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Chapter Three: The First mission

Naruto woke up, he heard a repeated kiai and the sound of a limb striking a pad. He dressed and went into the room he'd dubbed the "Bag room". He called it that because it had dozens of different striking bags. Sasuke was repeatedly striking the heavy bags on the sliding chains. Naruto had no cloak on because he felt no real need to wear it. The assassin watched as he hit the bag from a fighting stance.

"No no no that's all wrong, you shouldn't assume a fighting stance when you fight, you need to come from a normal stance like this." he walked over and slammed a powerful round house kick to the bag and it slid to the end of the track and swung, sliding partially back. "You won't always have time to assume a stance, these bags are designed to be the weight of a full grown human, the sliding bag is meant to test the force of a kick. Now you try" Naruto went over as pulled the bag back over, Sasuke stood at ease and the launched with an explosively fast kick. The bag slid about three quarters of the way.

"Damn it." Sasuke cursed.

"That's still good, the only reason I can kick so hard is because of the training the Brotherhood put me through. I owe them a lot" Naruto slid the bag back. "You should try not being so awkward with your movements, let them flow from you." Naruto instructed, Sasuke thought for a moment, wondering why he was taking the instruction from him. He then relaxed and kicked again, this time it slid about a foot farther than before. "Good, now let's go, Kakashi has some mission for us." Naruto turned and walked to go get his cloak. " By the way, I think a weapon would do you some good, my father has some swords and other stuff in the weapons practice room, you can take one if you want." Naruto went into his room to get his cloak, grabbing it off the rack he had, he pulled his sword off and then put it over the cloak after he'd put it on. He met Sasuke in the front after he'd chosen his weapon. " You should look into some black or blue pants too, shorts with a sword on your back looks weird, but it's your fashion sense."

"Why are you helping me so much?" Sasuke asked.

"I don't know, maybe it's just because I've got nothing better to do. Maybe it's because I want to try and befriend you, We should try and be friends since we're on the same team and in the same house. One of the three rules of the Brotherhood is 'Never compromise the brotherhood'. So I figure if we're friends that we won't fuck up our team" Naruto laughed as he put up his hood.

"I don't need any friends"

"Sure you do, they're great to have, Especially if you want to kill your brother who's many times stronger than even Kakashi. He worked with Al-Tair once. Scary man he is." Naruto left the house.

"What are the three rules anyway?"

"Never compromise the brotherhood, hide in plain sight in order to mask your intent, and Never let your blade touch the flesh of an innocent." Naruto listed out. Sasuke seemed to understand. They left the house, and headed for the place they were told the day before.

Arriving they found Sakura there but no teacher. Naruto wore had no pack, just his normal gear, and a quiver of crossbow bolts on his right side, He was trained to not use a tent because it slowed him down on his missions and he would be more easily noticed, so he never used one, his cloak provided enough warmth.

"Where is that damned man?" Naruto muttered to himself.

"Who?" Kakashi asked in Naruto's ear.

"You should consider showing up on time Kakashi."

"Well, I would have been on time but there was a giant fish that jumped on shore from the river and I had to get it back into the river before it suffocated." Kakashi was obviously lying.

"Well what's our mission?" Sakura questioned.

"Let's go find out shall we?" Kakashi suggested. They headed toward the Hokage tower to receive their mission.

"Today, team seven we'd like you to retrieve a client, he's an architect and he believes he found an ancient ninja artifact, he wants to sell it to us. But there may be bandits attacking him, but we don't think anymore than that because only a bandit or shadow lord would want an artifact like that so it's only a C-rank mission" Naruto smiled, one of his mentor's first missions were similar to this, but it went all wrong and he ended up killing someone he wasn't supposed to.

"Alright, we head out in two hours, get any gear you think you'll need for the trip, it looks like it'll be a two or three week mission." Kakashi said as he read the mission outline. Naruto and Sasuke set out for their house when Sasuke spoke up.

"You really think I should get some pants?"

"Yes Sasuke I think you should get pants, do you want some pants?" Naruto said.

"Sure, do you have any that I can wear until we get back?"

"Yeah, I've got some you can wear, you need to get your stuff from the house anyway" They continued to the house and Naruto went and got some pants for Sasuke, who only really wore shorts. They were regular black pants.

They returned to the gate two hours later, Naruto brought some rations in a small bag that was slung over his shoulder beneath his crossbow and quiver, he had five days of rations, two for both the way there and back and an extra day just in case. He also brought a flint, while he could light fire with chakra, most could pick up the slightest chakra spike from miles around, so he preferred to light his fires with flint and steel. Sasuke and Sakura both had full shinobi gear, Kakashi… had yet to show up, but Naruto knew he'd show up the moment he said something.

"Gee, I wonder where Kakashi could be?" He said sarcastically.

"Me too" Kakashi had suddenly appeared.

"Why do you do that Sensei?" Sakura questioned.

"Do what? Well we're late, let's get on our ways." Kakashi also wore a full pack. They began their expedition out of the village to the excavation site, it was rather uneventful except the occasional question from someone, often asking Naruto about stuff.

"So Naruto what kind of jutsu can you use?" Sakura asked.

"Many you wouldn't know, My mentor Al-Tair would often make up new jutsu that I'd have to learn and I'm not going to expose those unless I have to in battle." Naruto rested his hand on his sword. "I prefer to use this or my other blades in combat, it gives me a feel that I can actually do something."

"Are you saying that jutsu are useless and make someone incompetent in close combat?" Kakashi asked.

"No, I'm saying that I prefer to use close weapons, not long range jutsu." Naruto paused. "And my crossbow. I love this thing."

"What if you were to lose all your weapons?" Sakura asked.

"Then I'd use jutsu, or empty hand combat." Naruto began to feel irritated, they weren't understanding his words.

"See so even you have to use them." Sasuke added.

"No, I have never lost every single blade on my body, you see four and my throwing knife, where it used to be we'd lose our ring finger to use this arm blade, now with the technology we can keep our fingers, and on the knuckle I have a seal that has a secret blade that will only be released when I give it the secret word and the proper amount of chakra." Naruto patted his hand. "Now please stop with the questions, You should understand something before you ask about it." Naruto stopped. "Kakashi, please tell me I'm imagining this but I feel a very strong signature." Kakashi's eyes sharpened, he hadn't noticed until just then.

"You're right, everyone back to back, get ready for fight or flight." Kakashi and Sakura drew kunai, Sasuke had the katana he'd taken from the house, Naruto had his crossbow drawn and several bolts in his left hand which gripped the fore stock while the other was on the rear stock.

"I must say that you've sank rather low Kakashi, becoming a teacher" Sasuke immediately recognized the voice.

"Itachi…" He remembered the things Naruto said, never compromise the team, if he were to get angered he would do just that and they'd all die.

"Uchiha Itachi" Naruto smiled "What brings you here, may I ask? If I'm correct, you want the spirit in my navel?" Naruto pointed the crossbow in the direction of the voice, he saw movement and fired the shot, it struck a crow and pinned it to a tree. Itachi walked out from the tree line as the young assassin reloaded his weapon.

"Now that's not nice, that was my favorite bird you have just pinned to that tree. And yes I'm here for you, my partner is somewhere near by, I'm not sure where though, maybe he found that Archeologist?" Itachi thought.

"Good luck getting me, This hood serves to keep doujutsu at bay, Al-Tair told me of your infamous Mangekyou Sharingan, I won't have it." He fired the shot, the Uchiha caught the bolt inches from his face. He drew his sword and moved with blinding speed, his attempts were thwarted by a kodachi that seemed to come from nowhere. But Itachi caught the arm, twisting it outward sending him crashing to the ground. His sword stuck into the ground, Itachi picked it up, walking over to his brother he smiled.

"So little brother, do you still bear that hate for me?" Itachi held the blade up. Sasuke chuckled.

"No, I accepted my past and I'll only kill you when I know I'm ready and I won't stoop to your level for power." Itachi appeared surprised. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back, Naruto had thrown a throwing blade and struck his back. Itachi turned, pulling the blade from his back, His expression remained the same but his eyes betrayed him showing the anger in his heart. Naruto drew his killing knife, it's blade was matte black except for the edge which shined white in the sunlight. Itachi stepped towards him slowly.

You've just made your last mistake boy." Itachi then vanished from sight and reappeared behind Naruto, but was stopped by a large bandage swathed blade.

"It's a minor wound, you can't kill him over it." said the shark faced man.

"Hoshigaki Kisame, What brings you here today?" Kakashi interrupted.

"Well you see, our leader wishes to have our young blade flinging friend here. We discovered something rather disturbing about the Jinchuuriki. We wish to eliminate them before while harnessing the power of the Bijuu." Kisame smiled to show his sharp teeth. "Thus we need to take this one alive." He saw Naruto lash out at Itachi who dropped the assassin's sword, catching it out of the air he then made a slice at Kisame's legs who jumped the blade, but barely dodged the surprise knife.

Naruto launched a flurry of kicks, sword strokes and knife swings as Itachi was rendered helpless by the Hatake who held him at bay. Naruto jumped back as the shark man swung his massive blade, he stepped in and launched his arm blade into Hoshigaki's ribs. The Akatsuki shrieked in pain as the blade went in between his ribs. Naruto smirked and twisted, causing the ribs to separate. As Kisame fell victim to pain, Naruto struck the killing blow. He was incredibly lucky that he was underestimated or he'd never have been able to kill Kisame. Itachi saw this happen and he watched in horror. Naruto removed the head before he was kicked away with impressive force from the body. Itachi retrieved it and vanished. Naruto sat up, he could feel his ribs were broken, but two ribs for an S-class missing-nin was as good a trade as he'd accept.

"Naruto, that was amazing to say the least, You're a lot better trained that I thought, Kisame was one of the best, but it also seems he gravely underestimated you. He never once used a jutsu." Kakashi said, picking up his student gingerly. "I'm proud of you, the bounty is all yours." He said.

"I'm… glad… I could be of help." Naruto muttered as unconciousness enveloped him.

-Chapter 3:End-

Author's notes:

Before you get mad at me for killing Kisame this early and for him getting killed by Naruto. I have a plan here, Itachi will obviously get a new partner who is better at the close in combat that Naruto favors. To anyone who's seen Gai and Kisame fight they know that he favors longer range and jutsu, my justification is that he underestimated Naruto. He thought he could use just his sword, and since this all happened in a matter of seconds, he really had no time to get away and fight from long range.

Secondly, Naruto wasn't trained like a ninja, so even though he's a gennin he's at least as strong as a lower level jounin. Think of it like putting a master martial artist with a bunch of brawlers who do you think is going to win?

Thank you for your time, please continue reading and leave reviews please.