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-Chapter Twenty Nine: Big Victory, Big loss.-

The Explosion knocked everyone back, except Al-Kahil, who stood firmly in his steel toed boots. The blast caused part of the valley to collapse, boulders of all sizes fell into the water, which was sent in every direction from the Nitro Glycerin explosion. Smoke and dust lingered in the air of the valley, as stone was piled up twenty feet above the water line, which was a little higher due to the massive stone pile.

"Damn, I guess that two tags was a little much." Al-Kahil laughed, turning around. "You guys alright?" Asuma, Lee, and Doryu all stood up slowly.

"What did you say that was?" Asuma asked. "Nitro Glycerin? Glycerin as in soap?"

"Not really, it's Nitric acid and Sulfuric acid. Very dangerous to mix, and very volatile." Al Kahil pulled out a roll of explosive tags. "Now let's get going, I might happen to know where Naruto and the rest are going."

"No, we need to get back to the village and report." Asuma said.

"Fuck that! I'm going to help Naruto." Al-Kahil said. "In the brotherhood, we always fight for our brothers, no matter what our orders are. If you and Lee want to go, fine, if Doryu wants to go, fine, then I'll go myself." Al-Kahil paused, he felt a presence behind him, and then ducked, when a scythe flew over him, embedding itself in the wall in front of him.

"You bastards started fighting while I was fucking praying. Now I'm gonna kill you all." Hidan stepped through the gaping hole in the wall, his gray hair combed back. "You motherfuckers will be a great sacrifice to Jashin-sama." Asuma flicked his cigarette into the water.

"This one's mine." He smirked as he pulled a pair of trench knives from his flak jacket. In a burst of movement, Asuma lunged at Hidan, and narrowly missed Hidan's throat.

Hidan's three bladed scythe came whirling around, only to be ducked under as Asuma's reflexes kicked in. Making a slash at the legs of Hidan, Asuma rose, his second knife coming around upward and at an angle, cutting all the way across Hidan's body.

Asuma's first knife, came soaring down from above, and buried itself right in Hidan's forehead. What everyone else failed to notice was an explosive tag on the knife, that was burning quickly.

"Burn you bastard!" Asuma kicked away from his enemy as the blast went off, dust, blood, and water were everywhere. A scream arose from the mess, Asuma's voice pierced the sky as smoke cleared to reveal a bloody stump where his left arm used to be, burns all the way across his chest and face, and much of his hair gone as well.

"Shit! let's get some pain killers in him, and then you guys get him back to Konoha as soon as possible!" Al-Kahil shouted, pulling out a small black case from a pouch on his belt. He withdrew a syringe and a small bottle full of clear liquid, quickly piercing the lid and drawing a decent amount of it into the needle, he pulled back the burnt right sleeve of Asuma's shirt and put the needle into a vein. "This is a large dose of Morphine, it'll knock him out and last about six hours. Lee, can you run to Konoha with him on your back in six hours?"

"I can do it in four, his life depends on me doing it faster." Lee said, and began preparing for such a long run. "Doryu, start ahead of me, if you beat me there, go straight to the hospital and tell them to prepare an ICU for Asuma." The ninja nodded and ran at blinding speeds. After only a minute, the eldest ninja had passed out.

The Assassin cut a large swath of his cloak away and wrapped it over Asuma's arm-stump, tying it tight to his body. Lee picked him up over his shoulders, and turned to the southeast, and began running. Lee was an expert runner, he carried a three hundred pound canvas sack up to the top of the Hokage mountain and back every day he trained.

Al-Kahil dumped the syringe and picked up the morphine and his medicine case, as he put it away he looked at the body of Hidan. The two legs and one arm still attached to the torso were searching for the missing pieces.

"What the hell?" the Assassin said. "Screw it, I'll blast him." He pulled out a kunai and explosive tag, and stuck it into the body, and got a running start in the opposite direction of the other three ninja.

Doryu didn't run. He sprinted, his legs were moving faster than they'd ever moved before. He had sixty miles to cover in four hours. On a horse it would be no major feat, but to run that distance in so little time was something amazing. Nevertheless, Doryu was hell bent on delivering his message, he had to run fifteen miles in a single hour. That was a quarter mile in a minute, Doryu told himself. After an hour he felt his shirt, armor and sword getting heavy, so he unlatched the sword and armor, dropping them as he ran, he could acquire a new sword and armor, a shirt was of little consequence as well. Now clad in only headband, pants and boots, he felt a thousand times lighter, the cool wind against his skin, the blood in his veins like battery acid.

Lee considered himself lucky that he'd already opened several of the chakra gates, it made running fast easy, even with Asuma's weight on his shoulders, Asuma weighed less than his normal load, but he was running six times the distance. He remembered everything he'd been told, about how his team was more valuable than the mission, and about how his life was worth losing if it meant saving another person. In the temples he trained in as a boy, they taught that the ultimate sacrifice led to heaven. He pushed as hard as he could, each microscopic tear in his muscles instantly healing thanks to the chakra gates.

Al-Kahil was headed into the former Sound village, a place he'd been before, the damp, dank and tropical environment that Orochimaru had favored in his days among the living. It was like wading waist deep in moss, which wasn't at all a bad definition of the plants that grew on the ground in Oto. He'd been in the base he was headed to before, as a spy before, not an invader.

Al-Kahil jumped over the wall in a single leap, and saw ultimate combat before him. Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Itachi were all back to back fighting off more than twenty of the Akatsuki infantrymen. Sasuke was armed with only his dagger, his sword had yet to be drawn it appeared.

To the left of him was Sakura and the Hayabusa ninja fighting off a similar group. Sakura's own sword was slashing bodies, breaking swords, and piercing armor, but what appeared most amazing was when she collapsed a man's ribcage with a single punch. He cracked his knuckles, drew his sword, and jumped from the wall, landing his boots on the skull of an enemy, he ducked under a spear, and pierced a knee with his hidden blade.

Lee's load became no heavier as feet, yards, and miles disappeared by him as seconds and minutes passed. He readjusted his load once, but he did it while running, and as gently as he could possibly do it. Asuma's weight was centered between Lee's shoulders, and to Lee it felt like relatively little. He concentrated on his goal of reaching Konoha in the next hour, before his time limit was up, he was sure he was close enough that it was possible.

Doryu had run this distance before, the distance wasn't the killer. Speed was his killer, since he was running this distance in less than half of his usual time for covering that distance. He ran though, a life that was more important than his depended on it. The life of a father, a husband, the life of a great ninja, the life of his mission's leader. Each time his boots hit the ground, it pushed more battery acid through his veins, but his goal was almost near. He was only a half an hour away, in a half an hour he'd tell the hospital in Konoha to prepare his commanding officer's ICU.

Tsunade seldom worked at the hospital, but since Sakura was on a mission, she'd filled the shift of her apprentice. It had been a relatively boring day for her, checking on patients, writing prescriptions, simple and monotonous things as that. The Hokage felt like a storm was coming, yet the sky was clear, and it confused her. When Doryu crashed through the door, his skin red, chest huffing, shirtless, and weaponless, she was curious.

"Asuma's in critical condition, Lee's just behind me, prepare an ICU for him!" And he collapsed. Shizune walked over to Doryu and felt his pulse, she looked up at Tsunade.

"He's dead." She closed his eyes. "Get me a stretcher so we can move him, Tsunade, what ICU are we going to use for Asuma?"

"Let's use 18, it's clear." She said. "I'll get that one prepped now." Tsunade left to get equipment she might need, since she was still unsure of the injury which put Asuma into critical condition.

Lee saw the gates of Konoha rise above the tree line, he was close, very close. He'd hoped Doryu was a good distance ahead of him, because Asuma would need help as soon as possible. Weaving through the crowded streets was no problem, he took to rooftops, where no one would be in his way. He kept on running until he got to the hospital where Tsunade was waiting for him.

"What happened?" She asked, two assistants helped put Asuma onto a stretcher.

"He detonated an explosive tag at super close range on an enemy. The enemy was killed, Asuma suffered loss of his left arm, and serious burns." Lee said, walking with them, his skin coated with sweat, shirt sticking to him in places.

"Idiot, how long has it been since you and Doryu left?"

"Three hours and fifty five minutes for me, when did Doryu arrive?"

"He arrived about half an hour ago, announced the problem and then died from heart failure." Lee's head was bowed at hearing this. "He'll be awarded the Medal of Honor, as will Asuma."

Naruto pierced the dirt with his blood covered sword as the last of the enemies fell. Sasuke wiped the blade of his knife and sheathed it.

"Al-Kahil, what happened with your mission?" Kakashi asked, cleaning his own sword with a single flick of his wrist. The Assassin explained the circumstances. "Sounds like you had fun." Kakashi rolled his wrists and neck, and rotated his shoulders.

"Well, your fun seems to be coming to an end eh?" Madara came out, his three remaining comrades followed. "How should we do this?"

"I have an idea, Itachi, why don't you and I kill Madara, and the rest of our friends can kill his tools." Sasuke said, pulling his dagger out again.

"Wait, I have an idea." Naruto stepped in. "We have a means of solving this in Masyaf, an enemy who has a grudge with someone can challenge someone to a fistfight, if they lose, they die, if they win, they kill the loser." the blond assassin started. "But I'm sure you're not going to fist fight an Assassin Madara, so how about we just do this one on one." He pointed at the masked man. "I want to put this sword in your chest Madara, you're the reason my father sealed this demon inside me, I'm going to kill you for it."

"I'm sure you'd love that, now while you are all busy trying to plan this out, Konan here has been planting explosive tags behind you." Madara smiled beneath his mask as the explosives detonated and took two of the Hayabusa with them, and sent a piece of stone through Al-Ramiz' leg.

"There, now the odds are a little more fair." Pain said. "But I've got a trick up my sleeve as well." Hands came together to form three seals for a jutsu as two other Pain copies appeared out of the ground. Madara stared at Naruto, and began laughing.

"Naruto, I have to say, that you've been a thorn in my side since you've returned to Konoha." Madara stepped forward. "You ruined my plan to kill the spy and turn the last Uchiha against Konoha. You've ruined everything. So here is will I'll kill you." Naruto stepped to face the leader of the criminal group Akatsuki.

-Chapter Twenty Nine: End-

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