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Chapter two: Rising to the challenge

Naruto found himself to be the only one at the training ground at 7:30a.m., he had figured that at least one of the others would be there a half hour early. He was wrong, he saw a statue that appeared to have names carved into it, he walked closer, intrigued, he read through them, finding thousands of names, he paused when he saw his father's name.

"Father, you've left me with a curse, but as long as no one knows, then I'll live with it" Naruto said, his hood covered his expression.

"What's this curse?" Sasuke asked. Naruto looked over, then looked at the statue.

"Nothing that concerns you" he turned, looking to the gate. "The other two are here" As if on cue, they both arrived, from opposite directions, Kakashi had come from behind, Sakura came from the gate.

"So, it seems we're all here, now let me show you what we're doing" the Hatake drew two bells from the pouch on his belt. "Your task is to get the bells, you have until noon" Kakashi smiled beneath his mask "You may use any force necessary, if you don't…" Kakashi's gaze became threatening "You'll die" He tucked them into his belt.

"What happens if we fail?" Sakura asked.

"You're sent back to the academy, as a failure"

"That's impossible, Al-Tair told me that when I was assigned to a team, that there would be three, and if it were two gennin and a jounin then the formations would be unbalanced" Naruto said.

"Nope, We'll combine the surviving teams and use them" Kakashi smiled "You have until noon…GO!" All three disappeared quickly.

Kakashi stood in the middle of the clearing, scratching his head.

"Those three have hidden themselves well, Naruto's no doubt around here somewhere, Sasuke will probably find him or challenge me alone, Sakura will find Naruto or Sasuke" Kakashi ducked quickly as a crossbow bolt flew directly above his head, he turned and caught Naruto's wrist, preventing his blade from piercing. He rolled back and executed a wheel throw, Naruto used his hands to catch himself and sprung back to his feet.

"I never expected you to be the one to challenge me alone" Kakashi stood, rolling his wrists.

"I wanted to gauge myself. So alone was the best way before I get them to help me" Naruto drew his sword and brought the blade in quickly, Kakashi dodged the lethal blade as best he could. He never had expected the kick, but he still caught it, Naruto lashed out with his left hand next, Kakashi also caught this, flipping him over, Naruto reached for the bell, extending his blade at the last moment, barely piercing Kakashi's leg, who dropped him and jumped back like he were some possessed item, Naruto picked up the bell and ran to the safety of the forest. Kakashi clenched his fists.

"Damn, I forgot about that damned blade, now he's got a bell, no doubt he'll help the other two."

Naruto had no trouble finding the other two members of his team, Sasuke was stringing a trap, Sakura was looking for him. So when he found them, he held up a bell.

"You already got one? How?" Sakura shouted.

"Careful planning. Now the whole reason for this mission is teamwork, so let's work like a team, Sasuke, you and I will distract him, Sakura, you sneak up on him, but give yourself away at the last moment possible and then Sasuke will take the bell. If all else fails, I'll shoot him with my crossbow, and while he's stunned, then you can take it." Naruto smiled under his hood.

"Why should we listen to you? Neither of us knows you well, and you're hardly a ninja. You're just lucky."

"I'm sorry, who has the bell and was able to injure the teacher. Last I recall Sasuke, you're empty handed, so unless you want to fail, I suggest you listen, or at least try my idea." Naruto turned, heading into the forest, Sasuke grudgingly followed, Sakura as well.

Kakashi turned to see two of his students standing in front of him.

"Where's the third one? I imagine you've sent her to try to sneak up on me? A girl like her who can't mask her signature, she'll never sneak up on me" Kakashi turned his head to see the girl standing behind her, Sasuke dashed in and threw shuriken at him, which he dodged, Sakura then threw her volley, Naruto threw his knife. All three closed in at one time, Naruto pulled his crossbow from his back, fired an arrow which was caught by the copy ninja. He failed however, to watch the other two students, Sakura came high as Sasuke went low with a leg sweep, Naruto moved in and caught Kakashi in the middle as he barrel rolled to avoid both. Naruto held his neck between his bicep and forearm, Sasuke pulled the bell from his belt.

"We win teacher" Naruto's smile was visible from under his hood.

"So you do, now which of you goes back to the academy?"

"None of us are, we know what you're thinking, you want us to all try and give up our opportunity… for one of us to fall so two of us can succeed" Sakura smiled triumphantly.

"But none of us will fall" Sasuke said, glad that he now held the bell.

"We're all gonna pass this test regardless of the bells" Naruto released the teacher, who stood up and clapped his hands together.

"Yup, you all pass, I imagine Naruto probably helped you guys?"

"Yeah, he's a pretty smart almost ninja" Sasuke smirked.

"Oh he's got the whole ninja thing down, It's teamwork he needs to worry about, he only worked with you because he knew you'd all fail if he didn't, he got his own bell" Kakashi handed him his lunch, who immediately began eating. "You've got great potential in this field Naruto, just remember that there are reasons we're in a team."

"I've got no problem being in a team, just put me with someone better" Naruto said.

"You have no idea who the Uchiha clan was do you?" Sasuke stood, pulling a kunai from his holster. Naruto stood up and pulled out his killing knife.

"I know who they are, Now tell me how if they were supposedly so strong, how were they killed by a single of their own?" Sasuke charged at Naruto, who dodged and butted him with his knife's handle. "You let your emotions control you, as an assassin we have to learn to control our emotions, I imagine that your ninja are the same way Kakashi?"

"Sasuke, he's not your enemy. If he injured me, then what do you think he'll do to you?" Kakashi looked at his student. Sasuke threw his knife down, stood up and pointed at the assassin.

"You and me are going to fight, no weapons, just our hands and feet" Sasuke waited.

"No, we're allies, we have to act as such, don't let your anger and hate cloud your judgment, or I will kill you even if that means losing my status as a ninja, I could always go back to Masyaf and be an assassin for them" Naruto sheathed his knife and sat down, continuing his lunch. Sasuke was enraged, he walked to Naruto and slapped the bento from his hand. Naruto stood up, standing a few inches taller than Sasuke. "You really want to fight?"

Naruto slammed his palm into Sasuke's chin, taking him to the ground, he picked him up and took him by the arm, bending it behind his back and putting his other arm around his neck. He then whispered into his ear "You've got to lose the anger problems before I lose my patience, Unlike Itachi I will kill you." Naruto pushed him forward. Kakashi looked at his students. "I must say I'm disappointed in you Naruto, you were just working with him and now you're making death threats, you need work in the teamwork section."

"I'll see you tomorrow Kakashi, Sakura" Naruto nodded to his other teammates and left the grounds.

"Why is he so rude?" Sakura asked?

"He's never known his real parents, he's never lived in his homeland, and he was raised to feel nothing in order to be a more efficient killer" Kakashi rubbed his thigh. "But I wonder if they made him too efficient?"

Naruto ate his dinner, thinking through his day, his thoughts always went back to the way Kakashi moved, sure he used no techniques, but he was still so damned fast that it took every ounce of his speed to barely knick his leg, was this the Konoha's power? He stepped out of the shower and began drying himself. He heard a knock at the door, so he quickly stood anda nswered the door to find a strange ninja at the door, he recognized this as one of the ANBU special ops from the village.

"The Hokage requests your presence at the tower, please be there in twenty minutes" with that the ANBU was gone. Naruto grabbed his cloak, sword and gauntlets, he buckled and strapped his gear into place.

"You requested my presence Hokage?" Naruto stood in front of the Fire Shadow's desk.

"Yes, it concerns your performance today, it appears that you and Sasuke had some what of a fight today, so in order to change that, I'm requiring that you allow him to move into your home and live with you until I tell you otherwise."

"What?! You can't! that's out of the question, I won't let him live in my house." Naruto yelled.

"You will do it!" Sarutobi sharply commanded, standing, he walked to the young assassin. "I will tell Al-Tair of this, and if you kill him or fight with him one more time, I will see to it that you are never allowed to return to Masyaf and you will be banished and immediately marked as an A-class threat to this nation, Sasuke will be powerful with time, we need some way to keep him here. We think if you stay and befriend him then he is more prone to stay." Naruto looked defiantly into his superior's eyes before ultimately yielding. "Thank you, now go to his house and help him pack his things, here is his address" Sarutobi handed him a piece of paper that told Sasuke of the conditions but also had the Uchiha manor's address.

Naruto stood in front of the massive complex, he saw the door and noticed that it was rigged with a trap, so he carefully and silently scaled the wall, catching the seal of the door, he then used it to give himself the momentum to scale the rest in another try. He stood on the wall, walking along it, he found his way to the door of the main building. He knocked, waiting for the Uchiha, he stood until the person in question answered the door.

"What do you want?" Sasuke spat.

"I've got orders that you are required by the Hokage to come live with me in my father's mansion over on the other side of town."

"Who said this?"

"The old man. It's all right here" He handed Sasuke the paper. He read it over, then handed the paper back.

"Fine, let me get my things. I'll be out in a few minutes"

"I was told to some help"

"Whatever, it's not much, just my weapons and my clothes" Sasuke opened the door. Naruto walked around, noticing that there was scarcely anything in there, a few pieces of furniture, but mostly nothing. Sasuke led him to his room, where there was a dresser, a shelf with training manuals and scrolls, and a weapon rack, he took the weapons and began sliding them into a canvas sheet that had slots for kunai and shuriken, he put this in a large duffel bag, he put every change of clothes in the bag and stood. "Let's go".

They arrived at Naruto's house, they walked in and unlocked the door.

"Welcome to the Namikaze-Uzumaki mansion, it seems that since we're gonna be living together we should at least try to get along, but if you don't want to, there's two kitchens, four bathrooms, eight bedrooms and five training rooms, the obstacle course out back and lots of living rooms." Naruto turned to his new house mate. "You need to make friends, Itachi probably told you some fucked up 'hate more' shit, you need to hate less, be human, that's what will allow you to kill him"

"What do you know?"

"I know what history's and still the worlds best killers taught me, you must maintain calm at all times, that's what will allow you to act without a clouded mind, if you remember the hate, you will die. I understand that you hate him for your family. I never had a real family so I'll never know your feelings. I do however understand the idea of hatred, you must learn to hate, but don't let the hate rule you, let calm rule you and your instincts."

"I wanted to ask you, Kakashi said you never had a family, I wanted to know what happened to your mother?"

"She died birthing me, my father, you know him as the Fourth Hokage died sealing that wretched beast the Kyuubi into my stomach" Naruto saw Sasuke's eyes widen, he sat on a couch.

"I thought he killed it?" Naruto laughed at hearing this.

"No, he didn't kill it, no human being can kill a demon, except Uchiha Madara, but he wasn't much of a human, he was kind of a demon in some sense. You can only seal it in something that has a chakra signature." Naruto stood up, turning he walked towards the stairs "It's late, let's get to bed, take any room you please" Naruto went toward his bedroom.

-Chapter 2:End-

Author's Notes:

I know I may have made Naruto seem like an ass, and he may seem too strong, but realize this, Kakashi wouldn't go full force against his own students, when one is fighting they often forget things, so the hidden blade trick is very plausible. He was trying to prove a point to Sasuke, that's why he acted the way he did, plus this isn't the same Naruto as in the original storyline, this is one who was raised by a group of professional killers.

I hope you enjoy it so far, please review.