and my mother was from a prominent clan in the Whirlpool country, Uzumaki Kushina"

"I've made sure to have men keep their house clean and in good order so that you may live there. your father was a member of the Brotherhood, for ten years, then they granted him special leave so he could become a ninja here. But as I am told you are still going to be a member after fifteen if I or the next Hokage allows it" Sarutobi turned toward his window

"Yes, they say that I will be sent on missions in villages and towns surrounding here"

"If by then you have attained Chunin then I will allow it, let me send for a shinobi to escort you and bring you a map." the fire shadow raised his right hand. A man in a mask appeared.

"Hatake Kakashi, I'm asking you to take Naruto to his house, his family's home"

"You mean this is sensei's son?" Kakashi said, surprised.

"Yes, take him to the Namikaze-Uzumaki house" the old man nodded

"Yes sir, Naruto if you will please follow me" The two left the building.

Naruto and the elder ninja he was escorted by arrived at the gate and they walked through, Naruto instinctively locked it behind him with a key that the Hokage had given him. They walked up the path to a large house, not extravagant, but still large by the standards of most.

"So this will be my home? It seems like a lot of wasted space for me"

"You can set up training rooms you know, and have guests once you make some friends, my name is Hatake Kakashi, I was a student to your father, the only surviving of the three of us."

"I notice you wear your Hitai Ate over your left eye, this usually indicates a facial injury, are you missing that eye?" Naruto inquired

"I had it replaced, but with a special… gift, If you are my student then I'll show you in time. I'll be taking on a three man squad from the academy." Naruto had spent years around men like him, the look in his eye showed that he had killed countless men, this one was dangerous.

"Thank you, do you know of any good restaurants around here?"

"Yeah, do you like ramen? I'll pay for it" Kakashi asked

"It's not my favorite, but it sounds good" Naruto responded almost instantly. "Let me go put my things down"

Naruto and Kakashi sat in the ramen bar called Ichiraku's for about an hour, Naruto had finally removed his hood to reveal a close shaved head of blonde hair, three marks on each cheek and a single scar through his left eye brow. They conversed on many topics from the layout and history of Konoha, to Kakashi's exploits in the village's special forces unit the ANBU. Finally the two parted ways and Naruto began his way home. Arriving there he picked up his rucksack he had brought with him and walked upstairs, took a right and walked to the end of the hall, choosing the master bedroom. On his left side he wore a double edged sword that was standard in his Brotherhood, he removed this first. The strap for his sword held many throwing knives He unbuttoned his cloak, which buttoned to his sternum, then angled to his right hip, both sides from the waist down were open, revealing brown pants and black boots, he had a killing knife on his right leg and on the bottom of his right gauntlet was a retracting blade. He wore a simple black t-shirt under his cloak. He next unbuckled his hardened leather gauntlets and removed them, setting them on the dresser that was in the room. He removed his shirt and folded it neatly and placed it next to his gauntlets. The right pocket of his pants held a small folding knife that was clipped to his pocket, he set this on his night stand. Next he removed his killing knife, the sheath was attached to his boot by two straps, this he also set on his night stand. He removed his boots and set them in front of his bed, he removed his pants last and set them neatly folded atop his shirt and cloak. He climbed into his bed and went to sleep.

Naruto rose the next morning at six a.m. and walked to his bathroom, he quickly showered, dressed and equipped himself. He pulled the map from his rucksack and found the spot marked "Ninja academy", he then left his house and moved quickly that way. Arriving, he scaled to the room he was supposed to be in, floor 2, class 3. He walked in, chose a spot in the back next to a rather dark looking boy with raven colored hair and a navy blue shirt. This boy paid him no attention externally, but mentally he made a note.

This guy masks his signature incredibly well, he moves in a way unlike any gennin or recruit, who is he?

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, you can stop staring at me" Naruto muttered. His neighbor was surprised, but hardly showed it.

"Uchiha Sasuke, I can tell it, you're strong, let's fight after these tests"

"You'd die, I've already got my blade poised to cut your femoral artery" Sasuke saw the retractable blade that was mere millimeters from his artery. He hadn't even noticed the blade move.

"What are you?"

"Make sure you're not my enemy, that's all I'll say" Naruto retracted the blade as the teacher walked in.

"Students, we have a new member, please introduce yourself"

"No" Iruka was taken back by this, but continued anyway.

"We're going to do the Gennin tests today, Naruto, because of your unwillingness to be polite you're to go first, and we'll make your test in front of the class" Iruka smirked. Naruto stood and walked to the front of the room.

"What do I have to do?"

"You have to make three normal bunshin, do the transformation jutsu, and demonstrate your kunai and shuriken ability"

"I don't have kunai or shuriken, only normal throwing knives, normal bunshin are pointless, let me show you the Kage Bunshin" Naruto held up his hands and made the seal, creating the three copies of himself. "What do we need to transform into?" he asked.

"Me" they instantly and in unison made the proper seals and transformed into Iruka, he then dispelled the clones and returned to his white robed self.

"Where is the target?" Naruto asked. Iruka was still surprised by the joint jutsu combination, so he hesitated with shock before straightening.

"Mizuki, please bring the target out here, let's have the whole class test out here." Iruka instructed his assistant. Mizuki brought out the human silhouette target and set it up. Naruto stood where he was instructed, and in a flash of movement he planted a knife in the center of the target over the head, he then planted two more so close together in the same spot one may think he hit the same spot. He then planted three more of the throwing knives in the chest target, also dead center. He walked to the silhouette and pulled his knives from the target, putting them in their respective slots.

"Do I pass?" Naruto inquired. Iruka was still staring at the target, mouth agape, he took a second asking to get an answer.

"Yes…Yes you do." He handed him the hitai ate and asked him to take his seat. Students looked at him with stares of shock and jealousy, many female students wore looks they usually saved for the class heart throb Sasuke. Naruto carefully watched the tests to see who passed and who failed.

Many students failed, but overall most of them passed. Naruto lay outside enjoying the sunny day before he left to his home. He extended his blade when he noticed the presence of someone, it was a girl with long pink hair.

"What do you want?" Naruto asked, sitting up and looking at his guest.

"My name is Haruno Sakura, will you go on a date with me?" She asked, smiling, Naruto thought it was an attempt to be charming.



"No" Naruto retracted his blade. Standing to his full height of about five feet. "And I'll tell you why" Naruto held up one finger "You're trying too hard to be attractive, and judging by your chakra signature, not hard enough to be a ninja." Two fingers up "I don't know you at all, you've not even seen my face without my hood, and you probably just want me because I passed with such a high score." he raised his third finger "My final reason is because I don't like girls with long hair, if you were to cut it to about here" He placed the edge of his hand at about mid neck to her "It would compliment you much better" He then turned "If you can beat that Sasuke kid, or arouse my interest in some other way, then maybe I'll consider" he walked off and left her to think.

-The Next Day-

Naruto arrived at the school building at the same time he did the previous day. He sat in the back, and a blond girl came up to him, he didn't even wait for her to introduce herself.

"No, I will not go on a date with you"

"What? Why?" she shouted.

"Ask Sakura, she'll tell you" Naruto said, Sasuke arrived at that time.

"Ahh, my brooding friend, how goes it? Tell me, before I arrived, did these girls give you trouble?"

"Yes, they did, how did you get so strong without ever being inside a ninja academy?" Sasuke sat next to him.

"I never said I wasn't in a ninja academy, I belonged to a special group, they're superior to your ninja, the clan I was raised with has origins in the fort Alamut in Iran, they've been around since about the 1100's, a great people they are. Our group has since evolved and adapted some of your jutsu. Let's you and I be friends, I can tell you're gonna be a good ally" Naruto extended his left hand. Sasuke took his hand and shook it.

"You wear so many different weapons… why?"

"Different situations, would you use a kunai to kill a samurai or spearman? How about using a sword to kill a man who's twenty feet away or perhaps right up close? Or in a confined space? You need different weapons, the teacher's here, listen up" Naruto said as Iruka walked into the classroom.

"Listen up, all of you here passed the gennin exam, now you are to be broken up into three man cells, some will be balanced for specific tasks, others are just general teams. First I'll start with the Reconnaissance team, this consists of Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino." Iruka called several teams. Finally, there were just six people left in the room who weren't on a team. "Finally, in typical tradition, there's the Yamanaka-Nara-Akimichi team, leaving only the Assassination team, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura" Naruto smiled, assassination was his best subject. "Your teachers will be picking you up shortly" Iruka left the classroom.

Over the next hour, every three man cell was picked up except the assassination team, or team seven. Naruto began fidgeting, he never liked people who were late, so decided to set a trap, he produced some tripwire from under his cloak and went to work stringing a trap.

"He's never gonna fall for that" Sasuke said.

"I met our teacher two days ago when I arrived here, he'll fall for it" Naruto had strung his miniature crossbow and loaded a piece of chalk.

"You know, normally Naruto you'd be right, but I learned never to use doors when dealing with your kind" Kakashi said, standing in the window.

"Roof. Now." Kakashi said and vanished. Naruto unstrung his trap and took his crossbow. Then made the ascent to the roof.

"Well, as a formality I have to ask your name, hobbies, dislikes and dreams, so let's take turns, you first Naruto" Kakashi pointed to the young assassin in training.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, my likes are my brothers in Masyaf, training and bladed weapons. My dislikes are people who can't follow their own path and my dream is to become Hokage like my father." Naruto said quickly. Kakashi pointed to Sasuke.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, my likes are training and painting, my dislikes are impatient people and people who betray their loved ones for power, my dreams are to kill a certain man and to restore my clan" Kakashi nodded and pointed to Sakura.

"My name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are chocolate and a certain person, my dislikes are arrogant people, my dream is to become like Tsunade and become a powerful Kunoichi"

"One has to train in order to become strong Sakura" Naruto interrupted.

"Okay, so my name is Hatake Kakashi, my likes are people who are willing to do anything for their friends and loved one, my dislikes are people who abandon their friends. My dreams… I haven't thought of my dreams" Kakashi had some papers in his hand, he handed them to the students. "Your first mission is another test that is used to filter out even more bad seeds, arrive at training ground 7 tomorrow morning at eight a.m. tomorrow morning, and don't eat, you'll just puke" Kakashi then turned and vanished.

"What's he gonna have us do?" Sakura asked.

"Al-Tair had me do an exercise like this, make sure you eat, even though he told you not to, bring all weapons you have and leave all hesitation at home" Naruto then ran, jumped from the railing on the roof and landed on another building, he took off in the direction of the Hokage mountains.

-Chapter one: End-